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2013/8/6 6:44:18
Sketch up model making tip Fazz - I love it. I have never been able to get rid of these ! Many thanks.
2013/8/3 23:07:07
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility I can now load all sets - fantastic news.

Timeline is great. I have no suggestions on how to make it better. Job done in my opinion.

Thanks for getting rid of the camera window dimming when adjusting the colour of lights (and other things I believe).

Object too small message is no more. In a way I'll miss the little bugger.

I have been meaning to report a small bug regarding camera selection. If you have two cameras and load a set where camera 2 is active the red dot will still be on camera 1. Moving the timeline around doesn't fix it, but as soon as you press play the dot jumps to the correct camera. No biggy but it's been like this for a while and if you're tidying things up.....

Now for some suggestions / enhancements......

Can Muvizu please save the location of my windows. I use multiple monitors and always have to set my working environment up again, both each time I start Muvizu and when I load a new set. It's mainly the position and size of the timeline window and the position and size of the camera windows.

Does the timeline window have to keep closing all the time. If you edit the properties of an object, character or light, why does the timeline close - I can't really see the logic here. I would like the camera and timeline windows to stay open all the time. When you animate movement or actions the timeline changes down to a single line, I guess that's fair enough, but could it then go back to the full timeline rather than closing.

Lastly, could I restart my campaign for more actions for the original characters please. We haven't had any new ones for 18 months now (OK - I think there was one or two made for specific projects) but it would be great to have a load more miscellaneous ones. Stuff like pointing back over the shoulder, beckoning, tutting, that sort of thing. Also more conversation actions in each mood - I use these all the time and am at risk of things looking a bit samey. Now that Muvizu Play has settled down I expect you'll be looking for things to do !

Keep up the good work.
2013/7/31 18:29:43
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility Just a tip on the patch - it downloads a separate .exe that doesn't know the version it was called from - make sure you change the location of the install to the 13th July version of 1.1 otherwise it will patch the default c:\prog files\Muvizu Play install.

I only mention this as I know lots of users keep multiple copies of Muvizu on their PCs (I know I do !)

Also make sure you kill off all those pesky Muvizu.exe files from task manager.
2013/7/29 21:03:27
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics It was probably me - my card started to show random white pixels. Coming out our Muvizu and back in stopped it for a while. Muvizu is the only graphical thing I do - I'm not a gamer.

I have a new card now (GTX 660ti) and the problem no longer happens.

Whenever I run Muvizu the card's fan does power up and a lot of heat is pumped out of the system, but I am caning Muvizu to the max so pretty much expect it.
2013/7/26 5:20:42
I'VE HAD IT It seems a shame to give up right at the final hurdle and I'm sure we can work round it. Some questions....

  • When you say everything locks up, does that include the mouse ?
  • After a lock up do you have to turn your computer off or can you shut it down ?
  • Can you upload videos to YouTube outside of Muvizu ?
  • Does it do this using both ways of uploading to Muvizu - both from the within the program itself and from the link at the top of the website ?
2013/7/26 5:15:47
Soundtrack on multi sets You need an editing program to do this. Windows Movie Maker may be on your PC - It's part of Windows Live and it free. I use SOny Vegas, which is not free, but is much better.
2013/7/25 22:03:41
slow motion vdeo movement MrDrWho13 wrote:

I thought maybe he'd allowed Berty to watch it.

Nope - I can't see it either.
2013/7/25 20:15:44
Out of memory I still have "Muvizu never actually closes" issue as well. It's 100% reproducible and came in with the first version of Play.

I can do some debugging if you like - just let me know what to do.
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2013/7/25 6:21:28
slow motion vdeo movement Nepgalvan,

What codec did you render it with ?
In order to quickly show us, just upload to YouTube and post the link.
2013/7/23 9:15:16
Lip sync issues with a 22 second video Yes, I had forgotten about that one. I always make sure I have a couple of seconds at the start and end of my render to get over this issue and so I can adjust things later. It's a good job you don't get charged per rendered second (sorry, what was that ?... Oh)
2013/7/23 5:59:21
Lip sync issues with a 22 second video Great Deedee. Just for clarification you don't need to hit jump to the start before you render - it will render exactly as you have set the speak/no speak markers. The issue is that when you are setting these unless you always review from the start of the clip by hitting "jump to start" you will set these in the wrong places as the audio tends to wander about.

Hope this makes sense.
2013/7/22 5:50:52
Lip sync issues with a 22 second video This is a known problem but I think it's a lot better in the latest version.

Before you render go to the timeline view and press the "jump to the start" button. Then press play and make sure that the whole thing is in sync. When you are adjusting keep reviewing from by using "jump to the start" rather than from where you paused. Do this in unlit mode as well It's the stop start that puts the review/edit process out of sync. I have never seen it where you can review the shot from the start and it looks OK all the way through and then then renders differently.
2013/7/22 5:45:59
Camera help needed - Please! Deedee - I'v enever seen a camera disappear completely. Right mouse on the camera view in the camera window and choose "Move to" - this should find it.
2013/7/21 21:26:24
Too small/ problem with collision mesh MrDrWho,

I can get this to import OK ( I haven't sorted out all the colours, but it's in Muvizu).

All I did was run CleanUp on it - and then export with the ZiggyMesh exporter - This is the one called "HardPCM's Exporter for Muvizu" within tools. If you don't have this I can post this somewhere again.

Let me know how you get on.

2013/7/12 10:15:07
movie as background Sofie,

You have two ways of doing this :-

  • Create a backdrop behind your character and import an .avi of your video into it. The downside of this is that Muvizu is very picky about the format of the video and last time I tried this I gave up due to the lack of video quality retained on the backdrop.
  • My preferred way would be to shoot your character on a green background and then use a chroma-key function of a video editor to swap out the green for your video. If you have a video editor then this will give you far more control and avoid a lot of frustration.

Good luck

2013/7/10 7:06:16
lip synch off after rendering Synovia,

I can report that the sync does seem a lot better in the up coming version.

On your other points I know that a couple of us have avoided the whole codec issue by just outputting in uncompressed format. You do get enormous files but I never upload directly from Muvizu as I always want to use an editor (in my case Sony Vegas). I then output to mp4 from Vegas to have a more reasonable upload size.

A 7 minute talking head piece in one shot could be a little dry. If you split this up by using some single head shots then this would enable you to resync the whole thing at that point, plus your individual files would be more manageable.
2013/6/14 8:24:02
How do I change the duration of an Action? Sweatpea - Yes, Urbanlamb is right - that's the way to work.

When recording click the action you want immediately followed by idle. This will limit the size of the bar of your desired action on the time bar.
To alter the length of the animation simply move the idle away from your action (you can delete the idle to play the full action or replace it with another action if you don't actually want an idle).
You can only cut the animation short though - you can't start half way through.
2013/6/11 13:29:42
Cannot load saved file winghang97 wrote:
It loads until about 78%.. and it hangs and became not responding.

Large sets can take quite a while to load. How big is the .set file ? How long have you left it ?

I have a pretty powerful PC and some of my sets can take 5 mins to load.
2013/5/31 18:23:30
Hello Community MrDrWho13 wrote:
I have a laptop with Muvizu and find that putting lego blocks under the little rubber feet stops it from overheating.

A brilliant idea MrDrWho - I was going to suggest you patent and sell them, but someone beat you to it !
2013/5/18 14:17:59
Windows 8 Import problem Yes - a 0K file means the export didn't work.
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