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2013/4/23 15:08:52
So much potential, so many bugs CrazyDave wrote:
Let me know if there's any problems associated with this as any changes should have been improvements rather than hindrances.

OK, I understand. It's just time moving forward really. You don't want to know how many sets I have that will need work.
I'll do a few shots with Play tonight and see how I get on.
2013/4/23 13:22:30
So much potential, so many bugs CrazyDave wrote:
Launch the app with "Muvizu.exe -forceSWAA".

I have tested this and can confirm that it all seems to work just fine, the ready break glow has gone - I didn't notice it taking any longer to render so that's made my day.

The thing that I did notice though is that the lighting is not really compatible between 23b and Play. The distance and shadow settings seem to look different. Is it just a case of adjusting each set as I convert over, or can something be done ?
2013/4/23 11:38:42
Saving a project I'm going to have another look at Muvizu Play - I have downloaded and installed MZASS-v1.0 build: 2013.04.18.01R (64-bit) - is this the latest version or it there another patch somewhere ?

2013/4/22 6:55:50
So much potential, so many bugs Dave - you mention that the anti-alias/ready break glow issue with the unreal engine could be solved with using a special switch to force software anti-aliasing on.

Could you confirm whether this is in Muvizu-Play and what the switch is please.
2013/4/22 5:49:44
So much potential, so many bugs Thanks for all your answers. I think I'll do what UrbanLamb does, continue to use uncompressed until I want to do some specific editing and then use TGA.

I will also continue to use a swat for those damn flies.
2013/4/21 12:01:51
So much potential, so many bugs WozToons wrote:
This enables you to have much more freedom and control in post production.

Woz - I'm interested in what you mean here. I've just done a test with .tga files (thanks for telling me how to do this - I've often wondered!).

i have recently changed to "uncompressed" or as it is in 23b "None" as my Codec. This is to simplify my workflow. I used to run everything through virtual dub but I have realised (after 18 months of religiously doing this) that all I do is end up with an uncompressed .avi file so I may as well just start like that.

I notice that in my test the individual .tga files take up even more space than my uncompressed .avi (prob around 20% more). What are the advantages in editing that you mention. All I see is that it's a lot harder to identify your shits as there are so many files.

Cheers, Berty.
2013/4/14 16:37:12
Newer version? Steven,

There are a few "issues" with the new version so I would keep the old one as well. Just install the new one in a new directory and the old one will still work fine.
2013/4/12 10:34:37
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Sadly, like Ziggy, as one of the heavier users it's very difficult for me to start evaluating it as it's too cumbersome and slow to operate at the moment. If we can have a release so that only the animated objects, lights and effects appear then it may shrink and speed it up enough to start playing.

I'm sure I will have stuff to say, but it's not until you start using something that you find out the pluses and minuses.
2013/4/11 17:30:56
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Dreeko wrote:
I shudder to think what Ukberty's and Ziggy72's timelines look like!

It's er, expansive. The scene I am working in at the moment has 175 imported objects !

Dreeko's bang on here. Show us anything that has been animated. The rest are pointless.
Nubies will learn that if nothing is animated then there's nothing to show.
2013/4/11 17:23:41
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback MrDrWho13 wrote:
Have I missed anything?

There's a mouse control problem that I not seen mentioned. Sometimes when returning to the application, or after importing something or as just has happened now, immediately after loading a set - you cannot use the mouse to move around the set. The keys work, but not the mouse.

To fix this I have to do something else - open a menu, switch apps that sort of thing and it comes back.

Not sure how anyone is going to track this down, but it's happened half a dozen times now.
2013/4/11 17:18:22
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Neil wrote:
could you please send it to with a note to forward it on to me. Thanks.

All done
2013/4/11 6:48:00
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback WozToons wrote:
A thought occurs, if a new video is made using 23b and uploaded will it still be displayed on the website?

Now that's a great question - although by the time I finish anything I'm sure it'll have moved on !

One last tiny issue, but really annoying. When loading a set you still get the "Object too small to import" error (although it still all imports) but now the "close" button is directly over the "abort" button which will stops the set loading. This can lead to a lot of swearing.

Devs, if you are tinkering with the code, please could you finally suppress this error message - it's wrong anyway.
2013/4/10 21:42:17
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback urbanlamb wrote:
In comparison to the timeline lol that was easy to work around *cough* hehe.

But deleting everything you've done is hardly a "work around", that's just starting again (I guess that's your point).
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2013/4/10 12:26:15
Watermark: new terms of use piquet wrote:
Removal of the watermark should be a one off payment, as is the case with the majority, (If not all) of the other software that output a watermark on the finished work.

Personally I would have preferred this approach as well, depending on the price of course. It would'nt cause the production issues that the "pay per minute" system introduces.
2013/4/10 12:02:30
Watermark: new terms of use I guess that introducing money into the equation was always going to bring out the vitriol. We live in a world where people have grown up not paying for anything so it probably comes as a bit of a shock.

I too would like to pay next to nothing to get rid of the watermark. I also want free beer and a jetpack.

Muvizu takes money to develop and unless Digimania come up with a workable system to produce a return for their efforts then development will eventually stop which is no good for any of us.

The fact that we can still make our videos in exactly the same quality for free maintains the status quo and gives this model time to settle down.

Like Toonarama I could immediately see that I would be overpaying due to the way I work and raised this during the launch presentation. The idea is that you prepare everything with the logo and once you have assembled it you go back and re-render just the segments you are using without the logo. Yes, I can see this as a massive production overhead as well but there we have it.

If you don't like the price then carry on as you were and we'll see how it all pans out.
2013/4/10 9:31:27
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback urbanlamb wrote:
My hard drive chugged so badly at the beginning I thought it would crash but the set is now usable if i dont shut down muvizu.

I've just stopped playing with Muvizu and have to do some work and noticed that everything on my PC was now sluggish.
Sure enough I have 6 Muvizu Play processes running even though I'm not in it.
If I start Muvizu Play and come out immediately then another process is added to the list.

Is anyone else getting this ?
2013/4/10 9:21:36
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback MrDrWho13 wrote:
My set and the actions for the characters works fine.... maybe they are less complex than yours... hmmm...

Mmm - Well I have tried creating a character in 23b from a blank set and animating him waving or something.
Save the set and open in Muvizu PLAY.
Then try and add another animation from the existing list, or even a new one and nothing happens.
2013/4/10 8:51:48
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback I'm afraid I have my first serious problem with "Play", and it is of course a set compatibility issue.

I cannot animate actions for any characters brought forward from sets made in 23b. In prepare mode the animation fires, but nothing happens in direct mode.

If I copy and paste the character then the direction works again, but all movement and actions seem to be lost (is that right Ziggy - I thought they came over with a copy now ??).

Obviously I have about 40 mins worth of sets made with 23b and it would be a shame if I could not edit them in PLAY.

2013/4/10 8:10:54
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback The undo feature now returns you to the same state - i.e. camera movement or whatever - thanks so much for this.
2013/4/10 7:13:57
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback All going well so far.

Just a couple of things.......

  • Urbanlamb is right - I would like a deselct all on the timeline filter - most things don't need to be there.
  • There does seem to be a little bug do do with focus. Sometimes when saving or particularly going to another application, when I return to Muvizu the mouse no longer moves you around the set. All you need to do is hide and display the timeline again and it comes back.

Just thought I'd better report it.
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