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2016/8/10 17:46:23
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 ziggy72 wrote:
Investigating layers and fires again...

As Max in Phoenix Nights would say... "Two words... HitFilm"
2016/8/2 15:19:19
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Yes sorry - that should read "our exporter" as in myself and Ziggy.

Sorry Zigs...
2016/8/2 12:18:05
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] The too small error is usually just that. Scale up your model a bit and see if it imports (but not too much as you'll get the opposite error).

if you export with my exporter (!downloads/rmmoz ) that should make sure your collision is good.

Also remember to import in the middle for the dome after pressing Q for 1 second - this puts you at about the right height.

Muvizu is particular about what and where you import things but once you get a feeling for the rules your success rate will rise.
2016/8/1 17:15:49
Chicken test from Sinister Love it - fantastic
2016/7/19 17:22:18
Not that Tie again I find making the layer invisible and visible again (sometimes a couple of times) seems to get it back to normal.
2016/7/18 21:15:55
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem MrDrWho13 wrote:

For reference: I know a couple of Moguls use the GTX 970 which is roughly as powerful as the RX480 (To my knowledge). (Is it ukBerty or Ziggy72 that uses it? I can't remember any more :/ )

I currently have a GTX 980 Ti and have no complaints....
2016/7/15 6:05:22
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Congrats to everyone who entered the competition, and to Ikes for taking the crown - it's always fascinating to see what everyone comes up with.

PatMarrNC wrote:
I'm curious to hear others' take on HitFilm....

I've said it before, but HitFilm has revolutionised my production. Once you get your head round layers it's just the perfect companion to Muvizu. It's the subtle things you can do with it as much as the flashy. I have installed some screen capture software now on my PC and intend to share a few things that I'm using it for in the next couple of months - although this may get overtaken when we start our course in a few weeks.
2016/7/12 17:43:50
To Urbanlamb Regarding Radio Shows? bigwally wrote:
  • "Back In the U.S.S.R." The Beatles. (I suspect that any Beatles song used would suffer the same fate).

I suffered the same fate. A few years ago I made an Beatles album from outtakes and bootlegs. I put it on YouTube and it got decimated over time.

If you're a Beatles fan (honestly, don't bother if you're not) then you can hear what's left of it here -
or download the whole 5.1 surround version or stereo version here -
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2016/7/12 6:07:13
Performance, PC vs Laptop It will definitely improve things, but obviously you get what you pay for. a $400 PC is probably not going to serve you that well.

Make sure you have a decent separate graphics card and at least 8GB RAM. Also an i5 or equivalent CPU is your entry point.

Hope this helps.
2016/7/9 19:03:34
New South Asian character pack available! urbanlamb wrote:
So I just wont bother to even browse these forums or try to have a conversation or fill in the blanks to a questions when someone else hasn't been able to provide the answer to yet..

Deep down we all suspect you are right in the points you made. All software is obsolete, it's just a matter of time frame.

Stick with it Urban. We love you.
2016/7/7 8:22:50
Green Screening a body It's difficult to say. I am not familiar with Cyberlink.

I would have a play with the settings on the greenscreen effect in Cyberlink (assuming there are some). Then, if it's an option, you could try blue. These things are a matter of trial and error until you become familiar with the editor you're using.
2016/7/7 6:18:42
Green Screening a body I no longer use greenscreen now we have layers, but reading your question properly this won't help you here and I've had to change my reply!

This is a function of your post production software. I use HitFilm and when I do use greenscreen this can be an issue. I have a few settings on the greenscreen effect which I can twiddle - min and max - or depending on the scene I sometimes swap to blue as my greenscreen colour.

How are you doing the greenscreen?
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2016/7/6 18:57:14
HIT FILM SALE June 30 - July 4 $100 off I think you can either buy the PRO version, which includes all the modules or just get the express version for free and then buy the modules you want.
2016/7/6 17:44:03
New South Asian character pack available! ziggy72 wrote:
When I use Muvizu my first thought isn't "I wish there were more types of bodies", it's always "when are they going to fix this f*@king thing?"

The sad truth is.... we get round it and soldier on, but I know that some users have walked away from Muvizu because it's just too damn finicky ("like juggling eels" was a recent description) - so maybe tidying a few things up would reap financial benefits although they'd be difficult to quantify.

I would like to see action packs. 10 actions on a theme for $5 or whatever. First pack could be "shuffling around" - two steps forward / turn round, but the other way/lean forward etc. OK - it's not exciting but boy would it be useful. The trouble is that you need to individually crate each action Maya for each character - so for the potato heads that's what 8 or 9 per action. It's a lot of work.

A better solution... and I may have mentioned this before.... is to open up the interface so people can create their own action packs to sell through the store. Then once it's done, Muvizu can take a cut whilst others do all the work. Now that's my kind of business model....
2016/7/5 21:40:37
Gorilla Film Makers Course for FREE Yes - I'm signed up.
2016/7/5 17:15:15
New South Asian character pack available! I think it's the mustache. "We don't need no stinking badges...."
2016/6/30 7:06:55
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) clayster2012 wrote:
Just want to let everyone know that I released my new fantasy pack in the store

That is looking so good and a great contribution.
2016/6/26 14:54:57
Coming Soon 2016 PatMarrNC wrote:
Anybody know if any of the other Moguls will be participating in the contest

I am following with close interest, but I'm afraid I won't be participating. Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra is approaching five years in production and if I want to finish it before one of us dies I need to focus and crack on.

I wish everyone good luck and may join in next year when this damn thing is done
2016/6/26 14:49:50
Depth Of Field Bob,

Yes - I use the same method as Ziggy to get my DOF sorted, but you are correct regarding DOF and effects.

I do not use Muvizu DOF if using the Muvizu effects (which I never really do) or if I'm using layers. I do all my effects and DOF in post production (in my case HitFilm).

I realise that if you're just starting out that's not much help!
2016/6/22 6:42:35
Transparency in Body Texture? In the past I have coloured the rest of the character green and then greenscreened it out in post.
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