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2013/4/6 7:45:34
I cannot add a 'mouse'.... Vincent - you need to get the exporter working.

Within Sketchup, on the top menu click on plugins - do you see the Muvizu exporter ? If not then the .rb is not in the correct place, or you need to restart Sketchup.

Could you confirm whether you see this.

We will get this working for you.
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2013/3/31 19:18:33
Directing advice Excellent advice Woz - I have a section of "The Eye" I'm just about to embark on that is very Hitchcockian - I will bear this in mind.
2013/3/24 7:00:15
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? Woz - yes - it's a great discussion point.

I hadn't thought too much about gaming (surely none of us have time for that !) where I can see that these advances will be brilliant - just not convinced for animation.

Hollywood will embrace any novelty technology and make some forgettable films with it, but Toy Story is not great because it was done using digital animation - it's great because of the charm and warmth of the story being told.

WozToons wrote:
As with all art, new colours come to the palette. It is up to the artist to choose which he uses. Big Grin

Well said - my only concern is that the old palette gets put away in a drawer somewhere.
2013/3/23 8:52:38
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? That really is starting to look realistic, but I do have some reservstions.

There seem to be two camps in machinima - those that see the technology advancing to the point where animation is indistinguishable from live action and those that see animation as a separate art form.

I'm firmly in the latter camp.

it's very impressive, but get an actor

I doubt that nick parks wants grommit to look any more life like
2013/3/17 19:17:37
Muvizu Play Launch! Great to meet everyone who could make it last night - so that's what you all look like.

Exciting times ahead.

Best knuckle down and finish "Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra" then..........
2013/3/4 10:08:18
Create Flint Axe Rog,

You are at the point we all get to and with enough tenacity slowly break through. I'm still in the process.

Sketchup is your friend, not your enemy. You will learn to love its ways (I'm telling myself this as much as you).

Open your model in Sketchup and go to window>materials. Press the little house and it lists the materials (i.e. the colours and textures) in your model. It also lists a load of other crap that I have no idea what it is. One of these colours will be what your whole model is painted with. Use the select tool to select just the handle. Then click on one of the colours that is not used (jean blue always seems to be there for me) and you can paint the handle with that colour. Don't worry about the exact colour just as long as they are different colours. Then export again.

When you import you should see two pink blocks now that you can change to different colours.

Hope this helps

2013/3/4 8:56:26
To the community at large and now my thoughts.......

Looking back on Kerry's initial questions they are three fold.

How can we improve Muvizu's terms for commercial projects?

No watermark. No ownership claims. Maybe insist on a credit.

The watermark is a real pain as it gets in the way when doing post production. You can't pan/zoom/overlay etc - you always have to re-shoot. This slows down production. As I've said before, sometimes I end up shooting wide, zooming to cut out the watermark then added it back in later- what a faff.

What features do you need to make money from Muvizu?

We all bang on about the features we want, but they're not really going to make any money for us. I have looked into this and have concluded that Muvizu is not something that will ever make me money and am not giving up the day job. I'd be interested to see if any productions using any of Muvizu's competitors has ever made any money?

When I started using Muvizu their income model seemed to be to take a cut of productions that started to earn revenue - but I really don't think that's ever likely to happen. Looking at the most popular Muvizu videos they would pretty much all have copyright infringement claims made against them if they ever started to make any decent money.

Personally I think they need a different model, which brings us to.....

If there were premium products which sat alongside the free version of Muvizu - products that were interesting to commercial users - how would you feel about that? Have you got any advice for us around pricing?

We, the community, are the users and benefit from the software for our hobby, so there's no real way round the fact that Muvizu need to get their revenue from us. Sorry guys, but unless one of us creates an original idea that makes skip loads of cash, this is the reality of the situation.

Creating two versions with different features is possible. I would tolerate a free version with a watermark and premium version with no watermark. This would involve a one off payment as I don't see how a subscription model would work.

Like Dylly, I've also thought that Muvizu should consider the DAZ model so they can start making some money. They could have a market place where they sell objects, actions and possibly characters. So if you want a train you can buy and download one - $20. You want your character to do the Macarena then you buy and install that action - $10. You want one legged character, you buy and download one - $35.

I think they would have to leave the ability to import your own ASE files for objects but the actions and characters would have to be developed within strict guidelines so they could keep a monopoly on these. They release an SDK so anyone can create these actions/characters but they will only be install-able through the approved marketplace where Muvizu would take a hefty cut. This would also enable them to do some QA on others work.

Muvizu would have to keep updating the core product, as do DAZ - interacting with objects, separate eye controls, better walking control etc - but the market place and SDK would speed up the development of the actions and characters which we're all crying out for (when was the last action added to the standard characters - at least 12 months ago)

This model would satisfy all parties. Users that wanted to use it free could still do so. Users that wanted to pay for the watermark to go could do so. Importantly Muvizu would not limit their income to the handful of one off payments they would get for the premium licence.
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2013/2/22 13:49:51
Sketchup Iscoped,

Don't panic !

We all started somewhere. I had no knowledge of any of this stuff before I used Muvizu and have just picked things up - most of it is really quite easy.

Go through the tutorials one by one (in the "How to" section) and then I would have a go at making a short video to make sure you understand it.

Then you can move on to importing things from Sketchup - again, once you have the process it's not so bad.

Then you can get into designing your own 3D assets, although this is much trickier.

It's quite a learning curve but it'll be fun and there's always people to help.
2013/2/13 10:37:44
comic book effects/layout InsaneHamster wrote:
I am a big fan of Hit film ultimate.

Mr Hamster - I had a good look at this when I was thinking what to go for but I found the sound editing to be very basic (no surround sound for example). Has it moved on at all ?
2013/1/21 7:19:21
Top 3 improvements There are always a lot of great suggestions being added to the Muvizu "to do" wall of post-its (it may not be how it looks, but since Dreeko's video I can't imagine it any other way).

What is everyone's top 3 improvements they would like to see ?

Mine are:-

  • Neutral character state
  • Ability to animate eye size and direction separately
  • An attached item property to the hand with rotation and location controls. Look at the axe in the head for a reference - we want that but for hands and our own objects (and for head whilst you're at it !).
What are yours ? (remember this is your top 3, so you are saying you want these improvements over ALL others).

Hopefully this will give the DEVs an idea of what the most popular and useful changes would be.
2013/1/21 7:03:01
tags Danny - I think Muvizu gets its tags from YouTube rather than stores them itself. So edit them in YouTube and they should change in Muvizu.
2013/1/18 8:24:03
How to import hats from other Muvizu characters I'm afraid the choices you see for each body shape (fat man, girl etc) are your choices. At present there is no way of changing this or importing your own.
2013/1/17 7:16:41
Random requests! And whilst we're discussing the effects - can we have a smaller fire please. Again, even the small fire is too big. I needed a match to strike and ended up scaling the whole scene up just so it didn't look ridiculous
2013/1/16 19:30:47
Health update... Yeah - all the best EEF - do keep us updated on your recovery.....
2013/1/4 19:07:30
Help, Error Message The File is Locked If it's saying that on a new .avi then Muvizu probably doesn't have permissions to write to the location you are trying to save to - have you tried another location ?
2013/1/4 17:17:15
Help, Error Message The File is Locked Griz - I get this all the time, although I haven't worked out what causes it yet. It only happens when I do a "Make Movie" and try to overwrite an avi that already exists.

All I do is > Make Movie, then within the windows explorer window that shows you all the .avi files I highlight the one I want to overwrite and press delete. This deletes it but retains the name in the filename field.

The Muvizu is then happy because there is nothing for it to overwrite.

Hope this helps.
2013/1/4 6:55:18
Ready Break glow with Anti-Aliasing Urbanlamb - The fix has not been released yet I'm afraid - hopefully in the next release... Dave ???
2013/1/3 18:26:09
Happy New Year A little late, but Happy New Year to all fellow Muvizuers and Muvizu Staff.

May 2013 be another exciting year of developments and Muvis.

Who knows - I may even finish something !


2012/12/28 16:58:18
can't download any version Nealie - I see a few posts like this with people having trouble downloading, although I've never had a problem.

Try using a download manager - I use the one downloadable here -
This should get over your network errors

Good luck
2012/12/24 15:27:17
can i import a model in instument of a character You are correct - you cannot do this either.

What a lot of us do is use the standard animations but cut them short by starting another animation or an idle before it has finished. That way you can sometimes create what you need.
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