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2012/12/24 13:24:45
can i import a model in instument of a character Patolina - Sadly you cannot do this in Muvizu. Only the instruments you can see can be used.
2012/12/24 7:14:46
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Eyes down for a full house.......

Good luck everyone !
2012/12/24 7:13:54
how do I import MP4 video file as a background? CW - You create a backdrop and, instead if adding an image to it, you add a video. You can then move this backdrop backwards using the "animate object" option.

Sounds easy but your issue will be the format you use for the video you wish to import. I have only ever got it to work with .AVI files - and specific codecs and frame rates at that.

Convert your MP4 to an AVI and see if you can get it to work - if not post back and we'll sort you out.
2012/12/23 10:16:35
audio You can us a text to speech program (just Google "text to Speech"). Personally I am not a great fan of this and would much rather hear real voices, but it's a personal preference.

In order to start recording most of us use "Audacity" - It's free and will do everything you need.

You can us this to record your text to speech creations or just plug a microphone into you PC and off you go.

To get the speech into Muvizu save a .wav file from Audacity and then go to prepare > audio within Muvizu and import the file you made.

Any problems just post your question.....
2012/12/23 10:11:08
Hello! I thought I would introduce myself... Hello James - welcome to Muvizu and good luck with the book. I'm sure you'll find Muvizu the perfect tool to start you animating - I did.

Just post your questions directly into the forums and one of us will answer best we can - they're a friendly and helpful bunch.

2012/12/21 7:10:52
Missing sections from Sketchup to Muvizu Sven - Sounds like you have imported them as "single sided" - make sure the facing setting on the import is "Double Sided"
2012/12/18 6:19:54
Muvizu Performance Ziggy - make sure you install in a new directory - e.g. c:\program files\muvizutest
2012/12/17 6:42:12
Muvizu Performance I slim down shots if having issues with eyes/heads - but I'm not too sure the effect this has (obviously turning lights off with F12 goes without saying). I plan to do some tests.

I have recently installed a 512GB SSD drive to speed things up. Made no difference at all, hence I started looking into how to get back to the performance when Muvizu is first installed - and having a fresh install makes a dramatic difference - I urge you to try this Ziggy as I think you'll be surprised.

I think the overall performance when actually using Muvizu is pretty much all down to graphics card - I've ruled out RAM and Hard disk performance.
2012/12/15 22:12:54
Muvizu Performance For a while I have suspected there is a degradation in performance with Muvizu over time. Every time there is a new release I think "Blimey, they've sped up the loading time of sets" only to find that this improvement seems to disappear a week or so later.

I have done some tests and can confirm this to be the case.

I have a largish set file (70MB) which I was beginning to despair with as it takes just over 4 minutes to load. This is a real problem as I save all the shots I make a different set file - if I want to go back to a previous shot to tinker with it then it will take 4 mins to load.

I have re-installed the same version (0.23b) into a new directory and opened the set. It took 1 min 10 secs.

I notice that there are some cache files under the Muvizu folder so maybe these are not clearing out efficiently.

I have created a new, virgin install now and copied it away. I will wipe my live Muvizu program directory every few days and pop this saved version back in to maintain the speed.

Thought you may wish to look into it.
2012/12/10 9:09:54
Random requests! Also the ability to move two steps forward, or in any direction.

At the moment you can only move one step then another, rather than a natural two steps. Using the drag or click to point methods seems to have a minimum of around 4 steps. Consequently movement in a confined space is difficult and I have to avoid it.
2012/12/5 22:59:41
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) ziggy72 wrote:
So, as a compromise, how about putting the default state of everything in Muvizu accessable as options in one of the various .ini files.

The perfect solution.
2012/12/5 17:43:16
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) CrazyDave wrote:
I fear that the idea of having the defaults for imported props on an option panel would come under the category of overcomplicating/cluttering the interface

That's fair enough. I only suggested this rather than changing the defaults as others may wish for something else - what would everyone else like to see the defaults as ?

Anyone else care ?
2012/12/5 17:27:17
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) CrazyDave wrote:
if the object is created with it's origin at the bottom of the object and centred when looked at from above then it shouldn't wobble

Dave - you may be correct. I have some older objects I am using at the moment which may not have this set bang on which may be the cause. Now I have turned collision off on most things it's much less of a problem. I suspect if I went through and turned it off on everything then the problem would pretty much go away.
2012/12/5 15:59:17
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Dave - I stand corrected. It's not a great problem. I use the "click to position" rather than the "drag" method mostly to move characters. If I forget then the first time I do a movement they always run. Personally I would prefer if the system defaulted to "only walk" as this is what I use 95% of the time.

Another thing....... Could we have some settings in options to set the default status of imported objects. The default is keep upright and can be stood on. This is the exact opposite of what would be most useful for me as...

  • Keep upright just introduces the "wobble about" or "refuse to go upright" issues. It's useful to set the upright position when the object is on the ground, but is best avoided otherwise.
  • As I don't use collision at all, most objects benefit from floating. Also when you first import into a blank space if I don't remember to click on "floats in air" then when you click off the object it plummets to the ground - sometimes it will end up inside another object or beneath the ground and I just immediately delete and re-import.
  • Can be stood on means that characters take off as soon as they get near things which is hard to control. I tend to use can't be stood on/no collision on all objects and just put in invisible ground planes on the rare occasions characters need to stand on something.

I'm sure others would like different settings so how about putting these and your default character movement state in some sort of option panel ?

If these suggestions get in the way of creating a neutral facial state for characters or characters holding things then please immediately ignore.
2012/12/5 13:54:17
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Yes the prepare/direct bug was an old one, but not saving with the set was new.

There's also an issue with remembering a character's "only walk/only run" status between saving/opening a set, which is also new. Will this be sorted with the same fix (it's not as important as the camera speed one).
2012/12/4 7:11:51
Codec issue when making video Steven - you need to install codecs onto your PC - Muvizu doesn't come with any so you just have the standard ones that come with Windows.

Most of us use the K-lite codec pack as it has pretty much all you need - download for free here....
2012/12/3 8:39:24
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Anyone else noticed that your camera speed settings no longer get saved with the set ?
2012/12/2 7:12:31
Cannot see .set files on my desktop after saving kshey, this sounds like an issue with the way the computer is set up rather than a Muvizu problem.

When you do a "save as" look right at the top of the screen - this is the location it is saving it in. If you choose "desktop" this may well be redirected somewhere if this is a public computer. Note the exact path and when you come to use your FTP program navigate to the path rather than just "desktop".

I hope this makes sense. Let us know how you get on.
2012/12/1 14:21:04
Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra Teaser Trailer Greetings everyone. As I haven't released anything this year, I have just uploaded the second trailer for the forthcoming feature "Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra" which is now about half way through production. I hope you like it.

Please comment via YouTube to keep everything together.

It's best viewed in full screen mode at 720pHD.



2012/11/29 22:12:58
Help, Error Message The File is Locked Marco - I'm Windows 7 64 bit and the latest 0.23b. It's happened to me for the last year or so though. As I say, it's easy enough for me to get round.
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