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2012/11/28 14:09:18
Help, Error Message The File is Locked Marco,

I know that there must be another reason it does this to me as I always run output from Muvizu through VirtualDub and use the output from this in my editor. As I say I can delete the file from the dialog within Muvizu, so it can't be that locked !

Not that this helps Dan though.......
2012/11/28 10:36:38
Help, Error Message The File is Locked Dan - I have a continual problem with this error message. Depending what you're doing, Muvizu seems not to release .avi files properly, or more likely the check to see if it's in use goes a bit wrong. This only happens when overwriting previously rendered .avi files with a new version - something I do all the time to prevent my disk filling up.

What I do now is click on make video, then from within that box highlight the avi I want to overwrite and press delete. Because this is a windows dialog box it will delete the file that Muvuizu says is locked no problem. It also populates the name box with the correct name so just press save and it should render OK as it is not having to overwrite anything.

I've never mentioned this as a bug it's very easy to overcome and I wondered if it was something to do with my PC.

Hopefully that will sort it out for you.
2012/11/28 7:29:33
Help, Error Message The File is Locked Dan - when does this happen - is it when you go to make a movie ?
2012/11/26 6:30:23
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) urbanlamb wrote:
the focus/depth of field seems to be a bit odd lol it kind of like focusing top half/bottom half instead of back/front hard to explain anyhow here is two from the make video window and one me watching the clip you will see what i mean

Urbanlamb - That looks weird - I've never seen that but I'll watch out for it.

The show camera window has always had a greater depth of field than the "edit / normal / full" window (not sure what it's called), but you get used to this. You can also get some strange results if you cut the depth of field right down, but I've never seen that.

The set looks amazing by the way.
2012/11/25 10:37:54
Video Joiner Error dracoboar - I think I'm right in saying that none of us here use the video joiner that comes with the product. I would assemble your footage in an editing program. I use Sony Vegas, which is not free, but there are others which will cost you nothing. Windows Movie Maker being one of them.

One tip though. For some reason the output of Muvizu seems to be the least compatible format of AVI file known to man - not sure why. I always have to open and save the Muvizun AVI using VirtualDub (which is free) otherwise I either cannot load the avi into the editing software or the editing software starts to crash using raw Muvizu footage.

Hope this helps.
2012/11/22 18:03:45
Ready Break glow with Anti-Aliasing Dave, thanks - that workaround sounds perfect. I can always test render with HW AA and only switch to SW when producing the final AVI. Is there any way of getting this in the product somewhere so I don't have to exit ?
2012/11/21 19:24:47
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Marco_D wrote:

At what stage do you spot the lack of AA?


It's not a lack of AA that is my problem - it is the white glow around characters.

Have a look at my post again -

Look very carefully down the left sleeve of the character (the one on our right) - the one with shadows behind it. There is a white outline which only appears when AA is on.

It doesn't look so bad in my example, but it can look really terrible in dark shadowy scenes.

2012/11/21 6:23:21
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Sadly my anti-alias issue is still there I'm afraid....
2012/11/17 7:47:37
comment/feedback re: expo infos Damn it - missed it. Anyone any idea where we can listen to it ?
2012/11/10 7:21:07
Need a model or set made? DancinDna - There's a pretty good one in sketchup.

Seeing as you're new here I have exported it. I have sent a PM with the link (it's someone else's work so I can't post it to the site).

2012/11/4 13:29:15
Sketchup to Muvizu EEF - You'll get there -it's frustrating but eventually exporting becomes easy.

Download the amended plug in here -

I have added Ziggy's Mesh automatically when exporting - I pretty much use this exporter exclusively, so nothing has collision within Muvizu - it's just a pain. If I need a character to stand on an object I usually just put in a floating ground plane with no image so it's invisible. If you have no collision in your models then you can stick ground planes through them where you want.

I've have even now created a simple "wall" model which I am using instead of backdrops in Muvizu. Sounds crazy, but it stops the re-sizing of walls destroying the whole set. Also when you have a closed set (such as a room with ceiling) you can import objects outside the room and push them into the room, something you can't do using backdrops - that damn collision again.

It's taken a couple of years, but I now pretty much work in a collision free environment and creating sets is at least twice the speed it was with collision.
2012/10/25 17:36:33
Switch Layers for face mask, or textures? artpen,

You can animate the properties of backdrops - one of which is the image. I have done this for blood splats etc.

Animating the decals on characters would be very useful though.
2012/10/24 6:09:51
muvizu logo out WozToons wrote:
The logo I have to add back in does not look as good as the original. Any chance of sending me a link to a good transparent 1280x720 logo that I can overlay please as mine is till missing despite two reinstalls?

WozToons - I have a logo which I filmed on a black background. I use this both as a "fade to black" transition to keep the logo constant and I also green screen (or black screen) it over anything where the logo has gone or becomes corrupted (things moving in front of it etc).
2012/10/24 6:05:24
Good suggestions for buying quality video editor ? EEF,

I did this process at the end of last year. I was a long time Pinnacle Studio user and upgraded to Avid Studio when they bought pinnacle. It had always been a bit buggy but boy, what a disaster. I waited for service pack 1 to see if it would stabilise, but after that I couldn't edit anything at all! So I looked around.

Vegas Studio HD is what I decided upon and have not regretted it. This is what I used for the Amun-Ra trailer. The only other things I used were After Effects for the masked shots (pots breaking, diamond moving around etc) and Avid for the particular sun-burst effect on the titles - everything else is Vegas.
2012/10/19 13:41:45
new to muvizu. Bloombloop - if you are making a 20 minute video in one go then the file it needs to create will be too big. Try creating just a minute of it to see if that works. If it does then you will have to cut the video up and join it afterwards.
2012/10/18 20:17:22
3D char I'm afraid not. You can import people as objects, but you won't be able to animate them.
2012/10/17 10:33:41
Smaller set of abstract shapes You need to export the textures as well.

In Sketchup.. View > materials and the material window appears
Then hit the picture of the little house on that window and it lists the materials in the model (plus some standard ones). Find the ones you want and right mouse>export and save as JPGs.
Then import the .ase into Muvizu saying "don't use ID textures". You can then assign these JPG files to the relevant surfaces.

Let me know how you get on.
2012/10/17 6:47:49
Smaller set of abstract shapes simonheffer wrote:
Sometimes I need a prop that's hand-sized and whilst I can, say, add a cigarette texture to a cylinder etc, getting it the right scale for my character is not always possible.

So could we have some abstract shapes that start a bit smaller? I can't keep asking Dylly!!!Whaaaaa?

Simon - Sketchup is the answer here. I know it's daunting and seems almost impossibly complex and badly designed at first (actually what am I saying - it still does!), but these are exactly the sort of issues that enabled me to dip my toe in and start learning it.

I needed a specific cigarette pack as well. So I went to Sketchup, found a pack in the 3D warehouse, found a google image of the brand I wanted and learnt how to apply my own textures. This was a great lesson.

The first model I made from scratch was a door. A simple rectangle to which I have applied textures. I could have just used backdrops, but I now have opening doors with some depth. I also use this rectangle for pavements and pretty much any rectanguloid object I need.

I bought a secondhand copy of "Sketchup for Dummies" which is OK, but I also use YouTube tutorials on how to do things. I'm no expert, but I'm starting to get round any prop issues I have.
2012/10/17 6:37:06
Sets not saving right, Not responding, and it shut EEF,

Are you on .22b ? I have had all the issues you mention on previous versions but not the latest. I have not had Muvizu crash on me for a couple of months and I really, really push it. The missing characters used to happen in 0.20b (not sure about .21b) so any sets saved from previous versions in that state will be a problem. If you choose view>set window and look at the characters you will probably find the character is still there, just in a parallel black universe that he can never escape. You may be able to select him, cntl-C, select something else to get back to the real world then cntrl-V to get him back - not sure if this will work though.

Ziggy is right. At some point you will have to engage with Sketchup in order to progress your Muvi making. I resigned myself to this in the spring and now have a few basic skills, creating shapes and adding textures as well as amending existing models for my needs. As Zig says, 50% don't work and you will spend an age making sets, but if you want to move ahead then Sketchup is your man.
2012/10/17 6:22:40
Guns and Performance At the risk of just repeating myself....

ukBerty wrote:
I'm wondering if we're all looking for the perfect "works in all situations" solution rather than just getting something that can be useful. I know that Muvizu don't like compromises but we can take a method that is not perfect and could produce some odd results and just make the best of it. Trust us.

I am struggling to see the problem with having an attached item property to the hand with rotation and location controls. Look at the axe in the head for a reference - we want that but for hands and our own objects (and for head whilst you're at it !).

We would pose a character and stick something in their hand, or attach a handbag so they could walk with it. All the technology already seems to be there.

Yes you could put the handbag upside down so it looks wrong. Yes some animations would look wrong because the gravity was incorrect, but that's down to us to make sure it all works and we avoid such things. There are so many things you can do already to break the rules of the universe - you just have to make sure you don't.

I know it's not the perfect solution, but I think it'd be 80% there and we could do so much with it.

Please can we have that. Please......
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