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2012/9/2 19:20:38
A Liar's Autobiography - Official Trailer Fullmetal - you've made me a happy man as I'd not seen this. What's more I'm actually in one of the videos on the python channel.

Indulge me here, but look at this image from the Messiah concert trailer - Myself, Rodney, Mrs Berty and Friend are in the top right in beards. Mrs Berty is in the ginger beard ("Are there any women here ?").

We thought everyone would be in fake beards, but it was just us in the whole of the Albert Hall !

2012/9/2 7:54:52
A Liar's Autobiography - Official Trailer How did I not know about this ??

I actually bought this book in the 80s and really liked it (although can't remember much about it now).

Shame Eric Idle is not doing it - I suspect this is retaliation for Cleese not turning up at Messiah, the Life of Brian Opera - all the others appeared (except the dead one).
2012/8/30 10:15:44
Freeze! I've kind of done this a few times on various shots, but subtly rather than looking like an effect.

I use AfterEffects to do anything clever like this. Either save a frame and then use a mask, or reshoot the bits you want to move on a greensceen and overlay.

Muvizu is very good at recording a scene with say a character and moving objects and then allowing you to delete things and insert green backdrops to shoot the exact scene again for overlay purposes.

I believe you can do the same in Sony Vegas, but I use AfterEffect as that's what I learnt on.
2012/8/29 11:47:52
Effect slow down Yeah - it doesn't affect the output render, which is good.
2012/8/29 6:34:47
Effect slow down Simon,

It is slower in "Make a Video" mode than just timeline mode. Three things determine this:-

  • Complexity of the lighting of your set (including effects)
  • Speed of PC (Particularly graphics card)
  • Version of Muvizu (There were couple of bad vintages for this a while back - I think 0.19b was a culprit. 20b onwards seem to be as good as any)

Sorry - except upgrade to a later version there's probably not a lot you can do.
2012/8/27 7:26:28
View multiple characters on a timeline? Steven -No - it's not possible. I think the feeling is that is would obscure too much screen.

What I do is to use the time markers when trying to sync actions. Put one at the start of the action on character 1 and then swap to character 2 - you can still see the marker so can line up the second action.

Hope this helps
2012/8/22 17:29:09
Missing menu entries trying to export .ase texture The Muvizu error means that the model is too big or you are in the wrong place when you are importing.

Press down the Q button for 1 second before importing - this will get you in about the correct place - it's a bit of trial and error.

I think you can't export that material as it's a colour not an image. Try to export the one to the left and it will work. You don't need to export solid colours as you can pick these in Muvizu anyway.

Good luck...
2012/8/22 15:44:11
Missing menu entries trying to export .ase texture Marietto,

I think you need to click on the Home button - the little house - to get the list of materials in your model.
2012/8/21 22:39:44
Length of the Character Actions Adriana,

What I tend to do when recording character actions is to click the action and then immediately click "idle". That way you end up with a very short action which gets cut short by the idle. I then move (or often delete) the idle to make the animation play out it's full course or cut it short where I want it to end.

You can adapt some animations to look like other things this way.

Some animations need an idle after them to return to the start position - the pose and conversation actions are among them.

Hope this helps.

2012/8/18 8:43:20
New ASE exporter with ZiggyMesh After repeatedly forgetting to add the ZiggyMesh to models exported from Sketchup I have finally cracked and amended the exporter to append the mesh on the end of any model exported.

You can download the new exporter here -

Unzip and copy into the Plugins directory (c:\program files(x86)\Google\Google Sketchup8\Plugins) and restart Sketchup. The new plug in will appear in the tools menu. It does not overwrite the existing exporter so you can still export without the mesh.

Hopefully this will also stop download locations disappearing.

Any issues please reply to this post.


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2012/8/15 20:41:37
2nd Post.. 2nd Question... I'm Cluless Today! Xpander (Now there's a super villain name !) - You're pretty much there. You can move them about or delete them.

What I tend to do when recording character actions is to click "telepathy" or whatever and then immediately click "idle". That way you end up with a very short telepathy action which gets cut short by the idle. I then move (or often delete) the idle to make the animation play out it's full course or cut it short where I want it to end.

You can adapt some animations to look like other things this way.
2012/8/12 9:55:55

You need to delete the man before exporting, or select only the duck and choose "Export Selected" when exporting.

There are many, many reasons that Muvizu won't import an object. Sometimes it has too many surfaces, sometimes the format of the .ase file is not supported (from the Sketchup exported it's usually OK) but usually the object is too big. If it says it's too big then press the "Q" key for 1 second before importing - this will give you more space.
2012/8/12 8:36:06

The only way of importing things is the way you have tried - by importing .ase files. You can create animals (including humans) in Sketchup or whatever and import them, but you will not be able to animate them like you animate the characters already within Muvizu.

You can use "Animate Object" when they are imported to move them around, but you cannot move individual limbs or apply the preset animations to them.

When you say "not successful" could you give more details - did they import or was it that you couldn't do what you wanted when they had imported ?
2012/8/2 6:09:14
New here! Audio/Video Engineer. Welcome Dozer,

I use ffdshow and then a mixture of Sony Vegas to compile and then After Effects and sometimes Avid Studio for post. However I always stick all output from Muvizu through VirtualDub first. Although After Effects will take raw Muvizu output, I've found it to be a bit crashy - VirtualDub sorts this out.

2012/7/25 7:05:47
pleasantly surprised Urbanlamb,

Glad you like Muvizu and realise what it can deliver. You will get addicted and as long as your PC is powerful enough it will fulfil its promise.

If you are thinking of pushing the program I would remember a couple of things which will keep your "zero grief" status (or near to it).

  • Use the ZiggyMesh.ase for anything but the smallest, simplest models (in fact use it for these as well). Just get into the habit of adding before importing - read this and you'll know what I'm talking about
  • Do not mix transparent and opaque surfaces in the same model
  • Get used to inspecting .ase files in notepad - I don't really understand them but have got loads to import which originally didn't by editing and removing things. There are certain stanzas that Muvizu does not like.
  • Save often and save early ! Oh - and save as different names so you can revert to a previous version

And best of luck - looking forward to seeing your work.

2012/7/9 5:41:52
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Many Congrats Dylly - will it all be model nappies and rattles from now on ??
2012/6/12 5:50:58
Muvizu needs you! I'm in........
2012/6/11 7:02:52
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) ziggy72 wrote:
I just like to be able to see what I'm doing, is all

Ziggy - the solution is....... Dual monitors ??
2012/6/7 20:23:25
Random requests! Could I request that we have a number of file location trackers within Muvizu. Let me explain.

I keep all my assets in a directory (C:\UT3 and below)
I have all my scenes in another structure (c:\project\scene1 etc)
I output my videos somewhere else (C:\project\scene1\vids)

At the moment when you import ab object it defaults to the last location you did anything - open a set, make a vid or whatever.

I would like the import object dialog to default to the last place I imported an object from, the make movie to default to the last place I made a movie and the open/save set to default to that last place I opened/saved a set.

It's just a little thing, but over time it gets quite annoying.
2012/6/6 7:32:29
Making the movie When you go to make your movie make sure that the start and end time markers on the timeline are set to the correctly. The section that will be made into your movie will be in red.
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