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2012/4/3 11:37:50
Too many colours in Sketchup Thanks gimmick, but sadly not.

Interestingly although my object imports totally pink, the first 40 colours (which is what I can see) are not pink, but greys and whites....
2012/4/3 8:33:26
Too many colours in Sketchup I have a problem I've been working on for around 4 hours now, and I need help.....

I need a golf bag. With clubs if possible, but I can add them later if necessary.

I have found a bag in sketchup 3D warehouse - golfovĂ˝ bag. It's the only decent one I can find.

I can get it into Muvizu, but there are 100's of colours so they can't all be displayed.

I have tried painting all the faces the same colour but I can't seem to reduce the number of colours that come up in Muvizu.

I suspect I need to clear things out in the .ase using notepad, but I really don't know what I'm doing.

Any suggestions ??
2012/4/1 7:37:55
see on you tube Electro Swing - Now we're talking!
2012/3/14 15:55:15
Ambient Occlusion Maps Jamesriley you have both made and ruined my day. I now know the wonderful world of Bobby Conn, but I've spent the last hour watching and listening to him.
2012/3/14 5:50:37
After Update, model colors gone! ugh. Sadly this is an issue with 0.19b and you will have to re-import the objects and set the colours again. It doesn't take as long as you'd think.
2012/3/11 0:30:54
(SOLVED)Problem with Sketchup-to-Muvizu importing. HayManMarc - Welcome from me as well !!

If you have imported the object then you're 80% there....

Firstly have you turned off "Can be stood on" on the object. This will allow your characters to walk through your object.

Depending on how you've set up the collision you may have to create some small ground planes to make your characters sit at the correct level so that they are on the seats. If you're having issues with collisions use the ZMB collision technology from this post - and then you should be able to insert ground planes where you need them.

40 colour properties - blimey, how big is your screen ? I don't think I've ever seen that many.

2012/3/8 6:43:40
64 bit 19b and 32 bit 18b side by side? Woztoons,

Yes - you can have multiple versions on the same machine - just install into a different directory when setting it up. You then need to recreate a shortcut to the 0.19b c:\program files\Muvizu\binaries64\muvizu.exe file.

I would use the 64 bit version of 0.18b if you're having performance issues until the next version comes out.

A couple of points though - sets are not backwardly compatible so things you have already started you'd probably be better off sticking with 0.19b. Also if you install into a different directory you will not get any favourites transferred so you will have to remake any characters you want to re-use.

I'm not sure when we are due the next update. Anyone ???
2012/3/3 6:57:39
Can't wait for this! Great news. The decoupling of the art and engine is a smart move. Will there be an SDK so that others can create content (characters/character props/objects/animations)?

I think we'd all be prepared to put a new version through it's paces and it should mean quicker fixes for the dangerous version as it won't affect the standard release. We sort of have this dual version situation at the moment as Toonarama says - I think most of us use 0.18 for the donkey work and only use 0.19 if we need to do something only available in the latest version.

Keep up the great work.
2012/3/1 8:15:46
Opacity problem ziggy72 wrote:
I've found that the whole object needs to be transparent - mixing opaque and transparent doesn't seem to work no matter what

Thanks Ziggy - that's what I've found. This is going to be an issue for me, but I may be able to get round it now you have explained effectively how to turn collisions off, but it's a lot of work.

Could someone at Muvizu confirm this please ? As I say it imports OK and you can get it looking just great - it's just that the .set will not open like it was saved - I can send examples in if you like ?

2012/2/29 18:29:22
Opacity problem My learning curve today relates to opacity.

Once again, I have no idea what I'm doing !!

I can import models from Sketchup into Muvizu and apply .png with transparent or opaque areas. To do this I use the following settings:

  • Don't use ID textures
  • Map alpha to opacity
  • No ambient occlusion map
  • double sided facing

The model imports and I can apply a .png to the faces and transparent areas appear fine. All looks lovely.

I then save the set and open it again and things are not as it was saved. The objects that have been imported using the "opaque" setting are now totally opaque - all faces. Even areas that were set to a solid block of colour are opaque. Resetting the colours does not change the fact that everything is opaque.

Is this a bug or is there a way round this ? Effectively I can't use opacity as I can't save my sets !

Thanks, Berty
2012/2/29 6:35:01
Gun_in_Hand Dylly - This is a great idea. Just zoom into your character and stick the false arm holding the thing statically in front of them.

At present we all do this by putting objects in the air and positioning characters real arms, but if you turn their heads their body and arms will also move - leaving the object in mid air.

This will allow us to move characters around whilst appearing to hold things, as long as you keep the shots tight.

If we had the arm able to be imported into sketchup we could all stick our own objects together with the arm/hand as one model. This would allow the whole arm/object to be moved around as one in Muvizu.

Love it.
2012/2/28 21:01:40
Collision Schmollision Ziggy - You're a star.

I have saved it as c:\ut3\ziggymesh.ase
2012/2/28 17:14:12
Collision Schmollision Dylly,

As ever that has pointed me in the right direction and I have created my own collision map now.

I didn't realise that I couldn't edit it because it didn't have one ! It kind of makes sense now.

Thanks for the tips on materials as well.

2012/2/28 8:58:58
Collision Schmollision Chaps (but mainly Dylly I think) - I need some help with editing collisions on a couple of models I have.

I have some .obj models (from Arteria3d) which I need to edit the collisions on.

In order to get these models into Muvizu I use Bitrun to convert and then either use wingrep or notepad to change the things in the .ase that Muvizu doesn't like - all good.

But the collisions on some of these models are too generous and AS WE CAN'T TURN OFF COLLISIONS IN MUVIZU I need to edit the models somehow.

Now there is a tutorial of how to do this in Sketchup which I'm sure I could do, but running the obj through Sketchup screws up the textures. Instead of the texture being applied once over the model, it gets applied 1000 times but is really tiny.

I guess I either need to learn how to edit collisions in the obj before I convert, using Meshlab or something, or how to fix my texture issue in Sketchup.

As you can probably tell, I really know nothing about this, but like Ziggy I think I need to get to grips with the modelling side of things to improve my sets.

Anyone any suggestions of how to approach this, resources to use, tutorials ???

Thanks, Berty.
2012/2/23 5:25:05
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly,

I'm in awe of your talent and effort and am thinking how I can put these to use.

Can "the switch" move ? If it was in two parts you could animate the handle so it could be activated.
2012/2/23 5:20:36
Some tests and attempts ScorpyX - that is very effective !
2012/2/15 6:32:22
problem with character action! uzbeko wrote:
my problem is not the animation of several characters at the same time !!

Sorry Uz - looks like we mis-understood.

I see what you mean and it looks like a bug. I have had a play but it all seems to work here so it must be something to do with the state of the character before you add this action.

I would have a play with the initial state of the dog as well any actions on the timeline before the hook kick. Do a "save as" and delete all the actions and set the dog to an initial state of fight just to see if it works.

You may have to submit this as a bug unless anyone has any other ideas ??
2012/2/14 15:49:42
problem with character action! Uz,

I think I understand you in that you want both characters to do the hook kick at the same time.

This is not possible and you will need to record this action for each character and move it to the position you require on the timeline.

Each character has their own list of actions and their own timeline.

I hope this helps and I have understood you.
2012/2/9 11:49:27
Random requests! Neil wrote:
I'm assuming (hoping) this is still all fine and dandy?

I would say yes - when they're in the throws of death you won't really notice whether they're breathing or not so we can turn it off for that shot. It's just when they're lying/hanging there motionless that you really notice the breathing.
2012/2/9 9:38:30
Random requests! Luscan wrote:
You have to run characters through a pose animation and then just leave them there at the end and they won't move

Luscan - I think that would be good for characters that die lying down - I've used impacts before as they end in a less "posed" state, but they still breathe. With Gordon's suggested change that should be overcome.

Thanks for the tip
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