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2011/1/21 10:41:18
2011/1/21 6:31:16
BIGGER CAMERA WINDOW Midas - I use "Make video" and preview what I've created in there as the window is much bigger - I can't really see what's going on otherwise !

Neil - I know I've mentioned this before, but ideally the camera window should be able to be maximized on a second monitor. I understand it's technically challenging but this would be the way to go.

2011/1/19 5:57:45
Making character fly Nice effect - I think it works well
2011/1/16 7:17:01
Better processor or better graphics card Toonrama,

I now have my new machine:-

Intel Core i7 Processor 870
2x1.5TB HDD - Raid 0 (I have only just noticed this - I thought it would be raid 1, but it's fine)
1GB GTX 460
Windows 7 64 bit

Basically I can run everything I want at the moment - Muvizu, Sketchup, Outlook and Avid at the same time without any impact on Muvizu performance. Character control has become a lot better as there is no lag between moving the mouse and the character moving. The machine doesn't "scream" when I load some of my most complex sets - it's great.

Remember you need to overspec the machine. I have machines out there running XP with 512MB RAM - these were perfectly fine when installed, but now with office 2007, anti virus updates and Microsoft service packs they run like dogs. This will happen to my new PC as well over time with improvements in Muvizu, service pack 1 coming for windows 7 and a move to Adobe CS5.

2011/1/10 15:38:24
Beware the Pie Part 4 Jim,


I do have another recorded, but the original Eddie wasn't available and it's just not the same. I'm not happy with it and it would need re-recording.

This would also give us an opportunity to tighten it up and adjust for animation (no more jet-powered donkeys !)

Rodney and I had a quick look at the scripts over Christmas so who knows, but it's a longer term project.

2011/1/6 14:30:41
better way to move characters Toonrama,

I'm afraid I'll order from Dell as I'm a reseller - I can't usually get much off their web prices on consumer products, bit if I lump it in with a load of servers and stuff for customers I can screw them down on price.

I have a 3-4 year old XPS machine at the moment which has been great so have ordered a high end one of these.

I have ordered from specialist "games" PC providers in the past. The PCs have been fast, but very noisy with all the cooling. This is something to watch out for and why I haven't gone for one of Dell's Alienware beasts (and also whether I'd get that much benefit as I don't actually play games).

Not much help I guess

2011/1/6 13:44:52
better way to move characters Thanks everyone - order placed.

2011/1/6 9:46:02
better way to move characters Thanks Em - thought I'd better check.

Even if there is a hit 'cause of the 32bit bit app running on 64 bit OS it'll still be faster than what I have because of the new hardware and I might be able to run two programs at the same time !

2011/1/6 8:00:38
better way to move characters Thanks Neil,

But what about running Muvizu 32bit App on a 64 bit OS - does anyone have experience of this ?

On a 32bit OS you basically get 3GB addressable RAM, regardless of how much RAM is in the box (as long as there's more than 3GB). As far as I understand the OS will allocate 2GB of RAM to Muvizu, but if other applications and Windows uses more than 1GB RAM then some of this 2GB pool will be swapped to disk. This is what slows the application down (along with processor and graphics speeds).

On a 8 GB box, I would have thought that Windows 64 would allocate the full 2GB to the 32bit Muvizu as before and only swap if other apps and Windows used more than 6GB.

Can anybody confirm that the 32 bit Muvizu runs OK on 64bit Windows ?


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2011/1/5 15:12:11
better way to move characters Barrys - I think you're right about PC performance. I am having real issues now with character movement (as well as pretty much everything else) as my sets have become a lot more complex and I am running Win7 32 bit.

I am just ordering a brand new PC (this free Muvizu software is costing me a fortune )

I suspect that a good number of my issues may go away.

However I have a question. What is Muvizu memory. Mine keeps filling up. If I have a 64 bit machine with 12GB RAM do I get more Muvizu memory, or is it capped regardless of the RAM you have. I may be about to waste a lot of money.


2011/1/4 14:13:45
Beware the Pie Part 4 Jonbez - thanks for your kind words. I'm working on something else not "pie" related at the moment (this Muvizu thing sure is addictive). I do have another script in the "M and Eddie" series but it needs some work - we'll see.....

You're correct - doesn't go anywhere at the moment - but I thought I'd better get it on the Youtube copy as I'm not sure what the rules are about changing videos once they're up. I may develop this in future.


2011/1/3 13:12:16
Beware the Pie Part 4 Yes it's here and the project finally comes to an end....

Hope you enjoy.

The music used for the credits has been blocked in Germany, so sorry German viewers. If you really want to see it let me know and I'll sort a way round it (not sure how yet !).

Happy New Muvizu Year

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2010/12/30 18:24:14
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) Matt,

Thank you so much for these - these are so impressive.

I'm afraid I am gratuitously using them in a new project I hope to get out in the next week - I hope you like it - and of course you will get a massive credit.

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2010/12/30 18:21:45
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Quoling,

You're not going to like this but.....

I've had this problem a lot - I think that not all models in Sketchup are as clean or well put together as you would like - it's a bit of a free for all.

My solution - give up and choose a simpler model.

Told you that you wouldn't like it !

2010/11/30 7:45:07
Where are the error log files? kkffoo,

If it's any help I've been really pushing the Muvizu software for a few months now and it's never frozen. Sure sometimes it runs out of memory, sometimes characters start to behave erratically and a restart of Muvizu is required. It will even GPF if you push your luck importing objects, but I've never seen it hang the whole machine.

I would doubt log files would help in this case (not that I think there are any) - if the machine hung then any logging mechanism would have hung as well.

Just putting my IT hat on - since the release of XP any total hang of a PC should first be considered a hardware problem. Second could be hardware drivers. Maybe there is an issue with your graphics card. Can you get updated drivers at all - it doesn't really sound as if you were pushing the system that much when it went wrong !

Hope this helps.

2010/11/21 22:03:21
Silence of the Coders Dreeko, you're a genius.
2010/11/16 14:03:54
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Jamie,

Thanks. Maybe I'm being thick but I still don't get it.

Your description of the character moving is absolute, not relative (A to B being absolute, move 20 muvizumeters at 218 degrees being relative).
If your description was

1. Record the character walking 20 muvizumetres at 218 degrees at walking pace
2. Stop and animate
3. Record the character walking 5 muvizumetres at 120 degrees at running
4. Stop and animate.
5. Record the character walking 10 muvizumetres at 180 degrees at walking pace and finally stopping.

If you deleted movement 3 now everything still holds together, sure you end up in a different place than before, but that's to be expected.

It's not a big deal, but the movement mechanism overhaul must now be geting close to the top of the to do list as everything else has come on leaps and bounds.


2010/11/15 17:36:01
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Jamie,

Not sure about the memory leak. It's happened twice, once on a short scene with only 5 characters and some running - the other had lots of characters - maybe 20, but saving the .set and coming out and back in of Muvizu gave me 50% back.

I'll keep an eye on it and see when it next happens to see if I can see a pattern.

I have uploaded a video of the prepare bug - it's driving me nuts now as it does happen a lot. I have made this private to you.

Your comment on the movement surprises me - I thought that the movement was all relative which is why you use this mechanism. If it's absolute then can I add my voice to the campaign to getting start and stop locations possible to set on the timeline and then Muvizu moves the characters between them. When ever I start a new scene of Pie I work out how to cut the movement of characters down to a minimum and try not to have them starting and stopping movement in the same shot as the whole mechanism is very fiddley and hit and miss.

Co-ordinates are the way to go and would speed up my animating no end.


2010/11/13 17:11:05
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn I think Dreeko should do this one - you posted first.

There's a couple of others that I'll report - nothing too bad.

1) There's a memory leak. Eventually you run out of Muvizu memory and it goes into restricted mode. You just save the .set, close Muvizu and back in. Then you're back down to 45% or whatever.
2) I have had a couple of instances where characters won't preview actions when doing a prepare - just trying to work out what the rule is and how best to get round it. Going out and back in does it - but I think just changing character/actions will get it to work as well.
3) Had one occasion when I dragged a movement onto another and both disappeared from the timeline - trouble is the movement was still there, but you couldn't delete it. I deleted the character and it was fine. hasn't happened since.

As I say - a small price to pay for being able to save imported objects.

2010/11/13 14:33:20
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn I can confirm that this is an issue with the new version. I have only seen it apply to movements - both character and objects.

I'm just animating lights - grab a light and move it around like a spotlight. Look at the timeline and see many distinct movements. Delete the first one and they all go.

Better get it right first time then !

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