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2010/9/16 6:14:28
Bug that is driving me nuts Thanks for looking at it Frendor, but in my heart I know it's a bug.

My character is moving when there is no current and no previous animations on the timeline. It's as if they have a psychic ability to see what's coming !

Anyone from Muvizu been able to recreate ?


2010/9/15 19:42:53
Bug that is driving me nuts Whoops - the 2nd one should have worked.

They're both set to public now (I think).

2010/9/15 16:44:20
Bug that is driving me nuts Frendor,

Thanks for having a look at this

Here's an example....

and here's a screen grab of how it was made

Alright - not the best video, but see the way he takes a step then does his action. Then he magically slides back to take the step that appears on the timeline. The first step isn't actually there on the timeline.

If I extend the scope of the video back to 00:00 then it works fine, but as soon as you move the pink and white diamond off 00:00 it starts to go wrong.

Play arund with moving the start diamond and I'm sure it'll start to fail.

Let me know if you still can't replicate it.

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2010/9/15 9:12:42
Bug that is driving me nuts There seems to be a new quite serious bug introduced with the last version - or it may just be with the introduction of the time markers.

Here's how to recreate......

1) Create a blank scene
2) Create a character
3) Move the time sliders to start at say 1 min and end at 2 mins.
4) Move to the start of your selection (1min)
5) Start recording animation. Wait 5 secs then do an animation and then walk forward.
6) Stop animation
7) Show the timeline and go back to the 1 min mark.
8) Play

You will notice that the character does the move at the start of the animation, does the gesture and then jumps back a step to take the step again.

This is casuing me real problems and limiting shots as I can't mix gestures and animations.

I save many .set files anyway so I can reposition things, but I will have to start cutting up the audio as well as I can't use the time potinters to limit the scope of the video (unless anyone knows another way round this).

Could this be put near the top of some sort of list please.

Sorry to sound like I'm whinging - it's just that it's driving me mental.


2010/9/13 9:06:31
transparent video Dreeko,

I'm using Green screen extensively with Muvizu, but not in Muvizu.

I use either Pinnacle Studio Ultimate or better still Adobe After effects (just getting to grips with the latter).

Adobe after effects will also sort all your "door opening" and moving object problems - but it's really expensive.

2010/9/10 8:05:53
Importing from Google Sketchup Er, just awesome.

Can you stop making Muvizu any better please - my other half is starting to complain !

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2010/9/1 8:54:47
New version Just upgraded and am getting used to the new features.

Firstly thank you guys for sorting out the timeline control (moving up and down the timeline). The double of changing the view and changing the current position works really well. And what's more, when you move to a position - it stays there ! That's one of the biggest causes of swearing gone - hoorah.

Just done my first camera animation. Very nice.

The new objects always go down well and I like the idea of an object repository we can all contribute to (although I've seen the tutorial and yes, well, we'll see!)

Keep up the good work.

2010/8/30 8:33:30
muvizu Kieran,

Exactly which bit of the process are you stuck at - have you got an AVI out of Muvizu ?

2010/8/30 7:28:18
Codecs Thanks for your reply Mysto.

I've installed the AVS Video Editor (which looks quite cool by the way), but no Codes in Muvizu for it. Was this the product you meant ?

2010/8/29 16:49:03
Codecs I think I need some advice on Codecs - What are people using ?

I'm using Pinnacle Studio to compile my Muvizu videos as it allows me to do a certain amount of post effects.

I'm using the Microsfot Video 1 codec at the moment, but the sound does not come over to Studio and I have to try and resync with the original audio file. This is really annoying.
If I put the output of Muvizu throgh another application like Virtualdub it then works fine in Studio - but it's a bit of a faff.

What Codec can I get to get round this ?

Any ideas ?

2010/8/29 7:28:41
Expressiveness I'm having some difficulty with the expressiveness of my characters. I would like to see three amendments to help me improve this :-

1) A "neutral" state would be good. Sometimes characters are not happy/sad/angry - just a bit blank or bored. I can turn down the expressiveness on their character traits, but they will still smile inappropriately.
2) I use this expressiveness slider to control them quite extensively. This means saving many .set files for each camera swap in order to adjust. It would be good to be able to animate the expressiveness in a similar manner to eye size.
3) Many of the animations are extremely animated - this is fine for an big action in a small clip, but in a longer piece they are distracting. I know we have the "happy subtle" section, but I would like to see more actions of this magnitude. (Push button, drink, eat, sleep).

Anyway - must crack on, scene 9 beckons.........

2010/8/29 7:17:40
Small Bug I have discovered a small bug which I wonder if you could address in an upcoming release (maybe it's already been addressed).

After you save then reload a .set the characters position (sit or stand) is screwed up.

Do the following:
1)create a new set and insert a character.
2)Set their initial position to sit
3)Animate them to stand then do an action (doesn't matter what). This all works fine.
4) Save then reload the .set
You will see that the character now sits down after perfroming the action even though he is animated to be in the stand position.
The only way I have found this is to delete all animations from the timeline and start again - which means that you can't really save scenes with standing/sitting comamnds.

It isn't stopping me ploughing on with my project, but it's just a tadge annoying if you have to go back and reshoot something as you have to re-animate. I tend to save in small sections anyway.

Just trying to make Muvizu even better!


2010/8/23 8:45:56
List of improvements Jim,

I'm sure I read on another thread that the camera animations would be "at the end of the month". Are we talking August here ?
I'm just starting a scene which would really benefit from this enhancement. If it's really that imminent I'll skip this scene and move onto others.


2010/8/20 7:54:29
List of improvements Thanks for the reply GlasgowJim.

I'm looking forward to that "Jaws" moment as well with a dolly-zoom.

Thanks for getting some of my ideas on the list.

I do use the mouse for head control but it's so sensitive - my characters often look like their necks have broken as their heads flop around ! - I'll try turning the sensitivity of the mouse down in windows.

Thanks again for the great work - hopefully I'll have finished my little film in around 3 months and can get my life back. Muvizu is too addictive.

2010/8/19 10:38:51
List of improvements Firstly can I just say howawesome Muvizu is. I have been using it for two weeks animating a script wewrote for the radio many years ago (it never made it!). I can’t tell you howpleased I am with it.
Anyway, after using it for manyhours now I have a few improvements/additions which would benefit the product.

1. Textures on shapes. This would enable us tocreate some basic 3D objects. I use the backdrops and partially transparent PNGfiles for 2D images which is great, but 3D would help.

2. Better movement control. This is probably themost frustrating element. Making characters move is hit and miss. In order toget anything looking competent I end up putting the character in free space,recording a movement using the “drag” method with the pink dots (the arrow methodis too stop start). As it’s so difficult to control where the character willend up I then move the timeline to the end of the move, position the characterwhere I want and then work backwards. I have to position the cameras afterdoing the moves as the moves are the most uncontrollable elements.
Being able to edit moves would sort thisout. Just do a rough move with the “drag” and the adjust accordingly.

3. You can’t adjust the length of animations. Ithink there are three types of animations; a) move b) fixed length e.g. cleanear and c) variable length e.g. happy idle. The latter two should appear indifferent colours on the timeline and you should be able to adjust the lengthof type c).

4. Insert animation into timeline. This would savea lot of mucking about.

5. Undo. I have learnt to be very careful whenmoving things around. If you change the scale or adjust an object so that otherobjects move then the undo will only undo the movement of the object you haveselect. The rest of the set remains devastated. Could we have a tick box oneach object stating “cannot move” – this would fix it in position regardless ofwhat else happens – I don’t want my walls moving around.

6. Two monitors. Most users who use a lot of videoediting will have two monitors and this would really make a lot of sense to havethe option of moving all the control screens (particularly the camera views) toa second screen.

7. Scale adjuster is too sensitive. Either keyboard control or a % box which youcan adjust is needed here. I am trying to use the alphabet objects and getting them the samesize is a “do it by eye” job.

8. Head movement too sensitive. Again this shouldbe able to be controlled with the keyboard in much finer detail then at themoment (unless I’m missing something). What about holding cntrl down for fine movement.

9. Animation of cameras and objects. I know it’sbeen mentioned before but this would be great. Could also do with animating thecamera properties (i.e. zoom).

I know it’s a big list, but I just want the product to beeven better than it is.

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2010/8/11 7:35:28
Dracula Teeth Hi guys - new to Muvizu but am cracking on with things - it's so cool.

I have a question....

In one of the tutorials you mention that you can add the decals for dracula teeth. I can see various teeth shapes, but can't see how to actually apply these to a character. I'm sure this can be done.

Thanks in anticipation.

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