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2016/1/7 7:45:47
Sketchup Roundup braj wrote:
I'm hoping most of the props I will need will be in the community and store already, and mostly I want to make stuff for fun

No pressure....

I know what you mean about Blender though. I just can't make it out and this is supposed to be fun !
2016/1/7 7:37:39
Move Depth Layer tick Box I would like to campaign for moving the depth pass tick box to the layers screen when rendering.

At present I have to continually switch between these screens to set my render up - if your set is complex this can be very slow so having it all on one screen would quicken things up. Surely it's more logical to have this on the layers tab.

Also - do the layers selected to render, including the depth layer, now save with the set ?
2016/1/7 6:31:36
Sketchup Roundup Braj - you've clearly got a knack for this....

But please do bear in mind what others on this thread have said....

  • Make sure you get rid of collision.
  • in time you will move away from Sketchup to Blender or 3DS.
  • in time you will move from ASE to FBX (even I - the defender of ASE - have done this in the last 6 months!)

....just trying to save you some time here, although maybe we all need our Muvizu modelling scars.
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2016/1/6 22:09:11
Moving custom characters to new computer MrDrWho13 wrote:
Neil wrote:
Favourites get saved to a folder (usually "C:\Users\All Users\Muvizu\Favourites") on your hard drive. Each favourite is a .FAV file and you should be able to simply copy them from one machine to another.

I hope that helps.

Well that explains why they seem independent to Muvizu when uninstalling and re-installing. Thanks for the insight Neil!

Well I never knew that - every day is a school day.
2016/1/6 6:04:32
Sketchup to Muvizu braj wrote:
I get a message 'file not found' am I missing something from the setup?

Sounds like toto.bmp to me.

Create a 256x256 pixel bmp file and name it c:\ut3\toto.bmp and this may fix it.
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2016/1/4 17:09:08
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... Sorry - I really didn't mean to sound like I was saying "already done that"......

The bodies I made are different - they don't really fit the blob like yours do - they're more of a complete costume which completely encase it. Consequently they have numerous clipping issues which your body parts won't suffer.

You will notice that in the film the parrots do not move that much, and there a few closeups. In fact I may have to revisit some shots to tidy them up.

A lot of my sets and objects, probably 95%, are from DAZ.
2016/1/4 15:00:36
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... These are really terrific. They work so well.

My current project features some birds which I eventually got together using the blob, invisible ground planes, some DAZ models and a lot of swearing.

God I really hate those parrots.....
2016/1/1 18:30:39
Coming Soon 2016 MrDrWho13 wrote:
Will it be in cinemas?

Unbelievably I do have a couple of cinemas who have said they will show it - one in the UK and one in the USA - so hopefully there will be a very, very limited release. I will keep everyone informed should it come to it.
2016/1/1 18:18:35
Coming Soon 2016 Happy New Year Muvizuers...

Who knows, maybe this year "Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra" will finally see the light of day.....

2016/1/1 17:59:22
play+? It's in file>license manager
2015/12/22 7:29:31
HOLIDAY SHOWCASE 2015 Thanks for your review Pat, too kind.... too kind....

I think my favourite Muvizu animation has to be Dreeko's "The idea"

It is original, succinct and complete. It delivers exactly what it sets out to do with no baggage. It looks easy to do as it's mainly just a bloke talking, but there's actually a lot going on with the composition and editing.
2015/12/21 5:42:07
Failed to load object from file MarkWaldo wrote:
My being a computer systems analyst for over 40 years and having used Muvizu for 2 years, I have asked the support team to warn people when they press the delete key to say "Are you sure you want to delete this character?" But they have not. It is a very common mistake to hit the familiar <Delete Key> when wanting to delete something on the timeline instead of right clicking the <delete> that is provided on the timeline.

Rather controversially can I request that this is not done please as more clicking just slows animation down.

The few times you do make a mistake you just use the undelete key (Cntl-Z).
2015/12/21 5:38:37
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... Roland,

Instead of using a folder on your desktop create a folder in the root of your C:\ drive called C:\UT3 - this is somehow a special location for default ASE files. Stick all your stuff in there and see if it works.

I have all my objects for import on my S:\ drive, but I still have a C:\UT3 directory with a lone TOTO.BMP file in it to make ASE files happy.
2015/12/20 14:13:27
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... A default texture needs to exist. I think you can either:-

  • Create a 256x256 BMP file of just a plain colour and save it as C\users\roland\Blabla\HipHop\textures\toto.bmp - this should fix it for this model. Or....
  • Create a 256x256 BMP file of just a plain colour and save it as C\UT3\toto.bmp - This is the default location and should fix it for all models.

When you import an ASE created from Sketchup you always have to edit it and replace this default texture with the textures you actually want as the sketchup exported does not export the textures.
The difference between my exporter and the official Muvizu one is that the Muvizu one supports export of collision meshes which you will need to create. My exporter just creates a tiny collision mesh which is fine (and indeed preferable) in 99% of cases. If you need a character to stand on an imported object created with my exporter then just create an invisible ground plane and place it where you want the character.

Hope this helps.
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2015/12/19 14:55:14
Buzzball Day 3 Artpen - loving Buzzball. A genuinely original idea well executed.

artpen wrote:
If you have a good script, start planning, get your voice work done, get all yor assets together, then set your scene, get all the lighting done, honestly, Muvizu lets you think like a Movie director, sit back, move those Cameras about like if you are really on the set, it's total freedom, use it, dont rush it!

...and there you have it. Well said.
2015/12/14 13:53:41
Why some appearance elements are not awailable The characters fall into two different groups.

  • Original Potato heads - e.g. Fat man, Woman etc... I think all attachments available for one of these are available for all.
  • The additional characters - Beefy, Sinister, Heroine, Rosie and Mandy. These have attachments pertinent to themselves, so what you get is what you have. Just because one has a certain attachment does not mean the others will.

However you are right that you can attach some imported angel wings to the character. You won't be able to get one from Muvizu though, but you can get one from elsewhere or even make your own (You will need Play Plus to import attachments).
edited by ukBerty on 14/12/2015
2015/12/8 6:16:19
Spotlight goes dark Possibly...

I would....

  • Make sure you're using a spotlight and not a spotdark (it's easy to do).
  • There are some funnies with distance from the light - move it further away
  • change the spotlight to "cast individual shadows" which normally solves most weird behaviour
2015/12/6 11:08:55
installing MUVIZU to a USB drive... Pretty sure this won't work - when you license Muvizu looks at elements in your PC like Windows does. If you change too much hardware then the license will detect this and you will have to license again.
2015/12/6 11:07:03
Danimal Sad news. RIP Dan.
2015/11/20 15:56:32
Market place Could we end the bun fight and stick to constructive criticism please....
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