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2013/6/15 7:57:20
Remove the Muvizu watermark gimmick wrote:
In the box "Make video" you can choose a resolution with "Watermark free premium"

The price is £15 for 1 minute 1280x720 or £5 for 1 minute 640x360 and there is a box "Purchase"

Be sure to render your finished movie !

It means that I need to pay before editing the logo ... well, that helps.. Thanks!!!!!
2013/6/14 8:37:08
Remove the Muvizu watermark Hi guys. I start animating with Muvizu for my friend for his business...well, he saw the Muvizu watermark logo.

I told him that I will remove the logo, but I can't find anywhere in the Muvizu about removing the watermark ... pls help.
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