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2013/6/29 11:05:13
Cant make mpeg 4 to save my life thanks man I really appreciate it. Its late here stateside I gotta hit the rack, but any help would be appreciated.
2013/6/29 10:56:24
Cant make mpeg 4 to save my life I have spend at leat 4hours total trying to get this to work. I have seen the "cannot use those settings" box at least 100 times.
2013/6/29 10:52:37
Cant make mpeg 4 to save my life I installed xvidd, klite codec pack, ffdshow. The only file I can make is uncompressed, which means vids under 35 seconds. I really pplan on spending money if Ican get this to work. If not isthere a paid for software similar to Muvizu? The interface is awesome, just need more than 34 second files thanks
2013/6/27 9:01:14
Cannot make mpeg4 I did installthe K-Lite codec pack. The only codec that shows on export besides uncompressed is the xvid codec and it does not work. I will keep trying. Thanks though. The old version of Muvizu I used last year did not have this problem.
2013/6/26 6:38:21
Cannot make mpeg4 I am only able to make uncompressed videos which hit the 2 giglimit at 30 seconds. I installed xvid and followed the settings in another thread and cannot make a video. it just says "'Cannot use those settings" I really want this software to work and am planning on spending good money at this site if I can get it to work. Muvizu workflow is brilliant otherwise, and directing characters is the best.
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