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2015/11/15 0:45:07
Key frames update 10th November Found it. Just go to the License Manager and update the license. It will be under "Direct" --> "Object Movement", then choose "Key Frame" from the choices in the popup menu.
2015/11/15 0:27:23
Key frames update 10th November
Once you've bought it from the store, just go to file-->upgrade-->Activate. Once you've done that you're good to go. Go to prepare actions/properties/movement for whatever you want, select key frames, then hit direct.
From there you just move the thing to where you want, when you want, and click the + button. Muvizu will generate the animation between the states depending on what option you've selected.

I looked under "File" and there is not an "Upgrade" option available to me. Is it somewhere else?

2015/11/14 22:52:12
Key frames update 10th November Creeped out I can't even find where to download the Key Frames content pack (just purchased). Am I doing something wrong? dunno
It won't show up in the content pack menu within Muvizu. When I use the License Manager it tells me my license for Muvizu+ is good to go, but nothing about the Key Frames pack. Help? puppy dog eyes
2015/3/26 18:29:09
Issues with Rendering I render the video, which takes hours, and then it's this pixilated, noisy mess. I've tried it compressed and uncompressed. HELP!!!
2015/3/26 17:06:49
Voice Actress Available My fee is reasonable. If you are interested, please give me a shout. I love doing character voices.
However, I only work on clean projects; No cussing, smut, or the like.
Voice Range:
Child, young woman, old woman, old man, pirate, French accent, German accent, Indian accent, or try me at anything! I love a challenge.
I'm also a singer and have produced several albums.
Here's my IMDb credits. I also did a podcast called Reverie Stories, where you can listen to some of my voices for free.
A. Kurylo
2015/3/26 16:57:14
I am looking for voice artists I'm a voice actor with a professional studio. I have worked on projects such as the video game, The Silver Lining. I also narrate books and the like, but my passion is cartoons because of the range. Please let me know if you still are looking. My fee is very reasonable.
A. Kurylo
P.S. - Here's my International Movie Database (IMDb) credits
2013/7/5 5:01:13
Roll a bomb Having the most difficult time figuring out how to get a bomb to fall off a table and roll across the floor. Seems like it should be simple, and I've watched several tutorials, but it's kicking my butt! HELP! Whaaaaa?
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