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2013/11/13 17:27:24
FBX imports I'll try that too..thanks
2013/11/13 16:55:29
FBX imports Found a great 64bit converter today whilst banging my head against sketchup and ase. Its here http://images.autodesk.com/adsk/files/fbx20133_converter_win.exe. Now I can model in turbocad, blender, 3ds and export as .3ds.

The convertor effortlessly batch converts files to the 2013 fbx format (and others) which Muvizu reads ok.

Through trial and many errors I can also report that an object which is 6 units wide is about the same width as a standard head.

Its much less painful than the sketchup route in my opinion (and quicker)
2013/11/13 11:11:47
A question of scale? ukBerty wrote:
Yes - I can confirm that the "object too small" has gone from the absolute latest version.

It still seems to be in the 64 bit version...I've been trying to import a christmas hat and I was getting that message. However, now I'm finding that after a single acceptable import last week all my models come in at fixed size (by sight) no matter how big or small I scale them before the export/import process (provided they're not too small). I even repeated the mustang lesson process to make sure I wasn't going mad and it comes in tiny (character foot sized) to the zu when it was person sized in sketchup. Am I being thick with some setting somewhere?
2013/11/9 19:39:45
New Hat I'll do that then. Best learn sketchup
2013/11/9 19:23:37
New Hat Evenin' All,
I have play+ licenced version and my boss has just requested that I give a character xmas antlers as a hat in the next animation...
I can see an import option in the hats section...is it as easy (haha) as making an ase model and importing it?
Advice welcomed!

2013/9/19 10:09:15
New character? I see what you did there :-)
This is for the Giant Hogweed which has had me stuck for about a month wondering about content for the screens in the show, and then I thought " an army of marching plants". I should get out more. It'll be in the Royal Albert Hall in October if anyone's feeling keen to make one...
2013/9/18 20:00:32
New character? thanks ziggy. Its a pity because the movements, particularly the walking are perfect for me. I saw stick man and that's actually where the idea came from. Best laid plans and all that
2013/9/18 19:33:08
New character? sorry if this has been answered but I'm in a hurry...I could use an animated plant type character based on the existing rigging for the standard characters just with the head and neck the same size and arms as branches and legs/feet as roots. It needs to be a bit weed-like and would be used in some work I'm doing for the Genesis Revisited world tour (part 2) with Steve Hackett (clang clang). I can see a great visuals sequence using Movizu, but I need this character to do it. Can anyone help or give me some pointers. I like that fact this is dead simple to use and it helps me as I've a lot going on!
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