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2013/7/29 14:10:35
After Installation Error :/ Uncross your fingers. Forget this issue, I won't experience muvizu :"(
2013/7/26 21:37:43
After Installation Error Still the same thing >:| What to do?!?!?! I'm desperate :'(
2013/7/26 16:45:32
After Installation Error :/ It's still the same file saving it... I think, that's the problem?? Dunno, anyway I did it again and it stills saves a file named CVTRES. At binaries 64 open the Muvizu.exe right? not DLL or something else...
2013/7/26 11:15:18
After Installation Error Great! Thanks a lot for helping me.
2013/7/25 18:30:36
After Installation Error Alright, thank you for helping me. Hope this problem to be fixed as fast as it can be.
2013/7/25 16:00:44
After Installation Error After the un-installation Muvizu folder doesn't exist ANYWHERE.
2013/7/25 15:24:31
After Installation Error There is no Muvizu folder in Programme Files directory. Although I did tried installing it in a different directory. Same thing!!! When I open it the same error pops up. wtf
2013/7/24 19:27:41
After Installation Error I have. Everything is updated.
2013/7/23 16:22:54
After Installation Error 64 Bit Version.
2013/7/23 16:03:51
After Installation Error 2013.07.13.01R, Full. I think...
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2013/7/23 15:53:31
After Installation Error I have installed full version 64-bit for Windows 7 Ultimate. After I open it a window pops up and says: "An error has occurred: An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B)". Don't know what to do, I tried re-installing it but it still happens.
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