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2013/7/31 18:41:55
Updated and now my videos will not load up Ahh HAAA!
I figured it out!

Kill all the Muvizu processes hanging in the Task Manager then run the update!

2013/7/31 17:55:13
Updated and now my videos will not load up I ran the update this morning and everything ran until the setup started. I got a dialog box "Muvizu:Play Setup" that said:
Error opening file for writing:
C:Program Files\Muvizu Play\Binaries64\Muvizu.exe
Click Aport to stop the installation, Retry to try again, or Ignore to skip this file.

I Retried to no avail. I Ignored several times and then it ran the rest of the install. Looking at the results it skipped; ita; por; FRA; DEU; Core.u; Etc...............
When I restart it wants to do the update again. What's up?
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