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2010/10/19 13:17:26
My Thoughts and Audio Thanks but I didn't think of that! Good work around

Can't wait for the new versions. All sounds very exciting...
2010/10/18 6:15:49
My Thoughts and Audio Well done team. I think this is an excellent program. Well thought out and very intuitive. It brings animation to the masses.

I hope you continue to expand the features and stay one step ahead on any competition - doesn't seem to be much in this area.

Presently, my biggest problem is audio. If I was able to import audio clips at any point in the timeline I think it would be just about perfect. I expect more experience animators don't flinch at doing things this way but for me it sort of spoils the fun and spontaneity of it all.

Anyhow, keep up the good work...
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