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2013/9/2 21:18:46
Rendering problems The way you did it with the screenshot I think that's 1 Second but I get the point. One minute is on the left.
2013/9/2 21:01:18
Rendering problems Thank you so much. I will follow these steps soon.
2013/9/2 21:01:14
Rendering problems Thank you so much. I will follow these steps soon.
2013/9/1 18:17:15
Camera Cuts Thanks , I'll try your methods. If ti dosn't work I'll contact you guys again.
2013/9/1 18:05:14
Camera Cuts MY version of muvizu is the newest version. I watched many of your videos and lots of features changed. In the videos it showed that you can easily switch cameras by just clicking the other window , now its confusing. Urbanlamp I think that works for older versions of muvizu? I can't switch cameras by just clicking it. I have to click prepare (select camera)As you can see in my second screenshot Even If I try to direct camera 2 and prepare it. It only records for camera 1 for some reason. I don't know why this is happening. I even selected camera 2! Please help. Thanks
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edited by coldjames on 01/09/2013
2013/9/1 18:00:25
Camera Cuts What I mean Is that I selected it/prepared it before directing it. Here's some screenshots: and
2013/9/1 17:54:30
Camera Cuts I did. But I don't know what to do. I have 3 cameras. The main one is one that has movements ( it has this red circle on it always). So I clicked Direct camera cuts. Then prepared camera one and recorded untill I wanted it to switch to the other camera.Then I clicked the "X" After that , I clicked direct camera cuts again and prepared camera 2. Then I tried to to record for camera to and then I stopped It. I tried to play my video from the "Make movie" preview section but nothing happend. The camera was only stuck on camera one. It won't change to my other cameras. I tried everything. Thanks , help me.
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