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2010/10/1 18:42:21
Option needed in preferences to remap keys... Hey!!!

I Think I have just thought of a solution!!!

I have Saitek SD6 Programming software for my controls.

I think I can reprogramme the keyboard myself using that.

I will let everyone know how I get on.

Kind regards,

2010/10/1 18:37:16
Option needed in preferences to remap keys... Ummm... Yes, I accept what you say but you were not able to take into account my disabilities... (Comment 2 in my post).
Unfortunately, I have to use the mouse with my left hand and keys with my right hand. For me to achieve using WASD requires the palm of my hand resting on the lower (nearer) keys which rather confuses the keyboard, the PC, and any application ~ Consequently, I have to use the cursor keys (bottom right of keyboard) with my palm resting on the desk. Also the cursor keys have clear space around them and so I cannot accidently press other keys at the same time.

Obviously, you were not aware of that limitation on myself.

I could be churlish and mutter about your software not complying with Disability Accessability Standards and Section 21, (reasonable adjustment) Disability Discrimination Act 1995; but...

a) I am having too much fun with Muvizu irrespective of difficulties, and;

b) I am sure you will get around to Key Mapping sometime when you are able to do so, and;

c) I recognise that development has to start somewhere...

Better something that works and is evolving, than something with Bells & Whistles and still vapourware!

Kind regards,

2010/10/1 17:24:57
Option needed in preferences to remap keys... Ummm... Nope!!!
Left and Right Cursor rotates - not sidesteps. :-)

Right Button ALSO rotates.

Only way to side step is both buttons.

Meanwhile, I await the Devs addressing this with baited breath and expectation.
2010/9/30 16:50:10
Option needed in preferences to remap keys... It would be extremely helpful if you would provide the facility to remap keys ~ especially for movement.


1) The keys and mouse mapping you have chosen is neither intuitive and nor is it 'standard' in relation to most other programmes ~ e.g. left and right cursor keys are 'traditionally' for panning, not rotating; up and down cursor move forward and back; left mouse is 'usually' rotate and tilt; right mouse is 'usually' raise and lower. Most other programmes I regularly use follow this formula and it would be far less confusing, with fewer errors, if key mapping could be 'tuned' to both the users preference and commonality with other programmes.

2) The keys and mouse mapping you have chosen can also be significantly awkward to use for the disabled, as I am ~ This leaves me with a double disadvantage in combination with 1) above when more complex directions are being input with resulting frustration from mistakes.

It would be Great if you would address this issue when able ~ and I would be extremely grateful :-)
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