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2013/10/17 11:11:51
how to move cameras for stereoscopic film? Thx for your answer Mike_Num_5

A backdrop, of course! This could be a solution but just partly. Why partly? If you want to move your camera for a total shot of a skyline the objects are far away, so you haven't a good depth anyway, so u can use a backdrop. But for a medium shot of an object and for example houses behind him this wouldn't be a good way because you can see, that depth is missing.

But u still helped me, because i want a total shot of a skyline, so it could work! The other scene i'll make without movement.

2013/10/17 10:09:24
how to move cameras for stereoscopic film? Hey guys,

i'm a newbie in muvizu. For a university project i wanted to make a stereoscopic (side by sidy) (test) movie. It is possible without moving the cameras. But i wanted two move both cameras for two scenes but its impossible for me. Do you know how two make it??


Greetz from Germany!

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