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2014/5/13 14:26:02
Live! from E.V.I.L. Episode 4 - Escape from EVIL! Thanks much, InsaneHamster and Mike_Num_5 XD
2014/5/12 20:49:22
Live! from E.V.I.L. Episode 4 - Escape from EVIL! urbanlamb wrote:
omg that was truly hilarious I give it a more then two thumbs up for your far too expensive for this production explosion lolol


I feel like I've been learning and improving with each episode... nice to know the funny is there ;-)
2014/5/12 20:05:38
Live! from E.V.I.L. Episode 4 - Escape from EVIL! Weevil's been kidnapped!
Can our heroes escape from the sewer in time to save him?
And what is Doc Matter's dark secret?

Find out here:

... and you can watch the whole series and learn more on Joe's Dump here:
2014/5/7 1:09:02
Scale FBX Imported Hand Object urbanlamb wrote:
i have managed to turn a few muvizu users to "the dark side" and they are starting to use blender. I would not call it an editor though its more of a studio which is why it scares people but I think Mr hamster has managed to tame it as well. He sent me a copy of a toon car he was working on that looked really nice.

*rubs hands together*

excellent... Drink


Yeah, I'm sure 'll migrate to more complex tools over time.
Blender and Maya are in my future...

For now, I got a workable solution, though.

2014/5/6 21:30:24
Scale FBX Imported Hand Object Thanks everyone...

I installed a program called "Deep Exploration" - it allows for import, modification and saving FBX files (along with other 3d formats).

Worked well for my model. Might be worth a try if anyone else is looking for an easy converter / editor.

2014/5/6 18:09:06
Scale FBX Imported Hand Object ukBerty wrote:
Joe - you need to edit it outside of Muvizu and shrink it down.

Ah, if I only had something that could edit!

Any free FBX edit tools out there?
2014/5/6 17:29:39
Scale FBX Imported Hand Object Hi.

I've imported an FBX object for my character to hold, but it's too large.

The smallest scale on the import is at 0.8.

Is there any way to make it smaller than that?

2014/5/4 16:38:16
Charactere Not Moving Still having sporadic problems with character movement.

Any updates on this issue?

Really frustrating.

Win7 64bit
2014/3/7 14:47:58
I do not understand, Much more clear - thanks fazz68!
2014/3/7 14:27:04
I do not understand, IanS wrote:
You can still upload sets, texture and videos. 3D models in a set are fine too.

Ok... so now I'm confused.

I thought that the Muvizu site was no longer allowing new uploads to the "Get Assets" area - is that the case?

I understand that the current assets can still be downloaded (and will remain on the site).

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Confused from Cleveland,
2014/3/7 14:08:47
Aiuto in italiano muvizu mettere video in tv primaveranz wrote:
joeactor wrote:

I'd like to know the same answer, but it appears the video is missing - any help?

Hi Joe,
Just edit the object, expand the properties, click on the screen image and on the next screen use the "Import" option to select the clip or still you need.

Cheers, P

Ah! Nice and easy solution - thanks much!
2014/3/7 0:14:44
Aiuto in italiano muvizu mettere video in tv MrDrWho13 wrote:
Hi, if you mean getting an image or video on the TV screen, watch this video from around 1:30

I hope this helps,

I'd like to know the same answer, but it appears the video is missing - any help?
2014/3/3 20:47:38
Live! from E.V.I.L. - ep 3: The Sewers of EVIL! toonarama wrote:
Great story and animation - but most importantly it shows what a difference a pro voice actor can make - don't suppose you come cheap!

But I'm worth every penny ;-)

Thanks much for watching. I plan on finishing 8-12 episodes, then maybe pitching it...
2014/3/3 17:25:36
Live! from E.V.I.L. - ep 3: The Sewers of EVIL! Thanks much ukBerty and urbanlamb!

Voices and audio are my main thing - the animation skills are new to me.

For the explosion sequence, I utilized several things:
1) Green screen explosion
2) Light source for flash
3) Camera focus change for effect
4) Additional camera for angled tilt
5) Character reactions

Amazing what goes into such a short bit in the entire animation.
Feel like I'm learning more with each episode...

2014/3/3 15:49:23
Anna and the Robot, a Short Film Sweet - cute story!
2014/3/3 15:43:54
Live! from E.V.I.L. - ep 3: The Sewers of EVIL! Hi gang,

This is the third episode in my self-made cartoon series. You can view it here:

I experimented with a number of new techniques in this one:
Multiple Cameras
Camera Focus
Audio Effects

... and if you'd like to find out more about how the series is made, or just watch the other episodes, please visit this page on my Joe's Dump blog:

Thanks for watching!
2014/2/24 2:45:24
Multiple audio clips per character? Wizaerd wrote:
I know this is an older thread, but I'm wondering if it's still pertinent? Is there a way to assign multiple clips per character yet? Because having to build the dialog tracks outside of Muvizu is a PITA when it comes to tweaking timing. You must animate to the audio, which to me seems kinda backwards. I'd much rather be able to break the conversation up into segments and play a given segment when I want to in the timeline...

As far as I know it's still an issue.

I've been building my dialog for the characters in a multi track audio editor, then saving each character on a single mp3.
2014/1/14 14:11:22
First EVER sale! Thanks much for the info, Carole - just what I needed to know!
2014/1/14 1:40:27
First EVER sale! I am definitely interested...

One question: does the licence purchase include any upgrades/updates to the software?
(or will I need to buy again at some future point?)

2014/1/6 14:26:16
Live! from E.V.I.L. (ep. 2 Therapist) Heros. Villains. Everyone needs mental help...

Live! from E.V.I.L. - Ep. 2: Therapist from E.V.I.L.
New Episode online! (watch below...)

... and find out more about it's 5-day creation at:
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