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2013/12/18 12:59:08
Error loading the scene. Failed to load object Ok, just sent it at
(i have also attached the sound files just in case)

rbeck1993 wrote:
Hi Matrixnaz,

We're having some problems with our email linkup at the moment, so we didn't receive your email. However, if you could send us your set again with your email to then we will reply to you as soon as possible. We've done some checks, so that should definitely work this time around.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

- RB
2013/12/18 11:14:10
Error loading the scene. Failed to load object Hello,
I am new to Muvizu. I am making an animated video
for a song I had written. It was working perfectly, when on
my fourth scene, after adding a fourth camera, the scene
would not load any more, giving the error that I have written in the subject line.
I would be very obliged if you could figure out the problem.
I have already sent the set file to the address

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