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2015/9/1 22:39:46
Tutorial on using layer? Yeah!!!!! Many thanks for the replies, I did what Ziggy72 suggested and 'bingo'.... I do indeed have 'layers' available. Looking forward to trying it out. Ta again.
2015/9/1 16:14:26
Tutorial on using layer? I've checked on the Muvizu wiki and THERE IS a tutorial on using the 'layer' option. The only problem is the tutorial says you have to run Muvizu using 'DirectX 11', which I am.... Hmmm. then it says to go into options and choose directx 11. In my copy of Muvizu this option is not there. Is there a bug using Muvizu with directx 11?????. The tutorial is not that difficult and I am using Muvizu plus+.
2015/8/29 16:55:09
Tutorial on using layer? Thanks for that. I will be watching on the forum for the tutorial.ta very much..
2015/8/29 13:32:31
Tutorial on using layer? Hi muvizu guys and gals. I,m intrigued with the new
addition of layers in muvizu but was wondering if
anyone has done a tutorial on How it,s to be used. At
The moment there doesn' seem to be anything and it,s been a few weeks since
Layers has been included. Ta very much.
2015/8/25 9:07:14
Sliding Door? Many thanks for your reply. Works a treat😀
2015/8/24 18:18:48
Sliding Door? Hi. I'm working on a space thingy adventure and need doors to slide sideways. I have tried but the door does it's turning thing. Has anyone done sliding doors and if so, could you please share this with me? I've checked the tutorials and it only seems to cover doors that swing open.
2015/7/27 15:45:29
Holding a gun at another character? Great, thanks for that. I'll keep my eyes on Muvizu incase they include a 'shoot from the hip animation' or 'holding gun at hip'. Apart from that, I'm a happy bunny. Thanks again for the quick answer.
2015/7/27 13:40:02
Holding a gun at another character? Greetings all. I can get a character to hold a pistol (no problem) but I can't find an animation that will have the character holding the gun as if saying 'stick em up'. Is there one???
2014/7/21 16:46:12
adding a model into assets? Thanks anyway folks!
2014/7/20 12:14:40
adding a model into assets? Hi. I was just wondering how to go about adding my models into your 'asset' section. Some of them may be useful to Muvizu users?????
2014/6/22 21:40:51
Transparacy Issue? Wow! Urbanlamb... what can I say. Thanks for going to all that trouble with the pics. I can see I'm going to have to learn to use Blender. I do have one problem with it (at the moment). Because I'm using a secondry 3d modeller to make the original model (ie Cheetah 3D (used on a Mac) the helmet and visor) Blender doesn't seem to like me using the 'smoothing' tool. It seems to disappear on me. It appears if I create a new mesh but not if I import from outside Blender. I can see tho that I'm going to have to give Blender a serious looking at when it comes to modelling. Just wish the learning curb was not so high. One bright note is that I tried importing the helmet into blender,(minus the visor) export the helmet as a ase file as a hat in Muvizu. With the helmit in Blender without a visor I made a new oval mesh to fit inside the helmit, this was to be the new visor. I saved the visor as a fbx and imported the visor as a 'mask' in muvizu, this went in as transparent. There is a little bit of playing around involved but it's do-able. lining up the visor with the helmit etc.
2014/6/22 13:30:17
Transparacy Issue? post script. I've noticed that when I imported my model into Blender it defaults to an un-smooth condition (I don't know the propper terminology). ase exporting in this state doesn't seem to degrade the model, only exporting in fbx does it remain like a withered orange. However I've noticed that in Blender you can add a 'smooth' modifier which, when imported into Muvizu, remains smooth. The rub for me is trying to find the 'smooth' file in Blender. The tutorials on the internet make it seem so easy but when I go to try it things don't always seem to work?????? I wish Blender was more 'idiot' friendly.
2014/6/22 10:22:40
Transparacy Issue? Many thanks for the replies!. I gave fbx a try and found that (yes is does work) but the model lost it's smoothness????? I've tried exporting in Blender, Sketchup, and even my favourite Milkshape 3D but the result in fbx is the same, the helmet looks like an orange that has been left out in the sun. If you guys know a way to get around this I would appreciate the heads up. Very grateful for all your help!
2014/6/21 21:19:40
Transparacy Issue? Hi All. I've made my own 3d model of a spaceman's helmet and I'm reasonable happy with it. However, I'm struggling to apply a transparent visor to the helmet. I've followed the tutorials that give video advice on this subject but when I eventually go to import the ase into Muvizu (following what's encouraged in the tutorial using Google Sketchup) instead of the visor being transparent, the WHOLE! model is transparent???? Can some one please tell me were I am going wrong. I've maybe missed something somewhere but don't understand what? How do I get the helmet to be a solid colour and just have the visor transparent. CAN IT BE DONE I wonder??????
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2014/6/12 23:34:49
Rifle???? Thanks for the replies. Will give it a go.
2014/6/12 22:28:36
Rifle???? Hi there. I am using play+. In the 'Western' section there is an animation of the character firing a rifle. My question was If you add your own rifle the character doesn't seem to be able to 'aim and squeeze off a shot. What must I do to have the character raise his rifle, aim it and fire it (as in the animation). If I have to use stop motion does Muvizu support stop motion? the problem is I don't think I've found a tuttorial on this aspect of Muvizu????
2014/6/12 10:46:08
Rifle???? Hi All. I trying out some of the animation in Muvizu and, in the western section came across 'shoot rifle'. I made my own rifle (shotgun to be precise) but it didn't work. The character did the 'shoot rifle' animation but the shotgun wasn't where it should be. Do I have to have a rifle made by Muvizu, if so, were is it???? and can I replace it with my rifle/shotgun???? ta very much.
2014/5/19 15:26:08
Strolling Well I never... I can honestly say I've learned something new. I've been dragging the white animation circle all the time, didn't know about the 'double click' method. Must have missed that tutorial... many thanks.
2014/5/19 12:11:09
Strolling This is worrying! now my single character refuses to continue walking. He's walking forwards a few steps, stops, the he should resume walking but it's not happening.... what's going on???????
2014/5/19 10:59:59
Strolling Hi All. I've been trying to have a husband and wife characters walk side by side but this is proving troublesome. I can get one to do a walk animation but when I get the second to walk along side, he either wont walk or walks half way then stops. As the walk animations have always been a single character in the previous takes there's been no problem. Can anyone advise please
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