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2014/5/15 14:39:46
Umbrella Thanks for the reply. Assigning an object to the character isn't the problem! I would like the umbrella to be up like you would if it were raining. The arm of the character would have to be bent I guess can this be done???? ta very much.
2014/5/15 10:16:09
Umbrella Hi All. Is it possible to have a character hold an umbrella???
2014/5/12 19:29:29
Dance? He was indeed sat down, now he's stood up he's dancing his sox off!!! ta very much.
2014/5/12 12:16:28
Dance? Hi All. I want to put a little dance in the middle of my scene but when I go to record the dance it's greyed out? so it's not letting me do the dance. I would appreciate your help. Ta very much!
2014/4/27 14:37:49
Character Actions? Thanks for the reply folks!
2014/4/27 11:27:18
Character Actions? Hi All. I would like to have a character fold his/her arms but there doesn't seem to be one (I think????). Can this be done? ta very much.
2014/4/24 11:10:02
My Muvizu video! Thanks Carole. Oh well, not to worry.
2014/4/24 9:54:44
My Muvizu video! OK! So I would still like to get my video in the gallery but I,m still a bit nervous that I will get it wrong. I almost posted my video twice on youtube cos I wasn't sure of what I was doing (embarrassing). Now that I've logged on I can see a red button at the top that says 'Upload'. Pressing it takes me to another section were there's a tag which say 'upload video'. It's here were I'm getting windy as I don't want to load it (again) on to youtube. I know you guys and gals at Muvizu have got to trouble to explain to me what needs to be done but for the sake of an old geezer scratching his bald head, would you be so kind as to explain just what I'm supposed to fill in in that download section so I know I've got it right. Many thanks to all.
2014/4/23 21:10:25
My Muvizu video! Wow! may thanks IanS.
2014/4/23 10:38:14
My Muvizu video! More on 'can't see my video' drama! It seems I was a tad premature in saying my video was showing as this is not the case. HOWEVER, saying that, I recently moved back to windows explorer which uses Google standard (as apposed to Google Chrome). Now when I go to the Muvizu forum I get a tab at the bottom saying 'Only secure content is dispalayed'. I have to click on 'show all content' then my video appears. It's possible some of you guys could be having the same problem. I'm not sure how to rectify this, I'm open to helpful suggestions. I'm wondering also why my video has not appeared on the gallery (assuming I did all the right button puhing). Is it possible that my video is not showing up a Muvizu also.
2014/4/21 12:52:13
My Muvizu video! Just come back from a weekend in Wales with the family and I've just checked the forum on the youtube saga and what a pleasant surprise to see the videos up and running,,,GREAT. To get my video in the Gallery now, must I re-upload my video or do something else???? many thanks to all at Muvizu!
2014/4/18 16:52:23
My Muvizu video! Greetings rbeck1993. I did as you said in your post and it does seem that my account with youtube is OK! I also checked that Muvizu can access my video???? so I'm beginnig to get worried that there may be something about my video that you don't like. Please don't read this as a gripe. I really would like to see my video up and running as this would inspire me to do more! Please put me out of my misery. Ta very much....
2014/4/17 10:20:55
My Muvizu video! For some reason my video isn't appearing in Muvizu (not on my Lap Top anyway.) Because this is all new to me I can't be sure I missed something. Must I re-upload. Is this perhaps a problem from youtubes end???? I would value your advice. Ta very much.
2014/4/16 15:12:36
animated gif files? I'm still playing around with transparancies in Muvizu! I've noticed that .gif files can be imorted into Muvizu with it's transparencies intact. The problem I'm having is that the gif's don't seem to want to animate. Is this normal for Muvizu as I know you recommend .avi?. Photoshop makes it easy to do gif animations????
2014/4/16 9:35:01
My Muvizu video! Thanks Fazz68 and Carole. Phew! I just about got my head around setting up an account on youtube and was now thinking I was losing it! I would like to share my video with the Muvizu guys and gals if it's only to show them the fun that comes frome messing about with Muvuzu. I'll hang back then from putting it on 'the Gallery' until the method of doing so is clarified. Thanks for that heads up Carole!.
2014/4/15 22:35:15
My Muvizu video! Hi Carol. I've just tried to load my video into the Gallery but I'm not sure I'm doing it right. It says the video is loading onto my youtube account. Is this loading down onto youtube AGAIN or is this how I get on the Gallery?????
2014/4/15 16:06:55
My Muvizu video!

Here's my first attempt with Muvizu. I brought in a few new objects and altered the textures on the clothing. I'm not absolutely happy with the lip sync but hey, I'm hoping I'll improve. The sound track is me in my little studio bed room.
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2014/4/14 15:41:45
My Muvizu video! Just took a look at "Space Oditty with Muvizu" (nice work by the way) One question tho! I've done my own music video and would like to exhibit like that one BUT I'm not sure how to go about this. Please advise. How can I play my video on this forum???????ta very much.
2014/4/14 15:20:47
Transparent AVI? update: Just messed about with i-movie again. Thought I had a brain wave moment....I created a blank .png in my copy of photoshop. Used this as a background in i-movie and brought in my animation done in Cheetah 3d. Seemed to work OK on the Mac but by the time I got it into Muvizu (after altering it in Virtualdub to an avi file) the transparency had gone. Maybe I hadn't got it right in i-movie so I'll give it another shot.
2014/4/13 19:37:55
Transparent AVI? Hi again Toonarama. When I retired I got myself an i mac and, as the mac won't take windows software (unless I use a partition) I bought a copy of a 3d software called 'Cheetah 3D'. I've got kinda used to making models in this and the texturing (UV mapping) and animation is really simple but powerful. I've done a simple animation of a horse with it's tail swinging and have been experimenting bringing the model from Cheetah (mac) into windows 8, which is where I have Muvizu. I would love to get this animation into Muvizu but, like you, have found this to be difficult. I've found that i-movie(mac) will let me do green/blue screen BUT, you have to have a picture in the background which is not what I want..... incidentally, I can and have brought a horse model into Muvizu as a static object but of course... it's static!
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