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2014/1/9 15:25:40
#ASK Sound Issue Dear Muvizu,
how about the sound features? sound and sound effect?
the problem : already play but no sound ,and the time play is not run(still 00:00)
Thanks for the attention,I hope immediately solved
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2014/1/9 13:31:58
#ASK Sound Issue help me please,i want clear this problem
2014/1/9 13:23:16
#ASK Sound Issue can help me please anyone here??
2014/1/9 12:46:57
#ASK Sound Issue please answer anyone here,do not be a silent reader :'(
2014/1/9 12:43:35
#ASK Sound Issue whether no one is online guys or this problem is rare problem :'( ????
2014/1/9 12:26:56
#ASK Sound Issue I hope my questions promptly in the process,thanks
2014/1/9 12:18:32
#ASK Sound Issue Dear Muvizu,

Please help me,the feature of prepare audio, sound effect do not want voiced,though I've set the volume 100% at option and the feature too.
Problem 2 : I also can't record sound ,the error message is (Error,There was an error recording from your microphone.Unknown Error.)

Thanks for your attention,I hope be assisted
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