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2014/12/16 6:33:44
Music video for an american artist

Comments and feedbacks are welcome .
2014/11/24 22:01:14
FATAL ERROR I ATTACH SCREEN SHOT I CONTACTED BUT the sayed that they havent found a fix for the movement thing,thanks anyway i am going forward

urbanlamb wrote:
you need to put in a support ticket its possible they have an internal build for you to try.
2014/11/24 22:00:13
2014/11/24 18:01:14
FATAL ERROR I ATTACH SCREEN SHOT look i remade everything scene and characters and now it does it again in a new set is unbelivable i want to cry, i have 16 gig i improved the memory cause was limited but nothing still.
I DONT REALLY KNOW HOW CAN I FINISH THIS PROJECT... i will try to fix text u say, but i don tdrag around the movement i just do it when has to be done
2014/11/24 16:12:43
FATAL ERROR I ATTACH SCREEN SHOT This is sick there is no way i can keep working on this project, is all messed up also if i delete all characheter tracks cameras it keeps doing it!I LOST 2 HOURS TRING
Muvizu is not a tool for work!!!!!
In this case i am really disappointed and i am really mad, i have an important project to deliver in a short time now and i have to start all again with the hope that this does not happen again to my next project, this is the last time i Use it i waisted my money, and i will make you only bad advertising!
2014/11/24 11:21:07
FATAL ERROR I ATTACH SCREEN SHOT hOW can i fix this how did it happened?


now while i work on my video it loose data.
for example a move a character than when i go to see what i have done on the timeline the charachter does not move same for camera.
2014/11/19 6:39:47
collabration for music video I am going to make a low budget video for a singer and I would like some help with camera movements pans etc....i can pay not much but i can pay, if intersted contact me i can send you the script and we can see what we can do
2014/8/26 16:19:06
Experienced help on texture. So i ve been experimenting textures and i must say i am happy ,look at my profile picture is not me but is human...

Now i belive i can create almost everything.

I would like to create a lion character from the dog,
can you explain me how can i make the mane, crest?THE HAIR AROUND THE HEAD ( i am not sure that was right word i used google translate)

I mean what i ve to customize there is hair texture i can apply stuff or i have to make a 3D model?

Can you please tell me how to do or wich program to use if is not Photoshop...
2014/8/26 16:08:18
how to save a character for use it in another set? Thank you i tried both ways and succeeded.
2014/8/26 15:56:45
advice needed! i changed as public I am sorry if i never answered , I AM thankfull of the feedbacks i am starting now again to use muvizu i was too busy with my video explainers 2d.
I add the sounds as adviced and music bg and now the video is much better now the camera movements than i will upload it again thank you all.

(This was made only in muvizu no other software very simple).
2014/8/24 12:44:26
how to save a character for use it in another set? i made my own character and i want to use it in the toilette set how can i import him there or save iit in favourite characters?
2014/8/24 9:33:03
is it possible to animate the color skin Ok i understand thank you, i will see if i find a shorter way maybe with the lightning.
2014/8/23 20:58:41
is it possible to animate the color skin I would like the character to become mad and so red while he speaks in some moment i cna tfind how to do it can u help?
2014/2/18 19:42:45
where i find ninja costumes I AM MAKING A CARTOON WITH NINJA and i can make cool movements but i don t find textures for them.i saw someone had it.can i find it here or i ve to create them.questioon mark
i don t have any idea how to do that if i can find it here
2014/2/11 0:59:18
hang a sign yes i mean that hold a sign over the head. my english is quite bad and i sayed hang.
anyhow i dont understand how to handheld as u say if i look in the actions there isn am i suppose to do.thank u for the answer
2014/2/10 18:58:37
hang a sign Can I make a character hang a sign over the hea?if yes how can t find the way
2014/1/20 8:29:45
how to change background while the scene is going ok thank you very much!very usefull.
about the text i had guessed by my self and so i did something already.thank s again.
I ll be here quite often nice to meet u.
2014/1/19 13:08:09
how to change background while the scene is going hi ,i would like to change many backgrounds while my characters speak:
for example u can see a forest than sound effect or a green screen or a city and so on.
how can i do it
and also i want to make appear and disappear text while he speaks like this video in the last 2 minutes.
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