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2017/2/2 12:39:39
Moving custom characters to new computer Hi,
Thank you. My system search didn't find it, but a very handy program called "Advanced File Organizer" did. I have been using it for about 10 years and is worth every penny (Advanced File Organizer is a powerful yet easy-to-use cataloging utility that helps you find any file stored on a removable media or on your hard drive in a matter of seconds.) Check it out
(No, I am not their affiliate)
2017/2/2 11:15:08
Moving custom characters to new computer This is a very good question.
I have investigated it further and found out that there is another directory:
Program Files ->Muvizu Play->Favourites, which contains the identical files as Program Files ->Muvizu Play -> MuvizuGame -> Presets directory. The problem is that all these are supplied with the program only. It doesn't show any your custom favourites. Where these are located I have no idea. Maybe someone has the answer for it.
2017/2/2 1:54:04
Moving custom characters to new computer I have discovered that on Windows 8.1 (x64) the address where favourites live are called "Presets"
Location of favourites folder: Program Files ->Muvizu Play -> MuvizuGame -> Presets
also: you must enable 'show hidden files and folders'

I hope that it keeps more hair on many heads
2016/12/5 6:01:10
sketchup - MuvizuAseExporter extension plugin In "SketchUp 2017" plugin folder still exists as you can see below, but in 64bit version of SketchUp 2017 "HSKP2UNR_MUVIZU.rb" as well as "MuvizuASEExporter.rb" creates an error and doesn't work. Native ".fbx" exporter from "SketchUp 2017" works, if the texture is in the same directory when imported into Muvizu, but transparency doesn't work. As majority moves to 64bit area, it would be great to have 64bitversion of these Muvizu plugins as well . (what do you think ziggy? Your previous plugin was great )


*.rb files
If you have a file with the .rb extension, you can install the plugin by placing the Ruby script file into the appropriate folder, and then restarting SketchUp.
Windows - the default location is:
    SketchUp 2017: C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Plugins
2016/8/30 12:58:35
placard or sign Hi ziggy72, thanks for your help. It is ironic that they don't have any action for the attachments like a placard or sign. It would seem logical and common sense to have it, but logic and common sense are not so common these days . It would be much more appreciated by Muvizu community to have solved these hiccups, than adding extra features like 360 deg. camera or VR features. More action elements and working UV Maps for existing characters would be better choice. Thanks for your input.
2016/8/30 7:02:54
placard or sign Hi, I try to figure out how a character can carry a placard or sign in his/her hand upwards while walking or standing. I have tried various actions, but I didn't find any suitable (like a demonstration or marching). Anyone knows? Thanks
2016/7/27 13:26:54
uv mapping texturing Hi, This video below in OK, but I came across series of 4 videos regarding the uv mapping (un-mapping) in Blender,
from which are very well done and easy to understand. There are also additional videos with texture painting. Here they are:
Blender 2.7 UV Mapping 1 of 4

Blender 2.7 UV Mapping 2 of 4

Blender 2.7 UV Mapping 3 of 4

Blender 2.7 UV Mapping 4 of 4

I hope it helos
2016/6/29 13:39:18
Where will I find Mandy's UV? Thanks for the explanation of "Mandy called Zubox girl".I have created UV maps with exact borderlines - ( to try it out, but
there is a problem with fitting. See it yourself, I have included some snapshots which are on the link above. As this is a public site, images are there just for a limited time.

In the program (Muvizu) there is no provision for placement on parts of Mandy as it is with
other characters, therefore UV map is placed elsewhere - see miniskirt. Is there some an option, that these UV maps could be placed on Mandy properly? the character itself is good but without UV maps very limited.
2016/6/28 14:12:07
Where will I find Mandy's UV? Hi I was looking for UV Map of Mandy as well and was able to download it, but it seems to me that some of UV map doesn't fit (I have converted it to png) for example "uv_zuboxGirl_legs_miniskirt.png" it has also one shoe effected even on the UV map is the miniskirt only. Is there any reason that it is called "uv_zuboxGirl" and not Mandy? Or does this uv map belongs to other character?
2016/6/20 3:18:27
Character Proportions I came across this discussion by chance and read various inputs. I am not a programmer but 2D/3D animator, so my suggestion comes from this angle. If Mandy and Rosie come in 3 parts (meshes), e.g. Head, torso and legs, how difficult would it be to add the independent size slider so anyone can create his/hers Character Proportions? If this could be possible to implement to other existing characters, it would tremendously increased various options, without a need for extra characters.
This way anyone can create a character which is more comical, illustrative or serious depending on the animation script.
2015/11/29 0:15:27
Can't find the download button for key frame pack Hi, I have tested key frame pack and works good with cameras as well as with objects. My suggestion is to start just with 2 keyframes A to B and later add more keyframes. Less is more. As each keyframe affects the neighbouring keyframes, the things can get complex and give unexpected results if too many keyframes are involved. This in not a fault of the software, but a result of complex calculations. I used to work with motion control and various curves. This can be a headache, so the simplicity is best. I repeat, Less is more. As for the plugin, it is fantastic value for its price. AAA :-)
2015/11/28 14:22:27
Can't find the download button for key frame pack I have installed new 64bit version (It lives in a different folder than 32bit one).
After the validation I could see the same dialog box as you have.

So,it looks OK now. I will test it tomorrow because here in Australia is after midnight .

Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

Take Care
2015/11/28 13:10:16
Can't find the download button for key frame pack I have just downloaded (not installed yet) MuvizuPlaySetupDXDotNetFull_2015.11.17.01R_x64.
Can i install it or should I wait "a week or so" and download newer version with bugs ironed out?
My guess also is to uninstall old 32bit version first, correct?

I have bought "play" licence about six months ago. The reason, why I had 32bid version, because
it was on my old Windows XP, computer which since died. I have installed already downloaded
version of Movizu on my new 64 bit machine.

Please let me know
2015/11/28 11:58:50
Can't find the download button for key frame pack MZASS-v1.2 - build: 2013.10.28.01R (32bit)

I am running Windows 8.1 (64bit), so this could be, where the problem is
what do you think?
2015/11/28 11:35:34
Can't find the download button for key frame pack My dialog for the camera is different
2015/11/28 10:36:24
Can't find the download button for key frame pack thanks for getting to me so quickly. No, I can't see it. No difference.
2015/11/28 6:10:51
Can't find the download button for key frame pack Hi, I have the same problem (I have Muvizu Play 64 bit). I went to my account clicked on "Key framing expansion pack" copied licence pasted to Muvizu and reactivated with success. Tried this 2x, closed Muvizu and opened again, but the "Key framing expansion pack" is still not there. What next?
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