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2014/4/1 20:23:47
rendered video is a mess! Thanks! I'll have to experiment a bit. Silly me, I thought I could just create a video and push a button to just render it : P

Oh, enjoyed the video & the song, btw! Nice job!

Now, if only I could find software to make my voice sound like that. lol I have a few parodies I'd like to do, but can't
2014/3/31 17:57:50
rendered video is a mess! but it's a song, can I still piece it together?
2014/3/31 16:08:20
rendered video is a mess! Hi all,
I just tried to create my first movie--I tried to create a 1280x720 video, but the AVI movie it created was jumbled and had noises. I am trying again, but will take a few hrs. to render, I hope it works. Any idea why it happened? I hope I am not waiting 3hrs for another mess.

Also, anyway to have the output to something other than AVI, like an MP4 video?

Last question, what is the best file format for youtube? Their website gives a list of acceptable formats, just wondering which one is the best to use for Muvizu.

2014/3/31 15:54:36
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! Great advice! I just deleted a whole bunch of stuff I didn't need, it's still going to take about 3hrs, but that's better than 5 or 6!
2014/3/31 1:42:45
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! Thanks for your help! I'll have to look into all of that. I never thought to add the music after- will have to see if that makes a difference.
2014/3/31 1:11:21
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! no video, but a couple of audio files about 3min ea. and one about 1min (I'm doing parody of a song). Could that be it?!
2014/3/31 1:00:56
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! I'm pretty sure it does. I use my Mac mostly, but the laptop for Muvizu. I also tried to run muvizu on windows 7 on Parallels, also just as slow.
2014/3/31 0:41:42
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! Thanks for the response! The movie is done - created,saved. I"m just trying to create it (render?) so I can upload it to youtube -it's taking forever! I'm sure I'm missing something.
2014/3/31 0:24:22
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! Hi all,
This is my first time creating a video with muvizu. I just upgraded to play+. Is it normal for it to take 6hrs to create an HD movie (running on a windows 7 laptop)?!
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