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Christmas pack

by Muvizu_Admin
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Christmas will soon be upon us.

Get your pack today so you can make your very own festive movie in time for the celebrations!

1 x Stocking
1 x Snowman
1 x Sleigh
1 x Santa's sack
1 x present (small)
1 x present (large)
1 x Holly
1 x Fireplace
1 x Cracker
1 x Christmas tree
1 x Bells
1 x Santa skin texture
1 x Santa hat
1 x Santa belt
1 x Santa's Grotto

Further instructions can be found in the wiki: http://muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/166/troubleshooting-where-do-i-find-the-christmas-content

Comments (23)

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  1. Loveabob
    • Loveabob - Over a year ago
    • How do I unlock content?
  2. Loveabob
    • Loveabob - Over a year ago
    • Its a shame everything isn't in one place. Very confusing Can't find anything except for locked content. Don't like this at all. Not having fun yet.
  3. theocom
    • theocom - Over a year ago
    • Bells, Santa, crackers, christmas tree, snowman, presents; but NO Jesus, no crèche, no Mary, no shepherds, no Joseph; basically NO Chistmas. NO meaning, no substance. Oonly play, play, play; meaningless play.
  4. harley1234
    • harley1234 - Over a year ago
    • I must agree with Loveabob. It's very confusing and really frustrating. I'm sure it's a simple process but please add instructions for those of us, who are less experienced, to follow.
  5. Phil7newbie
    • Phil7newbie - Over a year ago
    • does the shed come with it?