Oculus VR expansion pack

Oculus VR expansion pack

by Muvizu_Admin
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* Explore your scene in full 3D
* Use Joypad or keyboard controls to move around your Muvizu scene
* When playing your scene, the VR view will move following your camera cuts - creating a VR experience
* Turn rendering on or off on the main and VR views to improve performance

Please note: The Oculus needs to be switched on before you start Muvizu.
*Only compatible with Oculus

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  1. animall
    • animall - Over a year ago
    • It is fantastic that Muvizu people try to improve this already great program with the technological additions like this VR expansion pack or 360 deg pack. I believe that users would welcome more if there would be more improvement on Muvizu characters like Mandy with UV maps, or creating for her a male character. The eyes are window to the soul. Muvizu characters could have greater control of their eyes, making them less protruding,etc., it would much enhance every animation story.
  2. Brucik
    • Brucik - Over a year ago
    • We need more character actions please
  3. PatMarrNC Muvizu mogul
    • PatMarrNC - Over a year ago
    • can you tell us a little more about this? For example, do we need to own an Oculus rift in order to use this feature? If we produce videos using this feature, will they still be viewable to people who don't have an Oculus? I'm guessing that they will, but that those who do have an Oculus will see the same video in 3D (separate image for each eye) Is that true?
  4. SuitYourself
    • SuitYourself - Over a year ago
    • Agree with Brucik, we NEED more character actions. Even basic things like sitting down cross legged, or crawling.

      Also wish some of the options from the basic man would be available to the super hero man. Things like this.

      Keep up the good work though.
  5. drsounds
    • drsounds - Over a year ago
    • Is it possible to export to 360 degrees YouTube video with this extension?