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    • Hi,

      I was reading the EULA, and for short

      You own every IP derivative work or not, so I cannot make a movie or an online animation and own it and declare my IP because the EULA forbidden it, it doesn't mid i hard work reskining and making it differ
      • 2 weeks ago by andreen
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    • We want to buy and use Movizu as a part of our main tools. But we need to know if i can EDIT a character(s) enough with textures and fbx into it that i can Copyright the characters ie (web series, tv catoon, movie) I see that come have created chars.
      • Over a year ago by Arcanebits
      • We have seen the store, that means that people already have created characters, and hold the copyright, so im in the need to know if we can do so also and how exacly, if a derivative drom main chars cannot be Crighted. Thanks a lot.
      • Over a year ago by clayster2012
      • If you mean importing your own animated characters I'm afraid it's impossible at the moment, all characters are internal with muvizu, but you can add attachments and textures to make them look different, then maybe you can copyright them!
      • Over a year ago by Arcanebits
      • Thanks for Reply
        The store its really nice. I will try to make some characters and upload them also.
        Anyway I will wait for an official answer about the Derivative works, I hope its like everybody else like DaZ,RenderDNA, SmithMicro,Renderosity etc.
      • Over a year ago by Arcanebits
      • And by the way... I BOUGHT the PRO version.
      • Over a year ago by PatMarrNC
      • If you haven't already contacted support with this question, here's the link:
        Its mostly forum users who reply to these chat questions, and we can't answer authoritatively
      • Over a year ago by Arcanebits
      • Thanks for you comment, I just wrote a note to them.
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