• Over a year ago
    • Working on a webseries name. I'm using the name to work off of... so I'm stuck. Any ideas?
      • Over a year ago by Danimal
      • Scrappy's Happy Crap?
        Captain Fireplug and the Grubmonsters?
        Slick Whitmore?
        According to Jim?

        Without any idea of what your show is, giving it a name is little difficult.
      • Over a year ago by DylnCox
      • That is a good point and an excellent question ;)

        I honestly have nailed down, exactly, what I want it to be. The only thing I have is that I want the "style" of South Park.
      • Over a year ago by 65Radius
      • North Park is a bit obvious...
        The concept sounds promising, go for it:)
      • Over a year ago by DylnCox
      • Thanks, both of you. I'll use North Park as a filler until I come up with something more creative ;)