• Over a year ago
    • According to Snow Tu, a Meshmellow staff member, you can email them to buy a Muvizu:Pro licence. snow.tu@meshmellow.cn (€79)
      From what Snow has said, I wouldn't expect the site/licencing system to be fully functional for a while yet.
      • Over a year ago by MrDrWho13
      • As a little extra info:
        The version they're giving out via email is the January release with a different licencing system bodged onto it. Apparently it's a bit buggy on Windows 10.
        However, it's currently the only way to obtain a Play+ licence.
      • Over a year ago by MrDrWho13
      • If you use this method, it may be possible to port your licence to a newer version of Muvizu if you wanted. If you're interested in trying this then please PM me.