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Muvizu chat

    • Over a year ago
    • Hello, had to create new acc coz the old one got infested by trolls... The worst kind. :/
      • Over a year ago by glasgowjim
      • Sorry to hear that - do you want us to close down your old account?
      • Over a year ago by Lev_Dynamite
      • What was your old username? So we know who you were / are! :o) Also, if you tell us who was trolling you then maybe we can help?
      • Over a year ago by TheBigBadLoonie
      • My old acc username is SilverCrow.

        The old acc is linked to youtube acc which has my old muvizu vids. And trolls came and voted down them all of them. So I had no choice but to make new acc with new youtube acc...
      • Over a year ago by TheBigBadLoonie
      • Eh, when theres 11 dislikes and 2 likes it kinda hurts my pride. I woun't let trolls ruin my vids.