• Over a year ago
    • Why do so many people keep asking the same question here? MrDrWho answered the question about a thousand times by now. Learn to read.
      • Over a year ago by bigwally
      • This is what Muvizu.com has become. Since there are no "experts" working for Muvizu, it's up to us to "teach" every single new user every single aspect as to how to use a computer, never mind about Muvizu, such as where is the power button, etc.
      • Over a year ago by bigwally
      • I propose that we should boycott muvizu.com and stop answering people's repeated questions. Muvizu doesn't even care if the forum is filled with spam, nowadays. Any answers should re-direct them to anizu.uk and that's all.
      • Over a year ago by bigwally
      • I know we're all fed up with, but we're also too polite and friendly to ever say anything bad. That should end here and now.
      • Over a year ago by bigwally
      • I'm not talking about quitting the site and removing yourself from it (it hasn't come to this... yet), just stop helping those when Muvizu themselves refuses to do. They haven't lifted a single finger to help anyone.
      • Over a year ago by MrDrWho13
      • I'm up for that. I doubt Meshmellow would notice though.
        (Unless we suggest the users email meshmellow? - that's actually not a bad idea)
      • Over a year ago by ikes
      • Hi Wally,

        I totally agree with you. We haven't heard anything from this messmellow and muvizu is bleeding to death this way, a real shame! I think they don't want to sell new licences and make money. Strange business model...