THIS IS HOW WE 'ZU IT - How To Get A "Realistic Flying" Look With Muvizu Superhero Characters

by Lev_Dynamite


Just call me Tinkerbell, because today I'm giving you flying lessons! :o) Not because I'm a fairy. I'm not.

Check-out my quick tutorial on how to make your superheroes look like they are moving through a scene while flying in Muvizu. This is something people have asked a lot about since the Heroes & Villains pack was made available, and the good news it's not only REALLY easy to do but also does not require any software besides Muvizu. No green screening, no outside hocus pocus - just you, your mouse and Muvizu!

Apologies for the audio - I have a cold, and I'm Scottish. The voiceover also only seems to come out the right speaker. I added annotations anyway, so it's all good.
Apologies for the video - it seems my screen capturing software decided not to play the game at various points and the quality of captured video dips every now and then.

Muvizu is free, easy-to-use 3D animation software that you can download from their website: http://www.muvizu.com
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