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06/09/2011 22:19:10

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I just want to let the developers know that the application crashes any time I choose "Prepare > Character Properties" for the skeleton. I tried going to character properties with the woman in the scene and it worked fine. Unfortunately, I am creating a vid with the skeleton so it is unusable at this point. I luckily have the installer for the Beta and have reverted to that.

Just wanted to pass this on in case it's a universal issue.
07/09/2011 11:10:36

JamieMuvizu staff
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Hi bobbobjones,

Thanks for this bug report, we have investigated it and it turns out that this will happen for all characters if they have no attachments at all.

To avoid this happening with the skeleton or any other character ensure that there is at least 1 attachment (Eyes or belt or tail, or whatever) on the character and it will work fine.

This will be fixed for the next release.


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Home ? Characters ? Crash when preparing character properties