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2015/3/24 10:55:18
My character wont stand up no matter what I think this might be the expected behaviour Ziggy.

If you record a sit idle then anything after it is sitting, until you record a stand. If you record an action after a sit then that action is taking the sit idle as its base pose and, even if you delete the sit, once the action finishes playing it puts the character to sit. Try recording a stand idle and the character should go back to normal.
2015/3/23 14:17:43
My character wont stand up no matter what Hi JuanAnimation - there was a bug in the last release causing the super hero characters to permanently sit. Just uninstall the Hero and Villains content pack from Tools > content packs then reinstall it for everything to work fine.

Ziggy - As I understand it you are doing the following:

1. Record a sit idle
2. Record an action
3. Record further actions - and the character remains sitting?
2015/3/13 15:59:28
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors I'm still not able to get this to happen.

Here's what I did:

1. Open an old set file (the one imyourda reported problems on)
2. Add a new character
3. Prepare -> Dialogue and assign the track to the new character

then, trying to follow Ziggys point I:

4. Direct -> Dialogue and press play (lip sync worked)


4. Close Prepare Dialogue
5. Direct -> Dialogue and press play (lip sync worked)

I then repeated steps 4 and 5 above using record instead of play, and again the lip sync worked for me.

What am I missing?
2015/3/9 14:57:41
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors imyourda, Can you send the old .set file into support@digimania.com - I'd be interested to find out why this happens.

Did you learn anything more about it ukBerty?
2015/3/3 14:51:03
March 2015 update bugs Clam wrote:
When I'm recording, I can't change the initial state (standing or sitting). I mean I stop the recording, change the state, and start recording again, but it just goes back to what it originally was. Am I missing something?

Well spotted Clam. I had a look into this and it seems this only happens if you install the characters as individual content packs. The solution is to download the full version (that includes the content packs) and then the characters work properly.

We'll look at fixing this for the content packs.


We've updated the content pack, so you can go to Tools > Content packs then uninstall / install the packs and the characters will be back to normal.
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2014/6/26 9:51:46
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? Version 2.71 certainly supports this feature, luckily it was released today!

According to the documentation on the blender FBX exporter, normal map export is implemented and expected to be working.


At the bottom of the page, under the heading "Implemented and expected to be working!" and under "Materials"

Materials <-> Textures relations: textures can affect:
DiffuseFactor, DiffuseColor.
TransparencyFactor, TransparentColor.
EmissiveFactor, EmissiveColor.
SpecularFactor, SpecularColor.
Shininess, ShininessExponent.
ReflectionFactor, ReflectionColor.

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2014/6/25 18:31:28
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? Normal maps have always been possible in Muvizu:Play+

You just need to set them up right before export. Make sure you export the normal texture as well

There are plenty of tutorials out there, trying searching youtube for bake normal map.
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2014/6/25 10:02:48
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? Urban,

Normal maps work just fine from blender. There was a previous version of blender with a fbx exporter that did not support all the features but that was fixed in a more recent release.

I think 1.69+ supports all the export options for the FBX format.
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2014/1/28 17:21:21
Backdrop Panes - Video overlays not working Hi BigWally,

This type of problem can happen with you load in large video files or with various codec settings.

I'd recommend you get a copy of virtual dub (www.virtualdub.org) and using it, open the video file you want to import into Muvizu.

Next, look at the "Audio" menu and select the "No audio" option. Audio does not play from video on backdrops and it just adds extra data that Muvizu needs to process and ignore, if its not there to begin with it helps.

Second, go to the "Video" menu and select "Compression" on the Compression window select the Xvid option and Ok it.

Now, look at the timeline and set the start / end markers to only the part of the video you want to use in Muvizu.

Finally do "Save as AVI" in your project folder and once its finished encoding from Virtual Dub, try importing it into Muvizu.
2014/1/21 14:04:47
Erro Hi,

This message means your graphics card is not able to run Muvizu:Play. You will need to upgrade your graphics card before you can use Muvizu:Play


Esta mensagem significa que sua placa de vídeo não é capaz de executar Muvizu: Play. Você precisa atualizar sua placa de vídeo para que você possa usar Muvizu: Reprodução
2013/12/11 14:31:30
play+ on more than one computer Hi fazz,

A shiney new laptop - must be christmas or something

Yes, you can activate Muvizu:Play+ on your laptop. If you have any problems get in touch with us at support@digimania.com
2013/11/29 9:46:02
FBX UDK editor stuff. Hi snoopylino,

The error message you are getting means that your fbx contains something that is not licenced for Muvizu:Play+ (to state the obvious )

FBX can contain a lot of different type of things, such as lights, characters, animations and cameras. Muvizu:Play+ only supports static mesh objects for import. Most 3D modelling packages will include things like lights and cameras in the scene by default and FBX will, by default export these as well. In blender there is an option to export 'only the selected items' so you can select the model you want and only export that. Have a look in your FBX exporter and see if there is a similar option but if not take a closer look at the scene and try to delete anything except the object you want to export.
2013/11/29 9:40:07
Dreeko's extra bits Dylly wrote:
Could this be Jamies new avatar?

Funny thing is, thats exactly what my hair looks like first thing in the morning Whaaaaa?
2013/11/27 10:01:36
Navigation problems Glad to hear its working properly for you now Larry
2013/11/5 17:51:13
Hello Muvizu Community Hi Roy, welcome to the Muvizu Community. Hopefully we'll see you around more!
2013/11/5 11:57:17
Muvizu WIKI log on Hi toonarama,

There is a problem with the wiki recognising logins made on the main site, and vice versa. That's something we're looking to fix.

We're having a look at the logs to see what happened with your failed login, could you try again? At the very least it should help us track down the problem. Can you do the usual things, check caps lock is not on, use the right cAse for your password and use your username rather than email for the login.

Let us know if it works
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2013/10/31 10:10:25
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Dreeko wrote:
Where's the link then?

Dylly wrote:
I fell for that one too Dreeko ...fire up Muvizu and it will update automatically!

Dreeko wrote:
But of course!..I'm not used to doing it that way!

Haha, yes it will auto-update or you can download the lastest version on the http://www.muvizu.com/Get-Muvizu page. That wasn't meant to be a test either - I just assumed... but you know what that does.
2013/10/30 16:29:18
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Hi guys,

We've released a small update patch today which fixes the following issues:

* Undo / redo improvements
* Timeline events for animated properties (visible and character textures/decals)
* Tweaks to the Xbox controller inputs
* Video output stability tweaks
* Texture/Material saving on attachments improved. You will need to re-import attachments if you've had Data missing errors with importing attachments.

As ever, feedback and comments welcomed
2013/10/29 10:15:08
Anyone have this walking animation glitch? Hi Phoenix,

Thanks for bringing the broken customer support form to our attention, we'll get that fixed as soon as possible. In the mean time can you send a email to support@digimania.com with the set file you have the problem in? Does this happen for new characters you add or only one character in the scene?
2013/10/11 14:55:13
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Dreeko,

I know you really want to know how to create FBX models and there isn't any sort of Muvizu-produced guide for this yet, but they are out there. The major problem with producing the type of tutorial you are asking for is that it would not be a Muvizu tutorial, it would be a Blender or Maya tutorial trying to teach you how to use those applications to do 3D modelling for games engines.

If you've already paid for Muvizu:Play+ you may not want to spend any more on a 3D modelling package like 3D Studio Max or Maya, so I'd recommend Blender to create your FBXs. The skills you learn in Blender can be transfered over to something like Maya later on, should you decide that those are the packages for you. To use Blender, you'll need version 2.69 RC to get the updated FBX exporter, though the version that comes with 2.68 and earlier works in a basic fashion.

Everything that you would want to do with FBX is not Muvizu specific. It means learning 3D modelling for a games engine. I recommend http://www.youtube.com/user/cgboorman if you want to learn blender.

There are a lot of other tutorials on youtube already that cover the various different 3D modelling packages out there, as well as the techniques, tips and tricks.

To understand the basics of the Blender UI and the basics of 3D modelling I'd recommend watching tutorials 1 - 8 in this playlist


Another great resource is http://cg.tutsplus.com/ which goes into full detail on modelling and animating.

So what are the benifits of FBX?

FBX is just a different format to ASE, however importing static meshes from FBX gives a vastly improved materials system.

I've put up a guide to the material options here and while some of those options were available with ASE, things like transparency on a window never worked properly. The FBX material system allows you to have transparent sections of a model that work as you'd expect, amongst other things. (your trees and bees can finally look as you wanted them to Dylly ).

I've uploaded a sample FBX object that includes all possible materials options (listed below) it's available here http://www.muvizu.com/3D/31493/FBX-Material-example

What can FBX do and what does Muvizu:Play+ support?

Static meshes up 65535 vertices
Collision meshes
Diffuse materials
Specular materials
Normal maps
Specular maps
Emissive materials
Transparent materials
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