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23/11/2009 20:17:19

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Are there any plans for high resolution rendering in upcoming versions of
the software? The rendering options available are not very good, and result in
horrible blocky looking videos that really take it out on video codecs. Modifiable
presets would be excellent, like SD PAL, SD NTSC, 720p HD etc.

Having antialiasing would also be a good feature, and would vastly improve
the final quality after compression. I've tried forcing it with my graphics
card, but it's not worked.

I've considered seeing if I can use a HEX editor to change the videoID (I have
no idea if that will work, lol, but it may be my only hope) so that I can start
to render my competition movie at a half decent quality, but if you guys are
planning on implementing it in the future, I shall wait. I've noticed that a
wider range of render resolutions seems to be a fairly requested thing, by a
few other people on the forum.

25/11/2009 23:18:08

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I was about to submit a request like this, but the poster sums it up nicely.  I also would like to see higher resolution and antialiasing and the possibility for other framerates (living in the US, 30 fps would be nice).  I also would like to request the possibility to render as an image sequence, which would allows post processing in a graphics program.

06/01/2010 13:54:33

Muvizu_AdminMuvizu staff
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Hello, thanks for taking the time to request new features.

You'll be pleased to know that higher resolutions (up to 1280x760) has been enabled in the most recent release of Muvizu. This should sort the antialiasing point that was also raised, as the blocky-ness of the rendered output was down to the resolution rather than anything else.

Currently the options to set the frame rate or to export the render as an image sequence are not available in Muvizu, but we're also trying to improve Muvizu and we will take those suggestions onboard.

In the meantime you can use a 3rd party editor, such as VirtualDub ( to change the fps of a video as well as exporting an image squences from your videos.

Thanks again,
The Muvizu Team.
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