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How can i animate objects.
28/05/2013 13:11:41

JamieMuvizu staff
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Hi Gary, to animate objects first create the object you want to animate and then you have 2 ways to animate it.

1. Object movement

Go to Prepare -> Object movement with the object you want to move selected. Here you can set the movement speed, rotation speed, etc and then go to Direct -> Object movement where you can record the object moving. You can use the mouse to move the object in a similiar way as you would when you are not recording or you can use the keyboard (WASD, Arrow Keys, Pg Up, Pg Down, , Q and E).

2. Object properties

If you go to Prepare -> Object properties you can select from the available object properties, such as the colour of the object in order to animate them. You can then go to Direct -> Object properties and record a colour change.

Direct, don't animate!
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