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Home ? For New Users ? I'm thinking of buying Muivizu.

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20/04/2016 12:48:37

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Hi folks,
I registered a few days ago and posted a messaged, got message that it needed to be approved by a mod, says in forum I have posted message but cant find it so here goes again.
1 Is there usually a best time to buy Muvizu as I don't want to buy and then find a few months down the road that I have to pay again to upgrade to latest version?
2 Is there an easy enough way say to make some of my characters look like a real life picture as I have noticed that some users have been able to do this (Thanks Pat for letting me know about this software in other forum and of course I am referring to your Eastside Eddie video that gives a good likeness of some of that forums members)
Really cool how you did that is there a lot of work involved and does it require other animation software?
3 Just pulled a story line from top of my head and just want to find out if something like this could be done in Muvizu. "A group of people returning from bar walking down street cans in hand, really noisy and rowdy, waking up people in nearby houses who don't take kindly to it and start dumping buckets of water out the window on top of them"
Just asking to get an idea of Muvizu and what story lines may or not be possible.
Thanks a lot for any advice and hope I don't take up too much of anyones time replying
20/04/2016 18:45:51

MrDrWho13Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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Welcome to Muvizu! Sorry about your post getting blocked, it's a precaution to prevent bots making accounts and spamming the forum.
I'll answer your questions in order:
1. I don't think there's a "best time" to buy Muvizu, they haven't yet charged for any updated versions, so it should be a one time payment for Play+. However, they do sometimes do short sales, but I personally don't anticipate one soon. There are expansion packs released throughout the year, which usually cost about £5 each.
2. I'll assume you're refering to this video:

Apart from the violinist, these are all Muvizu characters. With Muvizu, you get a few base characters that can be split into a few groups:
  • Potato headed ones (Man, woman, fat man, fat woman, girl, boy, blob, robot, and fembot)
  • Newer ones (Mandy, Beefy, Sinister, Heroine, Rosie, and the asian characters)

All these characters can be modified by adding attachments (either the ones built into Muvizu or imported .ase or .fbx files) but you can't really change them overall in terms of body shape or anything. The potato headed characters tend to have more built in attachments and actions, because they've been in Muvizu longer.

In Pat's video, he used the potato headed ones.

3. Your idea sounds possible, you could attach things like the cans to the characters hands, and you could use something like the smoke effect upside down textured blue to simulate water.

I had a look at your other post but it got buried since it was moderated after more people posted and I didn't get an email notification for it.
musiclover wrote:
2 is there a lot of user content available for Muvizu, I do notice that there are some official add on packs, but would prefer if there was user content that is royalty free to use as well.

There is a "store" which has a ton of user created content for free, as well as paid and free expansions from Muvizu:
There are plans to let users sell their content, but I'm not sure how far down the line that is right now.

I also suggest you check out these pages since they cover most of the "how to" questions:
You can also use the site search if you can't find anything in these places, but unfortunately you have to search the wiki separately since those results aren't included in the site search.

If you have any more questions, just ask. We're a friendly bunch, here.
Good luck and have fun!
20/04/2016 20:23:52

PatMarrNCMuvizu mogul
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Hey Musiclover! I know you! Welcome to the forum and to an absolutely amazing bit of software! Feel free to message me privately on this forum or the other forum through which we already know one another... I'll be happy to answer any questions I can...

But I think you'll find that the veteran users here are brilliant and very willing to share their vast experience with those who ask. You've already met one of the best through your first response! (MrDrWho13)

This is one of the best sites I've ever seen for having good tutorials, wiki archives etc, and usually the answer to most questions can be found in the WIKI.

FWIW, I have bought most of the animation solutions that are currently available, and it is my opinion that Muvizu stands head and shoulders above everybody else in terms of "bang for the buck".

Based on messages I've received from others on the PGMusic forum, I think we may be seeing some other familiar names here in the near future!
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Home ? For New Users ? I'm thinking of buying Muivizu.