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2016/5/16 18:21:18
Wheels animation trick All that Pat said!
I had a watch of Time Doesn't Stand Still, brilliantly animated with a nice message about life in general.
As a newbie to Muvizu I thank you and all the people here for all the help.
2016/5/10 23:36:22
Wheels animation trick Thanks a lot Rod, that is very generous of you to make the wheel download available. Really appreciate it.
2016/5/7 0:06:16
Wheels animation trick Excellent work Rod, If you do decide out of the goodness of your heart to make it available that would be like reinventing the wheel as far as Muvizu is concerned.
So much stuff available in the store so would appreciate what the name of texture is, if you decide to put it there.
Congrats on your brilliant invention.
2016/5/2 18:47:48
Key framing? Thanks a lot Pat

2016/5/1 18:48:29
Key framing? Think I have got the idea have googled it and seems I need the expansion pack.
2016/5/1 18:13:10
Key framing? hello folks,
New to Muvizu so trying to get to understand the program.
After watching a few user videos which are excellent I have heard it said that key framing is a great feature to have.
I don't really understand Key Framing, so would appreciate any brief explanation say to do with an object such as a park bench.
I have clicked on a bench in set and picked key frame instead of animate, a pop up tells me I have to buy this feature though I do have Muvizu play plus bought a few weeks ago.
Thanks for any help
2016/5/1 12:37:32
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction) Wow that is amazing really enjoyed it.
So much going on here very pro.
Are you using any other software in addition to Muvizu?
How did you manage to get such a good voice over and everything associated with it?
Brilliant stuff.
2016/5/1 12:31:39
Low on memory and progrma then crashes. Thanks for reply.
yep a good idea to close everything probably including disabling firewall or antivirus while rendering.
2016/5/1 0:14:02
Low on memory and progrma then crashes. Hi folks,
I have both windows 10 and windows 7 on my computer and when rendering the video on windows 7 I get the message say around 16% that "low on memory" and then program crashes.
My computer is six years old has a quad core amd cpu and 4 gb ram, Just bought a new Graphics card NVidia 710 2gb as well for computer.
As far as I can see so far Muvizu will render the video on windows 10 without the above error (fingers crossed that it continues to do so) has anyone any idea of any workarounds to fix this problem on windows7? both OS are 32 bit.
Many thanks
2016/5/1 0:08:11
Loading the user 3d models in Muvizu? Thank you very much, that has sorted that out.

2016/4/30 19:22:56
Loading the user 3d models in Muvizu? Thank you very much, imported a cap, just wondering though once I place it on head of character, can I link them so that when character moves hat moves along with the character?
Think I need to do some reading of the manual and watch a few tutorials, though I have got some of the very basic stuff ok.
Many thanks
2016/4/30 17:36:03
Loading the user 3d models in Muvizu? Hi folks,
Totally amazed by the amount of user content that is available in the store, thank you all very much.
Just wondering once I have downloaded the 3d models how do I load them into muvizu? Loading a set is not a problem.
Thank you
2016/4/29 11:53:50
Black screen on video preview window. Well getting a new graphics card solved this, though using the new GPU with direct x 9 still stays blank preview, but fine with direct x 11.

2016/4/25 14:43:54
Black screen on video preview window. Hi folks,
Running Muvizu on windows 7 32 bit 4gb ram, amd radion hd 4600 graphics card.
Not the latest hardware but other software like cyberlink power director 9 and the game max payne 3 run fine on it.
Getting my head around the software but when I get to the preview video on same dialog box as make video, I can't get the preview to play properly.
Camera cuts work fine in their dialogs, only the preview video is giving trouble.
Its more or less a totally black screen with maybe a very blurry image of a camera cut, the screen is more or less black during the length of the preview playback, make video works and plays fine.
I wonder has anyone else had this problem and any workarounds, love the software so a shame if I cant get it to work properly.
Thanks for any tips.
2016/4/21 17:54:22
Thinking of buying Muvizu-a few questions. Well bought the software and the Chinese history content, got everything working fine on windows 7 32 bit, only problem is loading the Chinese courtyard scene crashes the program when about 70% loaded. All the other scenes seem to load fine.
As computer has only 4gb ram probably a little underpowered but as its 32 bit OS it can't use any more anyways, do have an AMD quad core cpu.
Not it's time to get looking at a few tutorials to get my head around the program.
Thanks a lot to everybody for all the help
2016/4/20 23:22:10
Thinking of buying Muvizu-a few questions. Thanks a lot guys for the welcome and replies.
Very interesting software indeed, I will have a look at more of the tutorials but so far I am impressed with what I have seen and all the helpful people on here.
2016/4/20 12:48:37
I'm thinking of buying Muivizu. Hi folks,
I registered a few days ago and posted a messaged, got message that it needed to be approved by a mod, says in forum I have posted message but cant find it so here goes again.
1 Is there usually a best time to buy Muvizu as I don't want to buy and then find a few months down the road that I have to pay again to upgrade to latest version?
2 Is there an easy enough way say to make some of my characters look like a real life picture as I have noticed that some users have been able to do this (Thanks Pat for letting me know about this software in other forum and of course I am referring to your Eastside Eddie video that gives a good likeness of some of that forums members)
Really cool how you did that is there a lot of work involved and does it require other animation software?
3 Just pulled a story line from top of my head and just want to find out if something like this could be done in Muvizu. "A group of people returning from bar walking down street cans in hand, really noisy and rowdy, waking up people in nearby houses who don't take kindly to it and start dumping buckets of water out the window on top of them"
Just asking to get an idea of Muvizu and what story lines may or not be possible.
Thanks a lot for any advice and hope I don't take up too much of anyones time replying
2016/4/19 9:57:32
Thinking of buying Muvizu-a few questions. Hello folks,
Have downloaded the trial version of Muvizu to see if I like it, rather limited in its missing so much stuff compared to paid version, would have expected to see at least one scene in it, but seems to have none.
Thanks Pat Marr for informing me about this software on another forum..
Anyways a few question if that is ok.
1 what usually is the best time to buy, as I don't really want to take the leap and then find that almost immediately another version is available that I have to upgrade to? Is the current version not out long or is it better to wait a while.
2 is there a lot of user content available for Muvizu, I do notice that there are some official add on packs, but would prefer if there was user content that is royalty free to use as well.
Sorry for all the questions.

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