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23/12/2010 19:53:57

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i just noticed that the intruments have no shadows when attached to characters, why is that??
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23/12/2010 21:41:06

claireqMuvizu staff
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hi rwtread01

We have been made aware of this in a few previous posts and it has been raised with our art team as a bug in order to fix the problem. Unfortunately the fix won't be ready to the next release which won't be to sometime next year as the developers are working on updating Muvizu to the lastest Unreal engine which involves a lot of heavy hardcore coding (none of which I understand hehe).
Thanks very much for trying to make Muvizu better, without all of our users reporting faults like this we would never be where we are at today. Hope you are enjoying using the package

04/02/2011 15:51:42

CrazyDaveMuvizu staff
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Actually this was fixed a while back but did not quite make it in time for the last release. It applied to all character attachments for example horns and angel-wings. It will be in the next release along with the engine update however.
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04/02/2011 16:52:45

mystoMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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I noticed this little bug when I did the Status Quo animation.

I'm looking forward to the next release.
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Home ? Feedback ? where are the shadows for the instruments