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2012/8/23 14:20:45
Length of the Character Actions Yes, as ukBerty says the conversational animations for the hero and villain characters are considered to be "Poses" this means the character freezes and holds the pose at the end of the animation. The work around ukBerty has suggested does work very well.

At present, there isn't anyway to make the animations shorter or longer to fit with spoken audio. You can adapt the method ukBerty has suggested to use with the idle animations and poses to interrupt one animation with another animation, this lets you play half of one animation, then a quarter of another animation and then to return to the idle animation afterwards.

The downside is that you are only able to have the beginning of any animation using this method, as you can't cut off the start of the animation and keep the end.

Good luck!
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2012/8/23 14:16:30
ERROR MESSAGES HELP! Bigwally is probably right as well. It may well be a problem with your direct x install. If you send us your details that'd be great but I would also try uninstalling Muvizu. Go to the location you had it install in, the default is C:\program files\muvizu or c:\program files (x86)\muvizu if you install the 32bit version on a 64bit version of windows and make sure that the muvizu folder is deleted.

When you go to install Muvizu make sure that you install the 3 support packages that are Direct X, .Net and the c++ redist package.

I hope all this helps you get Muvizu working!
2012/8/23 14:11:32
ERROR MESSAGES HELP! Hi sammysmapleleafs

Could you send us your dx diag settings? bugs@muvizu.com

This will let us know the specifications of your computer and also can you send us a screen shot of the error message?
This info will help us, help you.

1. Click the start menu.
2. In the search box type dxdiag and hit enter (or click ok).
3. Wait until the processing bar runs to completion.
4. Click the save information button.
5. Attach the file with all the information to an email reply to us.

More info on DX Diag is available here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc938991.aspx
2012/8/23 14:05:41
My First Movie Yes, I see what you mean about the sound recording. The scene looks really nice though with the trees and barn and everything. Nice work!
2012/8/23 14:02:55
Super 10 (seconds) KerryK wrote:
Personally, this one made me giggle way more than it should have

And me!
2012/8/23 14:01:17
Bad request when uploading video. WozToons wrote:
Thanks, although I'm still getting variable quality renders from the ffdshow mjpeg codec set at 100% quality. Sometimes it works fine and others it gets pixellated. Have had to revert to Targa sequences for Vegas to save fiddling around.

I'm not to sure about mjpeg. Dreeko might know?

It does seem strange to me that the quality is not consistent - either consistently bad or consistently good. If you send the set file you rendered from and some example AVI outputs I'll take a closer look into it.

One thought for the inconsistency could be: If you have 32 and 64bit versions installed on your computer they will use the corresponding bit version of the codec, so you could have different settings between 32bit ffdshow and 64bit ffdshow

Off the top of my head I can't think of another reasons. The inconsistency is the perplexing part.
2012/8/23 13:49:44
Is everyone on a holiday? I've made it back from my holiday!! Big Grin
2012/8/23 13:47:28
propeller I think ziggy is right here. Use a video file to make the propeller spin, if you try to do it with objects and object direction in Muvizu it'd just be a bit difficult to keep it going and it possibly wouldn't spin as fast as it should for the desired effect.

I did a tutorial video that would help you make the spinning propeller movie to use...

2012/8/23 13:44:21
see on you tube thanks for sharing fullmetall. Great playlist!
2012/8/23 13:41:19
Permission from MUVIZU Hengky71, your enthusiasm is encouraging and we all want to enliven the world of animation.

However, if you are going to make money from anything you make in Muvizu we would want to get our share of money as well. I hope you can understand that, we don't give our software away for free to let other people get rich from the hard work we put into it without wanting to get rich ourself.
2012/8/23 13:35:39
2nd Post.. 2nd Question... I'm Cluless Today! As you listed, that's pretty much all you can do with the timeline at present. The things you are asking for are things we have considered a few times but to make them a reality is a complicated business. We're certainly looking at them with interest but as of yet we don't have a solid plan to make them happen.

In the short term, ukBerty's suggestions are excellent and very useful.

Welcome to the site btw Xpander
2012/8/23 13:32:29
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition Interesting topic for a competition. I'm surprised, when posting on the Muvizu website, you didn't list Muvizu as one of the engines. Clearly that is allowed under "any program you desire", I'm just being a smart ass

Hopefully we'll see some Muvizu entries though!

Am I correct in understanding that November 3rd 2012 is the final submission date?
2012/8/23 13:25:56
100 animation sites Nice site Dreeko. Thanks for the link.

I didn't see Muvizu listed there though
2012/8/23 13:23:37
Install "MUVIZU" and "MUVIZU LITE" Hi Hengky71 - as Marco says there should be no problems having both install as long as they are in different directories.

I'm curious though, why have the full muvizu and the lite muvizu install at the same time? There is no difference between them except that the lite version does not have the new hero and villain characters until you install the content pack.
2012/8/23 13:20:38
me first real muvizu movie It does sound like you've put an awful lot of effort into this. It really does show though! I hope you can manage to produce one of these per month. Good luck!
2012/8/23 10:54:58
Hangout?? This could be interesting to see your creative process in action.
2012/8/23 10:34:35
Downloading Muvizu It seems this is a problem with Nortons community review program. If you use Norton it sends back information about the software all its users install. When a new piece of software is "discovered" it is automatically flagged as a potential risk.

I think the solution is to encourage as many Norton users to download and install Muvizu so that they can flag Muvizu as being safe.

Thanks for the heads up rmlewaz!
2012/8/23 10:26:29
I can't install Muvizu reineinmyheart wrote:
I have downloaded the installer but each time I try to open the application, it says that I may have incompletely downloaded it. Is my connection the problem or the downloadable application itself?

Hi reineinmyheart, did you manage to download Muvizu from one of the mirrors or by using a download manager as bigwally suggests?
2012/8/23 10:24:32
Muvizu for Worldwide Hengky71 wrote:
Thank you very much for your attention, and I am very glad to know you as well. Actually a lot of business opportunities in Indonesia in the world of film animation, maybe next time we will discuss in particular.
I hope to be proficient in creating animations in Muvizu and can create their own animated film to showcase Indonesia's diverse culture, Oh yeah what about the availability of tutorials in the form of pdf files, is it possible? .... Because I think the tutorial in the form of file pdf is also quite easy to understand and easy to carry anywhere (Can be read in all places).
Regards from Indonesia

Hi Hengky71. Thank you for the lovely words, and your English is very good. It is very nice to hear how wide spread Muvizu is and we are in the process of adding languages all the time.

We currently don't have a written guide for using Muvizu as, as Barrys said it changes to often to justify the work involved in writing one. Once we do write one, then we will be able to give you a pdf version.
2012/8/23 10:20:12
insert video in my scene ziggy72 wrote:
Sound is set to off - I don't think Muvizu supports audio on imported videos (I don't use any sound from Muvizu, hence my uncertainty).

You can use sound from imported videos in Muvizu but you need to import it as an audio file. If you import the video as a background texture it will only use the video part and not the audio part. If you import the video as audio it will only use the audio and not the video part.

It's wonderful the different ways we all solve these problems!

Glad you got it to work gimmick!
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