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2012/8/23 10:14:29
Please add a save every 5 minutes or so... urbanlamb wrote:
The only thing I found that is not functioning correctly in muvizu is some of the features on their cameras which I guess I should report when I figure how to get the error files out. when you try to use depth of field or blur I get a huge long long list of dll errors. The other issue is for some reason the first 10 seconds or so of video render in muvizu is never done properly so I always leave 15 seconds of nothingness at the beginning if I just start exporting my video at that point I never have an issue.

Also realistically it appears the longest clip to export without issue is about 1 minute 30 seconds long at the most I am exporting my scense in 1 minute clips and numbering them and then stitch them together in a video editing program. This last one reminds me of cgi lol so I guess I am used to it hehe.

I'm curious about these problems urbanlamb. Could you email us some more details to bugs@muvizu.com?

1. Camera effects & crashes. Could you send us your system info? Go to the ? icon on the top right hand corner of Muvizu and then go to About, there there will be a System info button, that once clicked will list all the details of your system and of Muvizu and provide a handy copy button. If you could paste this into an email to us it might help us track down the issue.

2. The first 10 seconds is never rendered properly? Could you send us the output AVI of the first 10 seconds as well as the .set file that you saved the AVI from?

3. The longest clip to export without issue is about 1min 30secs? Could you give us more details on what issues you have for clips longer than this time? Do you get crashes with Muvizu or is this a similar issue to the first 10 seconds not being rendered properly? Could you send us some example AVI files and the .set files used to render them?

4. Additionally could you tell us what codec you are using to render the AVI?

I think, with regards to the auto-save feature, every x minutes isn't a great way of dealing with auto-save. The locking up of Muvizu to allow the save to happen is poor usability. Imaging if you are in the middle of directing character movement and suddenly it stops recording, saves, and then you need to delete the movement and start recording it again? That's not to say I'm against the idea of an auto-save feature. I've had my fair share of frustration with crashes and lost work as well. I think there are key points where saves could be performed in a less intrusive way. For example, entering one of the direct modes could trigger a save before allowing you to direct anything. Possibly performing a save once you stop recording?

As for the import issues, too big or not enough space, well I think that's something you need to live with for now. The collision of an object can not intersect with the collision of another object, that just gives bad results. I find the best way to work around those issues are, as said, move up a bit away from the ground and other objects but also angle the directors view at about 45 degree angle to the sky dome or the ground helps greatly.

Ziggy makes a good point about the forgot items. You need to have all your images files used in the ASE available for Muvizu to load in at the same time. Personally I always edit the ASE file and remove the full path (the "C:\users\name\this_place\that_place" part) and leave only the file name. Placing all the .jpg or .png files in the same folder as the ASE file and you shouldn't have any problems. This also makes it work for anyone you want to share your ASE file with, as the full path to your image file won't exist on any other computer, so you could send a friend or upload a object to the Muvizu gallery and have all the right files within the zip but still have import issues with Muvizu as Bob's computer is looking for a image file in the folder "C:\users\john\ase\models\..."

Hope this helps
2012/8/23 9:48:43
Get well soon Eef! Yes, get well soon Eef. I hope you are making a speedy recover and good use of Dylly's advice!
2012/8/23 9:47:29
Dreeko's Tutorials Really nice work here Dreeko! Clearly and simply explained. Hope to see more, how about underwater light effects?
2012/7/17 13:07:02
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this Best wishes EEF, hope the surgery fixes everything
2012/7/16 9:58:38
Audio software - adding script or dialogue notes Nice find, and certainly useful. I had no idea either
2012/7/12 10:15:53
Muvizu needs you! Hi Robotmosterous - I've now added you as a beta tester! Good luck and let us know what you find. I should say though, that if you have big plans you might be better to stick with the final release versions of Muvizu to produce your animations as the beta versions can be unstable and unreliable, its through this process we get to stable and good quality final versions.
2012/7/11 10:54:03
Just wondering...a few things... The best way to increase your exposure is to interact with people. Leave comments on videos, subscribe to people on youtube, reply to messages and have regular updates (even if its just a status update or tweet).

Combine all your content sources together can help as well, link your youtube account to twitter so that when you comment on a video the tweet appears as a tweet and do the same for facebook. If you write a blog link it into twitter and facebook, and if you don't maybe think about starting one? 200 - 300 word posts per week is manageable and you don't even have to talk sense (though it helps). A discussion about how to make weights for your next video maybe or about how you worked around issues in Muvizu to achieve the result.

Another good thing to consider is keywords. Take a word like "Muvizu" if you enter it in to google you'll get a pretty decent amount of results - blog posts, muvizu videos on youtube, etc - if you tag your video with muvizu it'll help show up in youtube search results but you might want to branch out from that and consider animation as a keyword, it'll give you millions of results so you probably won't have much chance of being noticed in amongst those results. It's all a case of trial and error. The other way the keywords help is to put your video at the side of other youtube videos in the related video list on youtube.

Putting keywords in your description and title also helps, but make sure your write a clear and full title and description other wise it'll just look like spam and turn people off.

Other things to consider is achieving the highest quality possible and maintaining a "style" to your work, this lets people feel familiar with what you do and then if they've enjoyed on video and see another one a few days later, they might be more inclined to watch that as well or even subscribe.

I'd suggest you have a look into SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and VSEO (Video- SEO). These are huge topics and can be hit and miss, some things work some things don't. Things that work for one person might not work for another - at the end of the day you need to look into how you market your content.

I could go on and on about this as I've looked into it quite a bit, with some degree of success, but I'll try and stop here before I overload this thread

Have a look at Dreeko's youtube channel or jonbez's, read up on SEO / VSEO and online marketing and especially branding. Experiment with quality, can you take a day or 2 longer to really polish a video before posting it for a better reception of it?

This site can be useful https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool/ basically you want to find the keywords with over 100 searches per month but less than 30000 search results. Those are estimated figures. Trial and error will help you identify what is a good keyword to use.
2012/7/10 10:03:21
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Many congratulations Dylly, she looks beautiful
2012/6/28 17:31:35
Source Engine Used To Create Animated Film It looks interesting. I tried to get it last night but I've not received anything yet, maybe it'll be on my steam account when I get in tonight?

I think I read it was limited to TF2 world though?
2012/6/28 16:45:00
insert video in my scene Can you send me the video and I'll see what I can figure out. Cheers.
2012/6/26 12:51:15
Camera movement Marco_D wrote:
Have you tried to use a XBox controller for the camera? I remember seeing one of my former colleagues doing that and he was quite impressed with the results

Yeah, that was Gordon. He wasn't using it in Muvizu though, it was in morpheme as he was preparing animations to go into Muvizu. Currently there isn't anyway to simply connect a games controller and just use it.

What you can try, and I had some luck with it using a WiiMote, is GlovePie.


Basically its works by mapping keyboard or mouse controls (and combinations thereof) to buttons on whatever controller you are using.

I think there is a xbox controller in the office so if I get a chance I'll give it a go.
2012/6/23 16:34:19
Part 4 - Nick Danger & the case of the Missing Sho Excellent as ever. Love the title text and transition effects!
2012/6/20 11:53:54
Title Sequence Hi jubiki,

There are a few ways to make a title sequence.

Part 1 - Making the titles

Option one - make the words in Muvizu

First you can create letter objects (go to create > object and go to the Abstract category, Letters subcategory or use Create > Word to type in what you want to say).

Option two - make your title as an image and import it

You can use Microsoft paint or, if you want transparency in your image, use something like GIMP or Photoshop. Whatever software you decide to use, make the title you want and save it out as an image.

Part 2 - Recording the title sequence

There's a lot you can do here, and this list isn't definitive but hopefully it'll give you some ideas.

1. Point the camera at the words you create, place backdrops or other items in the shot to get the look you want and then use the "Direct camera cuts" option to record the title sequence before changing to another camera to record your movie.

2. Import your title image into Muvizu and place it on a backdrop, follow the steps in idea #1 above.

3. Edit the camera (right click) and import your image as a camera overlay (called image over lay). You can then use the direct object properties option to turn off the image overlay once you've recorded it for the length of time you want.

4. You could use object movement to fly title text into the scene or out of it to start the movie

5. Use camera movement to have the camera look at the title sequence part before moving onto the action in your movie

Hope this helps. Good luck

2012/6/18 20:30:14
Muvizu needs you! If you've not already noticed, science has confirmed time slowing.


Eventually time will just stop and we'll all be at the same place, so there's no need to panic.
2012/6/18 12:02:23
Banging my head against a wall... I'm not giving up on this Chuckles, I remember luscan looking into it about a year ago.

I've had a quick look at this and loading existing mp3s (the music I listen to during the day) I've no problems except for the mp3s that have a bit rate of 225kbps, those give an error saying it can't be imported though. Anything lower works fine.

In audacity, I've opened some of the WAV files used in the community review videos and converted them to MP3 files.

I've used these settings:

Bitrate mode = constant, quality = 128kbps, variable speed = fast (greyed out, can't change this), channel mode = joint stero - mp3 files loads and plays back perfectly.

Also tried quality = 256kbps - again it works fine.

Tried changing bitrate mode to average, but it still works fine.

I've saved all these mp3s into a set file, restarted muvizu and loaded the set file, again no issues with audio.

When I did this I didn't have anything in the scene, only the mp3 files that I've imported.

Could you let me know the settings you are using for exporting from audacity? (There is an option button when you go to export an mp3 that will tell you this info). Secondly, what else are you doing in the scene? Are you loading a set them importing audio? Importing audio then creating a character?

Lastly, if you create a new empty blank scene and import audio - does it work then?
2012/6/18 10:46:43
Coming Soon... looks great ziggy - is that the same set from the horrible truth about cats?
2012/6/17 16:49:43
Bugs@Muvizu.com GordonZernich wrote:
About a week ago I downloaded the Muvizu software was was learning how to use it.
It is a gas!

However, now I can't open the program! I've deleted the program and re-installed it a couple times now. When I attempt to open it I get a message:

"Failed to compile global shader F Downsample scene.
The version I'm attempting to download is: v0.19b 64-bit

I don't get it! I had it on my PC and now I don't!

Please help!
edited by GordonZernich on 15/06/2012

Okay, I have it back now ... don't know how or what I did right, but it's back
edited by GordonZernich on 15/06/2012

Glad things are working now Gordon, if you have any further problems - please let us know
2012/6/17 16:36:39
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke Awesome follow up Dreeko, voiced and animated wonderfully. I do like how you've basically used 1 floor texture and lighting to make the scene. Simple and effective.
2012/6/17 16:35:27
Supernova Sydney 2012 coverage ziggy72 wrote:
Good stuff, although I did get the feeling that the guy at the end in the Thundercats get up was maybe thinking 'does anyone still get this reference anymore?!'

Haha, I noticed the same thing. Top marks for the Lion-o costume though!

Jump to about 3m 22s...

2012/6/17 12:47:13
New logo animation MrDrWho13 wrote:
Thank you, I used Google sketch-up to make the whole thing, although I will add sound in windows movie maker... eventually...

Why not export your object from sketchup to ASE and make the whole video in Muvizu?
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