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2012/6/10 16:11:58
Unreal Engine 4 - demo showcase This looks totally astounding! Love the light and particle systems being shown off Big Grin
2012/6/10 16:00:03
Making the movie MrDrWho13 wrote:
do you click cancel or abort during the saving, it can take over 1 hour to save depending on the codecs and quality!

Do you mean on the make video window or saving a set file? Also do you mean it can take over an hour to cancel or abort or that you want to cancel or abort because saving takes over an hour?
2012/6/10 15:58:56
Uzivum Movie Good work MrDrWho13 I can see some real potential in this series. I especially liked the sketch in episode 2 where the guy has a "fly" on his face and then later it's beautifully and subtly cut back to him with a face hugger and all you see is a tank coming towards him. Nicely done.

Can we expect more?
2012/6/10 15:52:04
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Ahh, I see that now Ziggy. Totally missed it when I looked before
2012/6/10 15:49:38
Keep current object on timeline during direction simonheffer wrote:
When doing camera movement (and other tricky manoevours) I have to retry once or twice (3,4,5...) and Muvizu will sometimes keep my previous attampts and the all get mixed together. This means going back to the timeline view and deleting the previous movement and then switch back to direction view (and try and click the same view again!).

It would be good if the direction time-line had the current object and its direct-able properties visible to save all these switcheroos.

This is something we've wanted to do for a while now but never been able to get it done for a release - who knows, maybe soon? Big Grin

The work around is to go from direct mode to timeline and delete blocks you don't want before you re-record a section. Camera movement could be easier in general though.
2012/6/10 15:24:13
Flying ziggy72 wrote:
Unless you happen to own the rights to that Deep Purple song, YouTube will remove it from syndication i.e. no external links allowed, therefore it gets removed from Muvizu's gallery. Same thing happened to my Kung Fu International film (twice). So, you'll either have to get the rights, or learn how to play guitar

I think ziggy is right here. It's likely to have been blocked by youtube for copyrighted music. I'll check on monday morning when I can access the youtube systems we have and I'll be able to confirm if it is then. In the mean time you can check this yourself by going to your youtube channel and editting this video - have a look at the syndication option and embed option, they'll probably be turned off and possibly be disabled to prevent you turning it back on. Chances are there will be a note next to the video in the youtube video manager that says something like "matched 3rd party content"
2012/6/10 15:21:39
Add watched topics to profile page simonheffer wrote:
Sometimes I'd like to go back over some threads I was interested in - e.g. how-tos or requests for help.
It would be nice o have these favourites on my profile page to save me having to search for them esp if I cannot remember the right keywords etc.

The option to switch off notifications but still have the link would be good too.

It would be nice to have this. We had a notification system on the site - years and years ago - but it was overly complicated so we removed it.

I think having all subscribed to threads listed on your Profile > My Account page would be a great thing though. As well as listing them on your profile page so you can easily jump back into the threads your interested in, I suspect this part would be a bit more complicated and require more development work than listing what you've subscribed to and allowing you to unsubscribe from it.

Forum posts in a profile page sounds like a bug, could you send me a screen shot of what you see?
2012/6/10 15:18:39
Random requests! simonheffer wrote:
I'll add my vote for a right-click context menu (configurable of course).

Do you mean on right clicking characters or somewhere else?
2012/6/10 15:18:05
Random requests! skylike wrote:
I go one better i right click on the character in the camera window all the time.. derp .. YaY Muvizu .. lol

2012/6/10 15:17:17
Kickin the idea around.. my foot hurts now.. skylike wrote:
We have been kicking around the idea of doing a podcast (Jezza, DRE504, and a couple of youtube friends), if time allows we might even be able to animate it..
Problems with animating it is:
1 - Limited conversation actions means we will all pretty much do the same thing when we talk (this will get tedious to watch after 2min).
2- The podcast may go up to an hour, depending on how well it goes thats a lot of animating.
3- Dont even know if anyone would watch it.. lol.. but i guess we always take that punt.

Anyway would love your feedback. (and your soul)

1. Yeah, I think these is scope for more subtle animations to be available and it's been requested a number of times.
2. Your own fault if you record 1 hour of audio and try to animate to it
3. I'd give it a watch, but it better be good
2012/6/10 15:15:09
Error on exit ziggy72 wrote:
Ah, yes, there was one (and only one) difference - the output codec. I was trying the Huffy YUV to keep the file size down, but the output was a bit erratic - coloured blocks and blackouts mostly. And before you ask, no I didn't keep any of it - straight in the digital bin with that lot and changed back to the Intel YUV as per usual. The sets are all set in place now, y'see, can't change a single thing now for continuity reasons. With the iYUV in place, all the sets outputted perfectly (and no crashes after save). Strange.

Interesting. Huffy YUV is my preferred choice of codec and I've never had any problems with it (other than generating huge files). It's possibly a step in the right direction though, knowing there was a different output setting in place when it was crashing. I wouldn't need the output files unless you were outputting anything in between the save and load steps to get the crash. Either way it's the crash I'm more interested in.
2012/6/10 15:11:45
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) ziggy72 wrote:
Okay, been bugging me for ages - can we please get rid of the empty wastes of the grey bars? What do I mean? Also think the time indicator should be bigger too. Thoughts?

Looks like there is room to improve the timeline. Originally, though, the idea was that by making the different sections collapsible this wouldn't be a problem as you could hide the ones your not working with. I guess that doesn't work to well if you asking for extra space to be removed?

What time indicator do you mean? I think there are a few on the timeline.
2012/6/10 15:08:39
HI, EVERYBODY... Welcome aboard Joe! Big Grin
2012/6/10 15:05:19
Random requests! Dylly wrote:
You're not the only one Dreeko! And another one...What about 'Edit environment' under Edit instead of create? I'm forever going to edit to edit the environment instead of create.

I'm sure there was a reason for placing it under create at one time. I think it probably would make more sense to have it under edit though, it seems like an edit function rather than a create one - to me anyway
2012/6/10 15:03:52
Random requests! Dreeko wrote:
Another request! Set thumbnails!
When I'm sifting through .set files trying to find the right one to load it can be a bit time consuming trying to find the right one. Can we have (just as windows explorer has) a preview thumbnail showing the selected file...Ta!

Keep your eyes peeled, you might find something like this appears in the next release
2012/6/10 15:02:38
Random requests! Dreeko wrote:
Am I the only one who regularly right clicks on a character to try and set up the character actions and then realises that the right click is only for changing a characters appearance.

I don't know why I do this so often?
It could be that it feels natural to have all character options available from right clicking.

(hint hint!)


I do this all the time. Not just for animations but anything related to a character my instant reaction is to right click the character and expect to find what I'm looking for - only to have my hopes dashed when the character builder appears
2012/6/10 15:01:22
Death to the blobs!! There is an animation called "Death B" under Fight > Miscellaneous which will leave the blob face down in a pose. I think that's it though for the blob.
2012/6/10 14:57:48
Programmable hugmyster wrote:
Is it possible, or would it ever be possible, to actually program the Muvizu characters?

There must be a way to program the movements, otherwise you could never have the original set of movements. I didn't know if they could truly be 'programmed' so that you really could go the whole hog!

Or would it be so very, very complex that it just isn't worth it? And yes, and I am perfectly prepared to accept that as an answer. I've used Assembler... Twitchy

The characters arn't really programmed. There is a lot of programming done on the characters, of course, but the visual aspect of the characters is done through animation files that are imported into Morpheme and played back by Muvizu. What you'd need to achieve this result would be the option to import animation files for characters, which isn't as straight forward as it sounds either.
2012/6/10 14:55:25
Slow-mo recording hugmyster wrote:
Thinks 'Matrix'...


That is what I thought was being requested originally. Both would be interesting and no doubt useful.
2012/6/10 14:53:23
Argh! Error: There was an error Making your movie thanks for the update bigwally - might help future users to avoid problems knowing that the Matrox VFW Uncompressed HD codec doesn't work to well with Muvizu
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