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2012/5/28 11:32:08
Need a model or set made? Hi EEF - unless there is an error message, the application crashes or you are not happy with the way a model looks then I'd say it is legitimate
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2012/5/28 11:30:24
Slow-mo recording How do you mean slow-mo recording? Like the character does the animation in slow-mo while you record it and it plays back at the normal speed? Or being able to slow down an animation so that it always plays slower than the default?
2012/5/28 11:28:03
Screen of the Black Hi cthulhu - is this just one scene or does it happen after a combination of actions or does it happen every time?

Could you send in the set file to bugs@muvizu.com with some info on what you did leading up to the black screen?
2012/5/25 15:29:33
Am i losing it? I'd guess it's DX11 that's improved the output, we've been adding more support for it lately. Other options could be if you've just turned Anti-Aliasing on or used a higher resolution to render with.
2012/5/24 15:59:39
Why is this happening now?... EEFilmz wrote:
Thanks a bunch Guys! I use a 64 bit machine and so I have been using 64 bit Muvizu from the start, and the 64 bit update as well, and here is what I think I know what it is....I believe the whole thing with the windows getting pushed to the back is a WINDOWS 7 glitch and NOT anything else now.

Glad your getting somewhere, I'd still be interested to see an example of this happens - if only for reference in case it happens to someone else in the future.

EEFilmz wrote:
I am noticing more fatal errors now though on this one set I am working with

Send the set in and we'll try to figure out why there are fatal errors

EEFilmz wrote:
if only I actually knew how to make a LEGIT 3d model it'd be great!...

Have a look here, http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/forum1486-importing-3d-assets.aspx, there's a lot of tips and tricks as well as trouble shooting for creating models and importing them into Muvizu.

Google Sketchup 3D Warehouse also lets you access and use a huge, err, warehouse of objects that can be exported in to ASE and imported into Muvizu.
2012/5/24 10:19:17
Why is this happening now?... EEFilmz wrote:
Thanks Jamie I will try to do that but not sure how to (send pic or screen vidshots) I'm actually new to windows 7 too -

Have a look at http://camstudio.org/ it will let you record your desktop and save an AVI file. You could try emailing that to bugs@muvizu.com or put it on youtube and send the link. Alternatively, have a go at the screen shot steps Marco suggested and either embed the image on the forum (using an image sharing service such as those found on twitter) or just email the image in.

EEFilmz wrote:
I've been getting fatal error crashes on one of my sets! (the one in my latest video - it only started doing it now - and it's only on that set so far)

Could you email this set file into us and we'll take a closer look.

EEFilmz wrote:
To answer your question - No I did not uninstall Muvizu 19B when I downloaded the latest update v20(which by the way took me 4 or 5 times of trying to download it before it finally did it - I still don't know why it didn't work initially).

Favourites *should* still be there. Did you go to 64bit from 32bit? Or the other way around? If you did then you would have installed to a different directory (so Muvizu wouldn't know about the previous favourites).
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2012/5/24 9:26:20
Why is this happening now?... Hi EEF,

Sounds like you've got a bit of a problem there.

EEFilmz wrote:
...when I open Muvizu The Menus get buried underneath the main screen! EVERY TIME, ALL the Time! When I open Muvizu, Everything is is either under it or opens under it...

Could you send us a screen of this happening? Actually a recording a video of your desktop showing the whole process and what happens would be best (maybe put it on youtube and leave it unlisted would be the easiest way to share the video?). I think I've experienced this problem a few random times but after restarting Muvizu it has gone back to normal. If you send a screen shot or bug that will let me confirm if it's the same problem or a new one.

EEFilmz wrote:
...What do I have to do to fix this? is it a bug in the update or? Please Help!

No idea yet, my brief encounters with a similar issues suggests re-opening Muvizu but you've already tried that. Some more info would be the first step, could you send in your system info from the About dialog as well?

EEFilmz wrote:
Also I had characters saved in my Favorites that were ready to be used before the update and now they are gone too after the update.

Did you un-install before upgrading?
2012/5/23 10:54:41
Deconstructing The High Bridge The model is looking ace Dylly - I'm hoping to get a chance to read your article.

Hows the new site doing btw? Solved the issues you had with the old one?
2012/5/23 10:53:36
camera right click Added to the post-it note wall that is our feature request system
2012/5/23 10:53:08
Created video doesn't look as good as preview Hi BA1969 - how does the final rendered AVI look in comparison to 0.19b? If there isn't a problem with the final output then I don't think it's a big deal as the make video window is just a preview of what will be rendered. If there is a problem with the final output AVI could you give us a comparison video? The same scene rendered in 0.19b and 0.20b and give us some details of the graphics card you are using, codecs you are using and any changes that you've made between versions (going from 32bit to 64bit or DX9 to DX11)

2012/5/23 10:41:54
Kevin McLeod Music useful link fman00 - can't have enough free music to use
2012/5/23 10:40:57
Beautiful Video That Fallen video is really nice Kim, it's sad at the end when he turns solid and knows its all over.

Great find!
2012/5/22 9:26:47
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) ziggy72 wrote:
On it's way - brace yerself

I see what you mean ziggy, had a quick look at it yesterday and it crashed Muvizu on my computer!!
2012/5/22 9:25:59
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) ukBerty wrote:
Yep - just had one chap disappear. All I dd was adjust the position of the movement I had recorded. You can still select him, he's just not visible. I've just saved and reloaded the set and he's back !

Danimal wrote:
It seems to happen when adjusting a characters movement on the timeline. In particular, I've noticed it's when I have the timeline sent on a point in the middle of a character's movement and then adjust it on the timeline. If I adjust the movement when paused at a different spot on the timeline, they don't seem to vanish then. I don't know if I explained that right at all, but I hope it helps.

I'll have another look into this - what graphics card are you guys using?
2012/5/21 11:20:32
And in Vegas, you could very easyly crop the 1280x720 rushs to get a 960x720 final movie (HD 4/3 ratio)

The positive point is to get an HD movie
The negative point is to direct in 16/9 then edit in 4/3

In Muvizu, I don't know how to get a 960x720 codec.

We don't have this resolution available, I don't think it's been asked for before. I've added it to the wall of post it notes so we can add it in
2012/5/21 11:19:00
How to use the "don't breathe" option ? Hi Wabby,

The breathe option is a little misleading, I admit, it basically works when you put the character into a pose animation. This is because there are 2 types of breathing applied to characters. The first is a general, overall, breathe layer and the other is done within the animations played by characters. The drop down option to stop a character breathing affects the general breathing layer added to characters so to see the result you need to use animations that don't have additional breathing blending into them, such as the end of pose animations. There's some more info in this thread, from Gordon who made it possible.


Give it a go. Create 2 characters, one with breathing and one without. Record the same pose animation on each of them and then leave them in the pose for a few minutes on the timeline. When you play it back you'll see one does not breathe. It's a pretty subtle effect though.
2012/5/21 11:07:25
Beautiful Video Really lovely Kim, thanks for that!
2012/5/21 11:03:51
Update message for v0.19 The update is to version 0.20b (info here http://www.muvizu.com/News/124/Mysterious-machinations-at-Muvizu-HQ and http://www.muvizu.com/Download/)

The download size is 830mb - I'd totally recommend upgrading to it as it has far better performance and stability over 0.19b
2012/5/21 10:59:31
No show in Muvizu Gallery Hi Tangledbliss - I've done a little checking on your Muvizu.com profile and your youtube channel. The following videos are on your youtube, but only 5 are on Muvizu.com. I suspect you've never intended for "Fishworld" to be on Muvizu.com so that leaves 2 that are out of place?

1. Cosmos Brothers 1 (Muvizu)
2. Cosmos Brothers 2 (Muvizu)
3. Cosmos Brothers 3 (Muvizu)
4. Walking on Water (Muvizu)
5. Get well soon, Clarkson
6. Beautiful (Muvizu)
7. Not just another brick
8. Fishworld

When I checked the videos "Get well soon, Clarkson" and "Not just another brick" our youtube system comes back saying they were uploaded from an unknown location. This means that it wasn't uploaded via the Muvizu.com website or through the application.

You'd need to remove them from Youtube and then come back to Muvizu.com and upload them again for them to appear. Check your profile here http://www.muvizu.com/Profile/Tangledbliss/Creations/

Hope this helps.
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2012/5/21 10:49:57
More Nick Danger than anyone asked for! Great work BigWally - I'm really glad to see Nick Danger is back with another adventure.
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