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2012/5/8 13:56:29
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... EEFilmz wrote:
HUFFY 1st gave me a fatal error, then just an audio file.

This sounds like a problem with 32bit. If you use 64bit Muvizu you need to use the 64bit version of the codec to get the output but chances are your video editor is 32bit which will require the 32bit version of the codec. At least this is what happened to me a few times.

Maybe I'm wrong though, is your video editor 64bit as well?
2012/5/8 10:48:40
Um what happened to the old backdrop items ? theKodu wrote:
Unfortunately not the camera overlay option is still missing from the camera options menu.
though I've figured out a temporary work around so I can still use them

Could you send me a screen shot or something? I'm interested to see how it is for you. The only ways you can use camera overlays are -

1. Edit a camera and go to the overlays drop down and select image overlay
2. Go to prepare object properties, after turning the image overlay option on in step 1, then select the images you want to use and record them into the timeline.

What's your workaround?
2012/5/8 10:44:20
THE SEMI REAL WORLD (Teaser) - Happy Apple Pro Yeah, good luck with your project!
2012/5/8 10:41:40
Stereoscopic 3d how to Good tips there fman00 - I agree it's all a bit of a gimmick but i think it's fun to see.

That reminds me, I still need to get my 3D glasses...
2012/5/7 11:49:50
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... Personally I go for huffyuv with after effects and premier, that gives me the best quality when doing fancy things in post-production. If I'm making scenes to just upload or do simple joins / transitions then Xvid is my choice.
2012/5/7 11:10:13
Um what happened to the old backdrop items ? theKodu wrote:
Firstly I can seem to use the camera overlays now (I'm guessing this might be a case of the same this as sets)

Hi theKodu - did updating your drivers fix the problem with the camera overlays as well?
2012/5/7 10:06:07
softwares to change the voice Thanks Dave, those links worked pretty well for me. Reaper looks awesome as well. I'll need a bit more time to get into it though.
2012/5/3 12:12:24
softwares to change the voice I try to do my own voices, doesn't always turn out to well though. Maybe ask your friends, family or neighbours or even post on facebook or twitter? The guys who make the zombie town series posted on here for people to do some voices for their future videos ( http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic1663-voice-actors-we-need-em.aspx)

Other than that I don't think there is a magic voice changer programme that will give you the variation you need from your own voice for your videos. I could be wrong though

I tried the free trial of morphvox and the results seemed ok, I was only playing though so it might not work out for an actual video. I did find the work flow in morphvox a bit clunky (possibly because it was the trial version?) but I wasn't able to preview the settings without recording out a new sound file, opening it, listening and then going back to make changes. Is the pro version easier to use? Or did I miss something?
2012/5/3 10:27:16
Dreeko's Tutorials Really useful tip Dreeko, and what a lovely looking scene it is. Now, how would you do puddles?
2012/4/30 14:25:10
Um what happened to the old backdrop items ? Thanks for the report theKodu, as WozToons says it's a problem with the 0.19b release and the next release already has this fixed.
2012/4/30 14:14:08
How do I create a new charater in muvizu.... jennifer123 wrote:

Hi jennifer123 - welcome to the Muvizu forums
2012/4/30 14:08:04
Uploading To Muvizu Unfortunately we are at the mercy of youtube here. Sometimes videos come back to Muvizu.com within a few hours, other times it can take a day or more. Generally though videos come back and are moderated to be viewable on the site within 24 hours. It's not an exact science though.
2012/4/30 12:08:53
Extremely slow upload to muvizu/youtube...Help... EEFilmz wrote:
is that the lil Muvizu project file icons for my saved Projects no longer preview(on my desktop) w/an image from the project file, now it is just a gray Icon w/a music symbol in the filmstrip icon

EEF it's possibly an issue with the codec, that windows can't extract a preview image from it? The confusing part for me is that Muvizu .set files just use the default icon (the pink square with the little black bean guy inside it).

Is this the .avi files your talking about?
2012/4/27 11:30:04
Extremely slow upload to muvizu/youtube...Help... EEFilmz wrote:
LOL yes HOW do I upload an image in here??(feels stupid now) of my Desktop Icons? I used snippet tool and tried to click image here and uh= it wants an html address?

Normally I just upload an image to my twitter and use the link from there. I think most photo sharing sites will give you an address to post.
2012/4/27 10:38:34
Extremely slow upload to muvizu/youtube...Help... EEFilmz wrote:
One small little thing I noticed did change since switching from the MS Video 1 codec(default win7) to Xvid etc, is that the lil Muvizu project file icons for my saved Projects no longer preview(on my desktop) w/an image from the project file, now it is just a gray Icon w/a music symbol in the filmstrip icon even though it says it's a movie filetype. Anyone have any ideas why the project file icons no longer preview said projects just because I now use downloaded codecs? is something wrong? - EEF

Strange one - could you post a screen shot of this?
2012/4/24 10:06:45
WANNA HAVE SOME FUN MUVIZUERS?? How did you get on with this Skylike?
2012/4/24 10:05:17
Voice actors? We need em. I'm up for that, give me a shout if you want something recorded.
2012/4/23 16:28:34
New Glasses I always have the anti-glare on my lenses. It doesn't alter the colours but I still get headaches.
2012/4/23 12:05:01
can i type the dialouge. Hi sada -

There are lots of text to speech programs out there, just google for "Text to Speech" and you'll get a million results. I've been using one called "A1 SpeechTRON" recently, the trial version that only allows you to use it about 30 times without buying it.

Hope this helps!
2012/4/4 14:03:57
Object movement Dylly wrote:
This is a communication from the Ministry of Daft Questions!

Just a couple of daft ones...for the minute...

1) How would we go about handling 'stretch and squash' whilst animating the ball?

2) The gravity effect of dropping the ball is intriguing...so how would I go about getting the ball to hit a wall of bricks and then getting the bricks to fall? Is it still a case of animating each brick to start it moving?

1) I don't think you could. You can't animate the scale properties of an object so you couldn't do what Dreeko was thinking.

2) You'd have to animate the wall falling apart, brick by boring brick.

Unless this sequence was going to last for more than a few seconds and had some great significance within the movie being made I'd just go for a combination of the 3 methods mentioned. Camera cuts to show characters watching the ball bounce and / or hit something and cause something else to happen and use either stock footage of a bouncing ball green screened into a Muvizu scene or use the animated object method or green screen a animated object from Muvizu and use some movement / motion post-processing method to make it move a across a scene.
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