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2012/4/4 13:44:11
Zombie Arms gimmick wrote:
@ Jamie : Would you have somewhere a .TXT list of all the movements? I'd like to translate & print this list for convenience

(of course I can do it if the list doesn't exist)

There isn't a list in txt form. All the animation names come from the database. Translating it would be useful to a lot of people, I'm sure, but because it comes from the database the translation wouldn't be available within Muvizu - it'd just have to be a txt file with a list of translated names and the English version to help people find what they are looking for in Muvizu.
2012/4/4 9:59:36
Object movement Steven547 wrote:
OKay...this might be a "can't believe he's asking that" type question! But, how do I animate objects? I want to have a ball "bounce" across the screen, but for some reason, I can't seem to animate it.

Hi Steven547 -

I think there is more hope for achieving this result than Dreeko would have you believe

The tutorial on object movement is here > http://www.muvizu.com/Video/17232/Tutorial-22-Directing-Object-movement

What I'd do is create the ball and customise it as I wanted it then go to Direct > Object movement. Then I'd put the gravity to the maximum (100) and hit record. I'd then push the mouse wheel forward to set the ball moving without needing you to keep pressing a key or mouse button, leaving your hands free to use the Q key to raise the ball up to the hight you want it to fall from and then when you let go of the Q key the high gravity setting will bring the ball back down to the ground. As soon as the ball is down on the ground I'd press the Q key again to raise it and then let go again and so forth until you've travelled the distance you want. To stop the ball moving just scroll back on the mouse wheel and that's it!

It might take a few attempts to get this right. You'll probably have to adjust the movement speed and smoothness a few times to get it how you want it as well as the usual re-recording to get the bounces and movement exactly where you want it.

Another tip would be to set the ball to be "Float in the air" before you begin recording. Then positioning the ball at the start height you want when you begin recording and scroll forward on the mouse wheel the first thing that will happen is the first bounce of the ball.

Good luck!
2012/4/4 9:51:22
Zombie Arms wkwkwkwk1 wrote:
Thanks, but I mean stretch the zombie arms, just as zombies do. Kind of willing to grab anyone in front of them. I'm not english, so it may be confusing to understand my posts
also, thanks for the camera tips :-)
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it's not your English that's the problem - it's mine. I totally misread your post and thought you said "fold" not "hold" arms. My bad.

There are a few animations that will give you that look. Generally I'd look over everything in the wobbly category, these were designed to be a catch-all for drunk, zombiefied, wobbly, unsteady. I had a go using the "Rise from grave" animations under Themes > Spooky and if you combine it with a character walking then your zombie can walk with arms held out in front of him. The only problem is that these animations were designed from a lying or sitting type position so as soon as the zombie stops walking it'll go back to that position instead of remaining standing.
2012/4/4 9:43:22
Hows Performance in the up and coming release jonbez wrote:
JSorry I couldn't give you a more accurate reading. I couldn't find how to call stat fps in muvizu. Is the console disabled in muvizu ?

Yeah, the performance issues have been fixed for both versions (32 and 64bit) in the up coming release.

The console is disable in Muvizu so "stat fps" isn't available, what'd you could do is try the free version of fraps (http://www.fraps.com/) this will display your fps within Muvizu. There's probably other pieces of software that will do the same but fraps is what I've used in the past.
2012/4/4 9:41:05
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly wrote:
And the second question...is there any way at all to put glass in the doors and still have the doors animate?

This is looking awesome Dylly, as ever. I think if you want transparency on the glass you'd need 2 separate objects, one as the glass and one as the door. It's the old transparency issue within a non-transparent frame issue. I'd probably go for green screening the windows if you want to see through them otherwise you'll need to get both objects to open in sync to get it to look as good as it can.
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2012/4/3 15:17:29
Zombie Arms hi wkwkwkwk1 - there are a few fold arm animations. Just create your character and go to Prepare > Character actions. At the top is a search option, type in "Fold" and you'll find them easy. Just select ok and then go to Direct > Character actions to record the character doing that action.

If you select your camera and right click on it you'll get a bunch of options. Under "Overlay effect" click the drop down and select the image overlay option. This has binoculars as default but you can load or import any image you want.

Hope this helps.
2012/4/2 10:11:03
character mapping muvizu Hi, yeah the skin texture only allows for trousers to be painted. What you can do - for characters with the skirt option under Edit character > Legs is to create a second image to apply as the texture to the skirt piece of clothing. Hope that helps.
2012/3/22 9:43:25
Error while saving Could you give us some more details HayManMarc?

Like once you open the set does it automatically give this error when saving? If so can you send it to us.

Do you do anything when you open it? If so what?

Or are you building the whole thing from an empty scene? If so can you send the objects your importing to me and let me know what your doing when going from the an empty scene to the point that you save at.

2012/3/22 9:38:01
...upload objects for others to use? HeyManMarc - you need to include a texture (png or bmp or jpg) with the ASE file. This is what is assigned to your objects faces as the material that lets Muvizu give your object a colour or texture picker. If you don't have the material / texture file then the object import just won't work for anyone who downloads it. So for example if you have a cube object with 1 colour on it you'd have the following files

1 x ASE cube object file
1 x Texture file, applied in sketchup and referenced in the ASE
1 x Zip file including the ASE and texture file for upload
1 x Preview screen shot, showing off what your object looks like when it's imported

Hope this helps!
2012/3/21 14:34:17
GO THE DISTANCE bigwally wrote:
I used to be in there, now it's like I've never existed. I'm a "Muvizu Mogul" on their YouTube site, but not here. Of course, I haven't uploaded anything for the last 2 and a half months, so that may have something to do with it.

I've updated the mogul's on here now, there was some problems before with accounts disappearing from the list. Sorted now though

The featured list is pretty much listing the best, most recent, videos - maybe you're next video will make it in...
2012/3/21 14:31:38
A Screenshot Danimal wrote:
Wouldn't it be easier to just pop in a backdrop using a camera output as its texture, position the camera to act as a mirror, then add the rust texture to the camera as an overlay?

Yeah, you could do it that way pretty easily but you'd be stuck with 0% or 100% transparency. The point of the object import method is that you could have some of the tarnished sections with 70% transparency, others with 30% transparency, other areas with 100% transparency so you could mix it up a bit more for the look you were going for, as in my screen shot example, the image I've used only had 0% or 100% transparency and you'd probably want to tone it done quite a bit for use in a scene - with backdrops or camera over lays you wouldn't be able to do that.
2012/3/21 11:10:01
A Screenshot I managed to get something like what your asking for Dylly. I took a outside scene with a camera pointed at it. Put that texture on a backdrop and then pointed another camera at a copy of a character on white backdrops, then projecting the second camera through a spotlight on to the outside scene backdrop I was able to have the character appear transparent against the outside scene. A 3rd camera pointed at this and a backdrop placed on the wall inside the building makes the window. A bit more though might improve this again but I'd probably just go with post-processing as the spot light method here isn't going to give a very clear image of the characters reflection, it'll always make the outside scene look extremely bright.

Larger image at https://twitter.com/#!/CerebralDump/status/182422815704743936/photo/1/large

2012/3/21 10:03:22
A Screenshot I usually find that I have to split my sets up for different sections, but having the whole set to begin with helps

You could also just use 2 backdrops. 1 with the transparent texture with the distressed image and a second one behind it as the mirror. The only down side to this is that you'd lose the ability to have graded transparency - it's be 0% or 100% - where as object import allows you to have 25% transparency so, for example, you could see through the distressed parts to an extent.

Great looking set though!
2012/3/20 16:49:36
A Screenshot

It looks good. You can do the mirror effect, I've tried to show it here but it might be to small to see. What I did was make a cube in sketchup and put the tarnish / rush / distressed texture with transparency on one face and a solid colour behind it, exported it to ASE and imported it with map alpha to opacity and as a double sided object. I then used Muvizu to set the solid colour to use a camera output as a texture. Then it's just a case of positioning the camera and the object to work as a mirror - I can send you the sketchup file and ASE if this is any help, though I just did it as a quick example.

The screen shot is also here http://t.co/Du1r92aI
2012/3/20 11:54:27
A Screenshot HeyManMarc - that's looking awesome. Is that a tarnished mirror behind the bar or just rusty metal? The long view down the whole pub is nice with the lighting you've gone for - what's the story going to be?
2012/3/19 14:16:57
Collision Schmollision If you group or make your object a component you can right click on it to change the axis that way you can place the rotation point anywhere you want. Also it means you can match the collision object to your geometry object for import.
2012/3/19 14:14:21
GO THE DISTANCE Good work WizPlace. Keep pushing yourself
2012/3/19 14:11:27
DECCA'S DRINKING DILEMMA Amazing, I totally loved the crowd camera shake scenes as well! Makes me want to buy the album now Big Grin
2012/3/12 10:02:15
HayManMarc says "Hello" Welcome HeyManMarc - hope you enjoy your stay!
2012/3/4 18:31:55
Character circles after movement Steven547 wrote:
Here is an example I uploaded to youtube. Hope this works. Character is supposed to stop on the "object" and hopefully face forward. But when letting go of the mouse, he steps forward a few, then circles.

Hi Steven, can you send the set file with this happening to bugs@muvizu.com?
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